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Apple’s 2015 Product List: iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro

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2015 will be a massive year for Apple, and there is already speculation circulating regarding some possible new product releases which could see the light of day. So here is a summary of all of the likely Apple products to be unveiled in the next 12 months, along with some more remote possibilities as well.

Apple Watch

This is the only device that we can say with absolute certainty that Apple will release, as the company has officially confirmed it. Apple’s first smartwatch, the Apple Watch, will likely launch in spring, and is expected to drag the smartwatch niche kicking and screaming into the mainstream. One can expect a health-related focus with this watch, as well as the usual Apple emphasis on design and fashion cachet.

iPhone 7

Apple's 2015 Product List: iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro

Although it is a long time until Apple will officially confirm the release of the next generation iPhone, such a device release is absolutely inevitable. The iPhone 6 was another massive success for Apple, indicating that the momentum generated by the world’s most successful smartphone has yet to halt significantly. Speculation regarding the make-up of this device is in an embryonic state, but it’s reasonable to assume that Apple will ramp up the capabilities of the handset, and include some new innovations. Additionally, close collaboration with the Apple Watch is pretty much guaranteed.

iPhone 6s

Rumors persist that Apple will release a smaller iPhone model at some point in the next few months. There has been absolutely no word from the Cupertino-based Company on this persistent Internet gossip, but it would be logical for Apple to release an affordable smartphone for the budget and East Asian marketplace in particular. Expect such a release to feature a 4-inch screen, if indeed it does ever come to fruition.

iPad Pro

Apple's 2015 Product List: iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro

The iPad was a massive success when Apple originally released it, and although the tablet market has slowed since then, last year saw Apple significantly refresh its tablet range, breathing new life into the iPad. The likelihood is that this will occur again in 2015, and particular emphasis will be placed on this iPad Pro device; a high-spec tablet with a larger screen size that may be as big as 12.9-inches.

This will be potentially the most advanced tablet to ever be released, and Apple will possibly be aiming this to some degree at professional and corporate customers.

iPad Air and iPad Mini

Apple's 2015 Product List: iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro

Meanwhile, these two more consumer-focused devices will also probably see the light of day in 2015, as Apple looks to improve his entire iPad range. Some rumors have suggested that Apple will consider completely discontinuing the iPad Mini, but given the relatively strong critical and commercial reception that the last device in the series received, this appears to be a little wide of the mark.

It is unlikely that Apple will redesign these industry-leading tablets to a great extent, and the focus will probably on upgrading its capabilities and internal components.

12-Inch MacBook

The Apple computing range which preceded its dominance as a mobile producer was always proclaimed for the quality of devices, as well as the by now renowned design parameters. In accordance with this image, it is generally accepted that the MacBook range is the pinnacle of laptop computing.

And Apple is looking to significantly upgrade its MacBook range during 2015, particularly by including Intel’s 14-nanometer Broadwell chips. This will make this new MacBook release capable of 30 percent faster processing, while also introducing greater power efficiency to the range. The ultra-slim 12-inch Retina MacBook will be a particular highlight of 2015 for Apple, and will be well worth looking out for.


Apple has a lot to do to make a serious impression on the PC market, with the Microsoft Windows operating system still installed in around 90 percent of desktop computers worldwide. But Apple has begun to make some gains in this marketplace, and its introduction of the 27-inch Retina iMac in 2014, which featured the first ever 5K screen in a desktop, was an indication that Apple wants to deliver something of real quality in this niche.

2015 should see this device updated still further, this time built around the awesomely powerful Broadwell processor. Apple will also update the more affordable 21-inch model of this desktop. With new chipsets still under development, a likely release date for these devices will be the fall time.

iOS 9

Apple's 2015 Product List: iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro

There are already reports that Apple’s next operating system for mobiles will be ready in due course, and IOS 9 is being linked with the next iPhone release in September. Functionality in this latest version of the critically acclaimed operating system will likely focus on mobile payment and Apple Watch functionality in particular.

Apple TV

Apple TV has been somewhat neglected in recent years, which is perhaps not surprising given that it has always been a minor product for Apple, with massive sellers such as the iPhone driving the company forwards both creatively and economically. Thus, Apple TV has not received an upgrade of significance since March 2012, and this stasis could insight Apple to upgrade the device over the next 12 months.

This has also proved a complicated and logistically challenging project for Apple, as agreeing suitable content deals with providers has been problematical. However, if these can be tied up successfully, then a brand new and significantly more powerful set-top box may be released in 2015, with enhanced App Store and gaming support.

Apple Television Set

The final item in this list is something of a speculative one, and is in all honesty not particularly likely to emerge in 2015. But it nonetheless remains a possibility. It is worth highlighting this remote chance, as senior Apple personnel have indicated that they believe the way that televisions present information to viewers could be significantly improved.

There is a massive potential for an Apple TV set, as surely consumers all over the world with a sense of style would love to have an Apple device at the heart of their living-room. Don’t necessarily expect this to occur in 2015, but the possibility remains a tantalising prospect.

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