Property Tax Refund Program from Wyoming: Applications Now Open

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Wyoming’s Department of Revenue is now accepting applications for the property tax refund program for homeowners. The deadline to apply for the property tax refund program from Wyoming is June 3. Eligible homeowners could get a refund of up to 75% of their 2023 property tax bill.

How much money to expect

On Monday, Gov. Mark Gordon announced the opening of applications for the property tax refund program from Wyoming. The state legislature, in the recent budget, allocated an additional $20 million for the program at the request of the governor to ensure more homeowners get the relief.

“I want to thank the Legislature for endorsing the importance of this program to Wyoming taxpayers and for providing the resources needed to get additional relief to those most impacted by increased assessments,” Gov. Gordon said in a statement.

Eligible homeowners can get a refund of up to half of the median residential property tax amount or up to 75% of their 2023 property tax bill, whichever is less.

More than 9,000 families benefitted from the program last year. The program distributed over $8 million in 2023, with an average refund of about $938.

During the 2024 budget session, the legislature expanded the program to offer relief to more homeowners. The state now expects 2,000 more taxpayers to qualify for the program.

Taxpayers who applied for the program last year will automatically receive the application in the mail in mid-April. Alternatively, taxpayers can also apply online by visiting Wptrs.Wyo.Gov.

Applications will also be available at local county treasurer’s offices across the state. Applications must be filed with the Department of Revenue or the treasurer’s office no later than June 3.

Property tax refund program from Wyoming: how to apply

Gov. Gordon signed House Bill 4 in March to expand the eligibility for the program to households with income equal to or less than 145% of the median household income of the county or state, whichever is greater. The refund amount is reduced for residents with an income of 126% to 145% of the Median Income.

In addition to meeting income criteria, applicants need to be a Wyoming resident for at least five years, as well as occupy the residence at least nine months of the year and have total assets below $156,900 per adult household member to qualify for the relief.

Also, it is mandatory for applicants to pay their 2023 taxes in full before applying for the property tax refund. The refund is available for the primary residence only. Wyoming’s Department of Revenue will issue the refund between July 1st and September 30.

Applicants will have to submit supporting documents along with their application, including copies of their tax bill, copies of tax receipts and copies of verification of all income for each household member.

Visit Wyoming’s property tax refund program website, or call (307) 777-7320 to get more information on the program, including eligibility, how to apply and more.