Pokemon Go: New Update, Thanksgiving Rumors And More

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Pokemon Go‘s latest update is far less exciting than the previous patches for the game, with the gaming giant confirming that several small changes are being rolled out this week. The latest update is bringing minor text improvement and a fix for a problem in which the egg-hatching cut-scene animation is sometimes briefly visible from map view, according to Express.co.uk.

Pokemon Go available in eight more countries

Pokemon Go has been updated to version 1.17.0 for iOS and 0.47.1 for Android.

The developer Niantic has also confirmed that the popular mobile app is available in eight more countries now: Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

The previous Pokemon G update, which was deployed earlier this month, included the daily bonus feature that rewards players with stardust and XP for their first catch of the day. In addition, it provides XP and extra items for the first Photo Disc spin of the day at a PokeStop.

Even though it is not certain if the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving event will just include the U.S., fans in other parts of the world are holding out hope for the event. The reports of the Thanksgiving event are not confirmed yet, but it is clear that the gaming giant is planning some kind of seasonal event for Christmas that’s similar to the event that took place for Halloween, says Express.co.uk.

This strengthens the news that the developer is working for an exciting update for December, which could include the launch of legendary Pokemon. The update could include the god-tier Pokemon Tyranitar, according to Gamenguide. Tyranitar is said to be extremely powerful and have a maximum combat power of 3,654.

Three new sponsors, possibly for Thanksgiving

In other Pokemon Go news, according to WWG, a dataminer using the name The Silph Road recently disclosed several clues in the data file, discussing the appearance of Ditto in the mobile game. The reason why the code has been included is to allow Pokemon Go players to encounter and catch Ditto in the wild, according to the Reddit user. Special sound effects are reportedly being added for Ditto as well.

The Reddit user added that three new sponsors have been added to the game code, in the form of knife, spatula, and thermometer. It’s unclear what actual sponsors these three items may be referring to, but all three could be used in preparing holiday meals, especially for Thanksgiving. It’s possible that they are code-names for the real sponsors’ names. The previous sponsors were TOHOSOFTBANK, MCDONALDS, POKEMON_STORE, and GLOBE. The aforementioned sponsors could be related to the Thanksgiving event, but there is no information that suggests what the event will entail, says Gamenguide.

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