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Singapore has established itself as one of the greatest countries to visit, thanks to its infrastructure, mesmerizing locations, and how clean and tidy it is. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world who recognize the beauty of its attractions and the stories they tell. If Singapore has been sitting on your “to-visit” list for a while, this article about the top 10 things to do in Singapore may encourage you to finally book a flight.

#1 – Gardens by the Bay

If you’re on the lookout for vivid landscape and rich flora and fauna, Gardens by the Bay is worth checking out. Some of the most popular locations inside the park include the Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest, which attract a lot of photographers on the lookout for inspiration. Even amateur photographers’ Instagram accounts may thrive thanks to the 114-foot indoor waterfall, which is the main landscape. Be wary, however. If you’re in a rush, this place may not be the best for you, as crowds are frequent and progress is slow.

#2 – Orchid Road

No trip ever passes without a few hours of intense shopping. As the main shopping attraction in Singapore, Orchid Road is definitely worth checking out. Shopping in a great variety of stores and popular brands may as well be one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore. Architects put in a lot of effort, creativity and dedication to fit vibrant views into the busy street. There are dozens of malls on the street, and some of them include ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City and Lucky Plaza, all boasting hundreds of stores.

#3 – Sands Skypark

Sands SkyPark is one of the most popular locations in Singapore, especially because of the Marina Bay Sands, which offer unique views of the entire city. You can visit it to enjoy mesmerizing views of the entire city and watch it transform from a beautiful landscape into a lively nightlife-rich metropolis. It is an ideal place for taking photos, as it provides a 360-degree view of the metropolis.

#4 – Bumboat ride

If you’re visiting Singapore, a bumboat ride is a must-do. Bumboats are water taxis and refer to smaller boats that often carry tours to catch some of the most exiting sights of Singapore at an affordable price, compared to other transport options. The bumboats often sport colorful, vibrant decorations such as eyes and faces, which culturally means that they watch for “danger ahead.”

If you’re looking for reliable bumboat tour companies, look for Singapore River Cruise and Singapore River Explorer. During a bumboat ride, you can see the Marina Bay Sands, the waterfront landmark statue of the Merlion, which is the city’s symbol, and the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, who founded modern Singapore.

#5 – Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple which is set in the middle of Singapore’s Chinatown. There’s a popular belief that this temple has healing properties and can cure illness, which is why many people come there to pray. The temple itself is covered in eye-catching architecture, bright colors and interesting statues. There are a lot of activities involved with the temple, promoting  culture and stories from Hindu mythology, and much more.

#6 – Thian Hock Keng

Also known as Tianfu Temple, it’s the oldest Buddhist temple built on a unique, detailed architecture, and it boasts a traditional southern Chinese building style. The temple was vastly renovated and restored over the past few years, and it now attracts a great number of tourists. There are various sculptures, including attention-grabbing phoenixes and dragons, while the Fujian-style broke porcelain roof is different than anything you’ve seen before. While photography isn’t allowed for most parts of the temple, the visit will leave a huge impression you’ll remember your entire life.

#7 – Haw Par Villa

This beautiful outdoor art park will appeal to everyone with sense of art. It was built during the 1930s, and visiting it has become one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore. Aw Boon Haw, its founder, has commissioned over 1,000 sculptures in traditional Chinese style. Although it’s not very crowded anymore, it’s still a huge attraction for art lovers.

#8 – Singapore National Gallery

One of the top 10 things to do in Singapore also includes visiting the National Gallery, which has the largest public collection of modern art in Southeast Asia. There are two national monuments that host art: City Hall and the former Supreme Court. There is so much art that visitors must dedicate hours, if not the whole day, it to exploring beautiful masterpieces. Keep in mind that this place is often overcrowded, so it’s the best to visit during weekdays.

#9 – National Orchid Garden

This botanical garden is Singapore’s national flower that spreads across three hectares over the highest hill. Obviously, it’s mostly known for its versatile flora, which spans over 1,000 unique orchid species and 2,000 orchid hybrids. There are four zones to visit, and they are positioned so that they adjust to the four seasons of the year, displaying a wonderful sight for each season. It’s best to visit during mornings when it’s not crowded, and for a better experience, take an English guide with whom you can admire beautiful orchids and the different sizes they come in. The mesmerizing ambient and enchanting aromas make visiting the National Orchid Garden one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore.

#10 – Sentosa Island

If you’re a lover of marine life and want to explore different species under the water, Sentosa Island is a great endeavor to take on. It is located 15 minutes away from the city center and represents a marine wonderland. It is suitable for all ages, and there is a number of amazing activities to do. There are many zip-line adventures and the tallest Merlion statue in Singapore. However, its main attraction is a SEA Aquarium, which is an adventure in itself. Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful azure water and exotic beaches, including Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach.

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