Fortnite 4.3 Update Brings Some New Features

Fortnite: Battle Royale from Epic Games continues to win gamers’ hearts and evolve into a world-wide popular game. Even in the middle of a lawsuit filed by PUBG according to a Korean Times report, Epic managed to bring the Fortnite 4.3 update with some new features available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. The game introduces its first vehicle, a Shopping Cart.

As Epic describes, the Shopping Cart lets you “ride solo or grab a friend to cover you as you roll around the map together.” The mine carts are popular in the gaming world, but the Fortnite version allows you to stroll in a shopping cart even during the battle royale portion of the game. According to Epic, you can also shoot the enemies from the passenger seat, although that likely means the one that is pushing the cart can’t shoot. Players can find the shopping carts scattered around the world. It’s also worth adding that they can receive the fall damage.

The Fortnite 4.3 update also features mushrooms available to find in darker and woody areas. Players receive 5 shield by consuming them and they stack all the way up to the maximum of 100. The update also brings back two limited-time modes, Blitz and Teams of 20. While Blitz matches durability is quicker compared to the regular Battle Royales, it adds all the new teams and weapons that were added to Fortnite since the first time Blitz was seen, like the Port-a-Fort, Clinger and LMG.

On the other hand, Teams of 20 where five teams of 20 players each fight each other, there will be a bus for every team for dropping together easier, while the Chest and Supply Drops will provide more ammo and consumables compared to before.

There is also a new VOIP ability in the Save the World portion of the game. With VOIP, players will be able to use voice chat on their PC to support and guide each other, something that was expected for a long time.

Just like with every patch, there are several bug fixes and general changes that affect the gameplay. Another addition is the Turbo Build allowing that “structures now build faster after the first building piece is placed.”

As well, “Save the World and Battle Royale now have their own unique loading screens following mode select.”

Some other fixes included:

“Fixed issues while aiming diagonally when using a controller.”

“The stick input was not correctly translating into camera rotation causing the camera to never reach its maximum turn rate when aiming diagonally.”

“Camera input curves have also been slightly tuned to account for the change in diagonal aiming speeds.”

Make sure to watch the Fortnite 4.3 Update video and read the patch notes below.

Fortnite 4.3 Update

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