Dr. Alex Winderman Discusses Emerging Trends in Healthcare

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Technology advancements have changed the way medical providers deliver healthcare to their patients, and new trends continue to emerge. These new trends are about to make it easier for patients to interact with their doctors and it will be easier for doctors to manage their patients’ health.

Dr. Alex Winderman is a Ukrainian-born doctor with a vision to use technology for advancing his patient care. After all, he was inspired to become a doctor because of the care he received for a whole year. This happened when as a young boy, recovering from the serious injuries suffered in a car accident.

“Dedication to our patients continues to be important and technology is giving us more tools to offer them more of that. This is how we are going to provide optimal care to more people.” – Dr. Alex Winderman

Remote healthcare services

Across the globe, many patients living in remote areas don’t have access to healthcare services and especially medical specialists. Technology allows doctors to deliver clinical services that can even include virtual ICUs and remote cardiac monitoring with various connectible devices.

Implementation of remote healthcare services has been slower to catch on, even with the advanced equipment available to doctors. But the speed of 5G technology is making it more accessible everywhere. Telemedicine is going to help doctors reach more patients regardless of where their patients are.

Telemedicine also adds value-based care for patients into the equation. Many people feel that their doctor doesn’t spend enough time with them. This is because most doctors are pressured to see a patient every 20 minutes to cope with demand. Remote health care removes this pressure, allowing doctors to spend less time on patients just needing advice on small matters and more time on patients with complex issues. With this model, doctors are paid according to the time spent consulting with each patient.

Focused care for patients

Up until recently, hospitals were burdened with all types of patients walking through their doors. Some types of surgeries are less complex, meaning that patients don’t need hospitalization for these procedures. This has already given rise to centers that offer specialized treatments like colonoscopies, cataract removals, etc. where patients can receive the quality care they need, and doctors can work in the field they are specialized in. This is a trend that will continue, with more types of specialized medical facilities offering their services, making it faster for patients to receive certain treatments.

Prevention strategies and disease treatments are also changing because of a more focused approach to personalized healthcare. Data is used to apply insights after taking various things into account, including genes, lifestyle, and environment. This helps create personalized treatments and helps prevent the onset of genetic diseases – of which there are more than 6,000.

The world is aging

Without a doubt, those who need the most medical care are older people. The human race is living longer than ever before, and fertility is dropping. In 2020, the global population of people aged over 65 years was 727 million. This is also expected to result in a shortfall of medical doctors, meaning that doctors will need excellent supporting staff, like physician assistants and nurse practitioners, as part of their team.

Dr. Alex Wilderman’s medical career to date

After completing his medical degree at Odessa Medical University, it wasn’t long before Dr. Alex Wilderman was offered an internship in Israel. This was a dream come true for the good looking Doctor with a huge Instagram following. He was looking to move to a more open-minded society. The fact that he speaks four languages, including English and Hebrew, meant that it would be an easy move.

Israel is a country where developments in medical technology are huge, and it has world-class hospitals. Besides a keen interest in infectious diseases, which is what got him noticed at a conference in Spain, Dr. Alex is also the editor of the famous medical platform Ingenius in Ukraine.

Research has always been important to him, and he realized that there was a language barrier for many students who could not read about the latest innovations in English books and research papers. His role with the platform is not only to edit the translations but to also run their Instagram page.

“For me, healthcare is all about patient wellness. These are the emerging trends that I am implementing in as many ways as possible. I have also increasingly taken an interest in the field of aesthetics, which has become less invasive, yet more effective.”

Currently, Dr. Alex WInderman is serving as a medical officer in the Israeli defense force, where the technological implementations are also advanced.


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