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Four Themes Shaping The Future Of Health Care

Summary Health care is a rapidly changing industry – one driven by significant changes demographics and emerging technological solutions People are living longer around the world and the senior population is becoming an increasing large cohort A proactive approach to […]

healthcare cost analysis

healthcare cost analysis

An analysis of medical billing codes explains a lot about healthcare costs Health care is expensive–that’s no surprise. But, how expensive? And what kinds of care cost the most? The answers will probably surprise you. To get some insight into […]

The Huge Cost of Obesity To Our Economy

The Huge Cost of Obesity To Our Economy

The importance of healthy nutrition becomes more evident as we look at the shocking numbers regarding severe obesity and its healthcare-related costs in the United States. Severe obesity is rising each year, and could affect 11% of the country’s adult […]

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6 Important Trends in Retiree Medical Plans that Matter

Nowadays, U.S. employers offer retiree medical plans in different ways, with strategies that offer returns suiting the economy in general. Although capital markets have underperformed, employers are trying out new ways to offer benefits Drastic changes in Legislation and accounting […]

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E-Cigarettes Burned Twice – Crusade succeeds

Two different petitions before two different federal agencies, but each filed by the same crusading law professor, just caused e-cigarettes to be burned twice on Friday: they will be subject to many of the same strict regulations at the FDA […]

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Helpful In Losing Weight?

Over 40% of Americans consumer artificial sweeteners every single day in the hope that the zero calorie sweeteners will help them lead a healthier lifestyle. However, a new report published in the Canadian Medical Journal Association says that artificial sweeteners […]