Soak In The Beauty, Leisure And Adventure Of Australia – All That You Need To Know

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If someone asks you the name of a refined and sophisticated nation of the world, it has to be Australia! The country is revered for its lush green national parks, pristine beaches, bright and colorful cities and unique wildlife. In short, it is one of the hottest destinations that should be on everyone’s travel list!

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In case you’re one of those fortunate travelers who has been successful in planning a trip to Australia, here are few things you should know about the place. Scroll down to know more.

First Things First - Arrange A VISA Or An ETA

Regardless of how long you’ve been planning to visit this amazing country, you have to get yourself a VISA. As there are numerous types of Australian visas available, you may check here for more information before planning your trip itinerary. There are study, work, tourism, and permanent residency visas that you can obtain for Australia. And moreover, it is needless to mention that you’ll also require a perfectly valid passport for the trip to materialize.

For grabbing an online visa to Australia, tourist visas are the most common ones. Digital visas can be processed very fast but you should still give yourself a minimum time of 1 week, just in case things don’t move as perceived.

Learning The Basics Before Traveling To Australia

  • Capital City: Canberra
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • Main Cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
  • Visa/Entry: Unless you’re a citizen of New Zealand, you’re bound to have a visa to travel to Australia
  • Language Spoken: English
  • Electricity: The standard voltage is 230V at 50 Hz frequency
  • Safety Standards: Speaking generally, Australia is a safe country with very low crime rates
  • Transportation: Being a huge country, you’ll most likely have to travel through a combination of domestic flights, buses and trains

The Must-Have Memorable Travel Experiences In Australia

  1. Go Trekking On Fat-Fetched Landscapes

Whether you go out on a day-trip to any of the national parks or go out on an expedition to Tasmania, there are few of the best hike trails all over Australia.

  1. Go Snorkeling

Once you witness the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll find the finest underwater world. If you’re not someone certified to dive, you may choose to snorkel in order to get a feel of the largest reef in the world. In short, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef should be at the top of your to-do list when you’re in Australia.

  1. Embark On A Road Trip

Australia is certainly one of the best destinations for road-trip lovers. Regardless of whether you’re an outlander or you love to drive a rental car or you’d rather experience the van life, Australia offers few of the best road trips. You may choose to drive through the Great Ocean Road, head towards Uluru to choose any towns for a memorable driving experience.

  1. Get A View Of Sydney From Atop Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is the most exemplary landmark of Australia. So, once you’re there, you should get a bird’s-eye view of the hustling city from atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The views that you can see are definitely not going to disappoint you.

  1. Run With The Waves On A Surf

Bondi Beach is popular throughout the world due to its crystal-clear water, which is mostly bluish green in color and colorful sand. Hence, you should run with the waves on a bodyboard or on a surf. For getting a world-class experience of the waves, surf on the Gold Coast.

Visiting The Wine Regions Is A MUST

Before you visit this awe-inspiring country, you should know that the wine regions are fantastic and plentiful here. In fact, Australia is the fifth-largest wine exporter of the world and sends around 60% of its manufactured wines to several other nations. If you love to hop around the best wineries in Australia, here are few options:

  • Barossa Valley – South Australia
  • Yarra Valley – Near Melbourne
  • Margaret River – Western Australia
  • Hunter Valley – Near Sydney

It Is Tough To Find Wildlife In And Around Australia

Although you may spot koalas and kangaroos in the wilderness while traveling to Australia yet you would have to visit a national reserve in order to find them. If you’re extremely lucky, you can find them in golf courses or suburbs. However, are you someone who has visited Australia for seeing wildlife? If yes, here are few recommendations:

  • Atherton Tablelands region in North Queensland
  • Kangaroo Island, an hour’s distance from Adelaide
  • The Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • The ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Daintree Rainforest in Queensland

Australia is such a majestic place that there can be 365 reasons to visit this place. Hence, if you’re planning a trip to this land of beauty, keep in mind all the points mentioned above to make your vacation memorable.