Thousands Of Players Affected By Fortnite Cheats

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Fortnite is one of the most popular online games at the moment, and very competitive as well. That makes several people want to work out some easier ways toward victory by cheating. Here’s how popular Fortnite cheats have become.

These Fortnite cheats are due to third-party hacks that affect the leveling of the playing field. Those hacks, naturally, do everything that is expected. The players are faster firing with the weapons and they are also able to fire easily, while also slowing down the movements of the enemies, which helps players aim better and pick them off.

According to a blog post in Rainway, there are tens of thousands of Fortnite players that were impacted by the Fortnite cheats. However, it is good that those users who play the game using macOS or iOS are immune to the cheats of malicious players who use dirty ways to win.

According to the report, Fortnite is believed to be raking in about $400 million each month. The huge majority of players just want to participate in this fun game and compete in a fair and square way, but there is a number of players who don’t meet the demands of the game and prefer to use cheats to get to the top.

Andrew Sampson of Rainway, a platform for game streaming, noticed that there were hundreds of thousands of reports that were hitting the tracker starting June 26. Also, no changes had been made before those error reports were spotted.

“It became pretty clear soon after that this new flood of errors was not caused by something we did, but something someone was trying to do,” he said, as per the blog post. The errors that were spotted seem to have been someone trying to attempt to connect to some ad platforms, which is something that the company doesn’t do.

It turned out that it was adware that was pointed toward Rainway users who were enjoying Fortnite. The company also downloaded a lot of hacks to see where it was coming from and what the deal was behind those hacks. One of them was an aimbot that was downloaded around 80,000 times, used to send traffic to its personal servers and in that way, it let adware control web page requests, to force its own ads forward.

The good news is that this type of adware impacts only Windows users, while players that use Mac or iOS device are safe from these kinds of Fortnite Cheats.

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