New Leak Hints At Starbucks-Related Pokemon Go Event

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Pokemon Go players couldsoon get new Pokemon on Thursday. Rumors about a Starbucks-related event are continuing to surface in the online community. The rumors started a few weeks ago when a Reddit user claiming to work for Starbucks posted what what supposedly an internal memo about an upcoming Pokemon Go event.

What are Pokemon Go and Starbucks planning?

Now more information about the potential Starbucks event has surfaced online. A user recently posted a picture of Starbucks’ promotion page on the Pokemon Go Subreddit page. The image, which was supposedly shared with Starbucks employees, says that the coffee shop chain and Pokemon Go are collaborating on a new update to be launched on December 8.

Starbucks that locations that are not Pokestops already will become one, and players who stop by and are playing the app can order a special drink, says The most interesting part is that the promotion says that the world of Pokemon Go is about to expand with a new Starbucks beverage and new Pokemon, with the main phrase being the “NEW Pokemon” part, of course.

There is just a mention of a single Pokemon Go-themed Starbucks drink, and it appears to be purple in color. This could mean that the promotion is just to celebrate the introduction of Ditto into the mobile game, says Starcasm. The wording in the PDF file indicates that the new Pokemon has yet to be added, and it could be several Pokemon rather than just one.

Should you believe this?

The image, which also includes a Q&A section for Starbucks employees and the Pokemon Go Frappuccino recipe, mostly confirms the former rumor. Last month, a leaked email that surfaced online referenced the release of “Pokemon Version 2” on December 7.

The new image posted by the Reddit user looks much more believable than the former Reddit post, which was just in the form of text that could be written by anyone, notes However, the second post including the image could be made in Photoshop. Another point to be noted is that the first rumor claimed that the event is on December 7, while the recent one is claiming it to be on December 8.

Many fans pointed out that this event will include the release of the second generation of Pokemon. The first memo referenced “Pokemon version two,” while the newer one is about new Pokemon coming. Another option is that the gaming company might make something very different, like a Starbucks-related Pokemon, just for this event.

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