Professionals Are Less Happy With Work Post-COVID

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Post-Covid, professionals care more about flexibility on location and work-life balance and less about professional growth potential and culture, according to a survey by Blind and Charthop. 

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Nearly one year into the pandemic, workplace satisfaction is as hard to capture as ever. Blind, anonymous professional network, and Charthop, a data-driven management platform, jointly surveyed 3,400 professionals to better understand how companies supported their employees during Covid-19 and how they influenced employee happiness. .

Professionals Are Less Happy With Work Post-COVID

  • Professionals in HR and Sales are much less happy post-COVID, whereas people in strategy, finance, engineering, or marketing are only marginally less happy
    • 66% of sales professionals were happy pre-covid
      • Now, only 45% of sales professionals are happy
    • 46% of finance professionals were happy pre-covid
      • Similarly, 35% of finance professionals remain happy
  • Everyone values growth potential less and flexibility on location more post-COVID
    • 21% of professionals valued growth potential pre-covid
      • Now, only 14% of professionals value growth potential
  •  8% of professionals valued location flexibility pre-covid
    • Currently, 16% of professionals value flexibility
  • Work-life balance matters much more post-COVID for Finance/HR but matters less for marketing and sales
    • 32% of HR professionals valued work-life balance pre-covid
      • Now, 42% of HR professionals value work-life balance
    • 37% of sales professionals valued work-life balance pre-covid
      • Currently, 35% of sales professionals value work-life balance
  • Transparency from leadership and compensation matter the same for all industries except sales/support, which values transparency more post-COVID
  • Culture matters less to everyone across the board

Other Findings

  • LinkedIn employees’ happiness dropped from 3.9 to 3.1
    • This drop was driven by more value on work-life balance and location flexibility and less value on culture and professional growth potential.
  • Airbnb happiness dropped from 3.9 to 3.2
    • The drop was driven by more value on transparency from leadership and location flexibility and much less value on culture.
  • AmEx, Accenture, Bloomberg, and Tesla are among others that saw happiness increases between pre-and post-COVID

Many survey respondents were employed at tech companies, with representation highest from the following organizations: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Dropbox, Intuit, and Uber. While the majority of the respondents work in tech, these results also reflect the finance and HR/ sales industries.

The survey of 3,400 full-time workers was conducted on Blind’s platform from January 15th -January 27th, 2020.