The Shape Shifter Ditto Finally Spotted In Pokemon Go

The Shape Shifter Ditto Finally Spotted In Pokemon Go
Image Source: Reddit/S4mble (screenshot)

The shape changer Ditto is finally appearing in the Pokemon Go game, according to a few fans who noticed it after a lot of searching over several months. On Tuesday night, a few days after the last Pokemon Go update, a lot of fans from The Silph Road sub-Reddit community spotted Ditto and caught it, says BGR.

Last missing Pokemon finally appears

Niantic has not made any official announcement yet, but Ditto is already appearing on the map of some players. Since Ditto is a shape-changing Pokemon, it will take the shape of popular ones such as Ratatta and others before surprising fans, says Business Insider.

Other than the legendary Pokemon which will be appearing at some point in a much bigger way, Ditto was the only original Pokemon of the 151 represented in the game that was yet to be found by the fans. Fans and followers of Pokemon Go will know how big of a deal introducing Ditto in the game is.

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What we know about Ditto

It is still not clear what players need to do in order to trigger the Ditto spawn, but according to reports, Niantic has included some sort of switch to trigger Ditto in the updated version. Further, there is no hint of Pokemon being a Ditto, and the player will only learn this after catching it. There will be a short cut-scene after the player catches a Pokemon which will transform into the pink blob of a Pokemon, says BGR.

According to details complied by Redditor paanvaannd, players have reported that Pokémon such as Pidgey, Zubat, Rattata, Spearow, Metapod, Magikarp, Venonat and Paras have transformed into Ditto. During Gym battles, Ditto will automatically transform into an opponent’s Pokemon. Ditto’s moves will also change according to the shape it takes. If a player has Ditto as his buddy, he will need to walk 3 km to acquire a candy.

Pokemon Go tracking live now

Some Pokemon Go players will also be glad to hear that Niantic has launched an updated tracker. The tracker should help appease players who used to install various third-party trackers due to the absence of an effective one from the company, The new tracker actually works, according to CNET.

While checking the list of Pokemon that are in the vicinity, the player will find a Pokestop closest to each Pokemon on the list. Players, however, are reporting that the tracker is not available everywhere, which implies that it might be available only few places for now.

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