App Support Outsourcing Vital For Customer Satisfaction

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Did you know, that currently, there are more than four million apps available in the Apple and Android stores combined? There’s an old Apple marketing slogan that went, “There’s an app for that.” While at the time it was hyperbole, in today’s digital world it is a reality. It is no longer enough to just have a website, as more and more companies are diverting more funds to mobile sites and applications. With an increased dedication and focus to the mobile world comes the added responsibility for app support for your customers.



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Apps are further proof of the instant gratification, I want my problems solved yesterday, world we’ve created and now live in. What this means for society as a whole we can debate at another time. However, what this means for your business is clear. You need an on-demand support team that can solve any tech issues your customers are having.

When it comes to tech support there will be several factors you need to consider in the team you build. For starters, you need educated and tech savvy employees to build out your support team. Much like a customer service team, your tech support team goal is to solve problems and prevent issues from being escalated to keep customers happy and make them repeat business.

The digital revolution has made us a truly global economy. Without knowing the specifics of your business, I’m willing to bet you have customers all over the globe. For this reason, you will want to have a 24-hour service that can solve issues globally and keep your customer base happy.

In this global marketplace, communication is also a very important skill for your app support team to have. While we don’t have a global language, at least not yet, English is spoken by 20% of the world’s population. With this in mind, you will want to make sure your team can communicate in English to help across the globe.

To boil it down, you are looking for constant support from well educated, tech-savvy, English speaking employees. This is simple in theory but it is costly in nature.

In an effort to protect their bottom line, many companies have looked to outsource their app support. In this global business to business marketplace, you have your druthers when it comes to choosing outsourcing partners. The most important requirement outside of cost savings for you should be, quality.

The Philippines has created a booming business process outsourcing industry as well as advanced app support services. The city of Manila is a 21st-century city that has become home to the best mid-sized business process outsourcing companies such as Piton-Global, and they have been serving businesses all around the globe. The Philippines app support industry is one that checks all of the boxes mentioned earlier and helps you reduce your costs. They are experts, they have the facilities, they can provide 24-hour support, they speak impeccable English, and they save your bottom line. That’s a win-win if I’ve ever seen one.

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