These Student Coronavirus Stimulus Checks of up to $3K Are Coming Before Year End

These Student Coronavirus Stimulus Checks of up to $3K Are Coming Before Year End
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We are nearing the year’s end, and yet there are no signs of more federal stimulus checks. Some students, however, could get some stimulus money before the end of the year. These student coronavirus stimulus checks won’t come from the government, rather from their respective universities and colleges.

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These Universities Still Sending Student Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Several universities and colleges have already sent aid money to eligible students, while many are in the process of sending the money. There are also universities that plan to send the payment sometime later this month.

For instance, Duke University will send grants of $1,750 or $3,000 to eligible students. The funds will help eligible students to cover expenses related to their education, healthcare, food, housing or childcare. The University will be sending out the payments this month.

“Duke will make the grants to eligible students to assist with educational or emergency costs that have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic,” says the website of the university.

The City University of New York (CUNY) will also be sending grants in December to students who meet specific requirements. Those eligible for the grant money would have already been notified last month.

As per the authorities, eligible students will get a “base amount” that “varies by college and increases based on need using the Estimated Family Contribution calculation and reported dependents from the student’s FAFSA and their Fall 2021 enrollment status."

The University of Rhode Island is also sending grant money to eligible students. It is likely that the eligible students would have already got the money as the university was supposed to send the payment in late November, or early December.

The University of Rhode Island got more than $15.5 million in grant money from the American Rescue Act, which was passed in March this year. Eligible students would have gotten $1,500 to $2,500 on the basis of their “expected family contribution” and the college credits they receive.

Many Universities Already Sent Grant Money

Apart from the above universities, there are also universities that have already sent out student coronavirus stimulus checks this year.

George Washington University, for instance, has reportedly sent the payment to about 10,000 applicants. Students, who enrolled at the university on or prior to March 13, 2020, were eligible to apply for the grant money.

The university got about $9.1 million from the first batch of payments, which was approved in March last year, and about $14 million from the second and third rounds.

Separately, Meharry Medical College has sent $10,000 worth of grant money per student to their 956 students. Also, Bushnell University issued grants worth $642,674 to 206 students.

Moreover, Penn State also gave up to $1,800 in grants to more than 31,000 students. Last month, Florida State University gave around $17.7 million worth of grants to about 16,000 students.

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