Microsoft Overhauling Bing Design To Mirror Google Search

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Microsoft Bing is nothing compared to Google Search, and Microsoft knows that. Probably for this reason, the Windows maker is now looking to overhaul its search engine to more closely resemble Google Search.

Making it more like Google Search

According to a report from MSPoweruser, Microsoft is looking to bring in some changes to Bing’s design, more precisely on its search results page, and some of the elements are reminiscent of Google Search.

One noticeable change in the new interface was the header, which is gray now, and the magnifier icon has a white background, deviating from the usual block of blue. These features look strikingly similar to the one featured on Google Search. However, to retain some uniqueness, Bing has changed the name of the different tabs and the orientation of the magnifier icon, notes

For now, Microsoft is testing the user interface with a small group of users, and whether or not the changes will be integrated in the public version is still to be seen.

Microsoft wants to win at any cost

Microsoft has long been working on enhancing the popularity of Bing. In a desperate move earlier this month, the company even announced plans to pay users in Britain to ditch Google for Microsoft Bing. Under its rewards scheme, the Windows maker stated that those who use Bing instead of any other search engine will earn reward points which can be exchanged for online purchases like music and movies.

A week ago, there were reports that the Windows maker was beta-testing a new feature on its search engine called Custom Audiences. The new feature is aimed at improving targeting when advertisers upload first-party files, such as CRM, purchase history and subscription data. Advertisers that want to be a part of the beta test can upload their data through Adobe’s Audience Manager data management platform (DMP).

Towards the end of this year, Microsoft is also looking to integrate with various other DMPs.

At the time, Rob Wilk, Microsoft’s VP and head of sales for North America Search, stated, “This is the first time ever Microsoft and Bing Ads will allow clients to import their data into Bing’s search engine for better ad targeting.”

Microsoft Bing shows signs of success

It seems Microsoft Bing is finally starting to give some returns to Microsoft, and the launch of Windows 10 seems to be helping the search engine. When announcing earnings for the three-month period ending December 31, 2016, the company said that Bing Network accounted for 33% of the U.S. PC search market and was available in 36 countries. The network also had over 524 million unique searchers worldwide.

Meanwhile, Google is also  looking to integrate new features into its search with the aim of setting it apart from competitors. The company recently added a new feature providing job seekers access to the help wanted listings online. The result will be streamlined content after weeding out duplicate jobs posted on different sites. Job hunters can also see employer ratings from current and former workers and commute time to job locations.

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