Nintendo Switch Update 3.0: Fixes, New Features, And Lots More

Nintendo Switch Update 3.0: Fixes, New Features, And Lots More
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Nintendo does not want to leave any stone unturned to make the Switch the most successful console in history. Therefore, the Japanese company released major updates for the Nintendo Switch, which was launched just three months ago.

“Nintendo constantly aims to improve the functionality of its systems and services in order to provide the easiest, most user-friendly experience possible,” the Japanese company said.

What’s new in the Nintendo Switch update?

In the latest Nintendo Switch update called Switch 3.0, Nintendo has made a few changes and added customizations.  After the new update, Nintendo Switch owners will now see their 3DS and Wii U friends under the friends suggestions on the user page. The new update makes it even easier to play with friends.

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Another useful update is making it easier for the owner to find a lost Joy-Con. Users will now be able to track a lost Joy-Con by activating vibration mode. Further, the update allows players to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via Wired Communication by connecting the USB charging cable, notes Express.

The company has made improvements or fixes on the software front with the latest Nintendo Switch update. Earlier, many users faced issues with software failing to update, but the new update address that situation. Another fix is for unintended HDMI input change.

After the update, users will also be able to change the display of the Switch by inverting the colors or with the help of greyscale. Greyscale is a new feature which makes it easier for colorblind players to identify different colors or make the Switch more comfortable for anyone whose eyes are sensitive to brightness. Six new Splatoon characters are also available now to choose for the user icon.

Improving Nintendo Switch experience

The Japanese company has aimed to bring more quality to the console with the latest Nintendo Switch update and at the same time make it simpler for players to do a host of things, thus making the gaming experience better. Simple but useful features like prompting the user to free up some space in the device to download new content add to the gaming experience. Another handy update is landing on the uninstall screen.

The new update also allows players to receive game-specific news from a registered channel. To register, head to the News section and then look for the channels. Players will also receive a notification when a friend goes online. Further, there are updates for sound adjustment, display colors, changing the user icon and various general system stability improvements.

The Nintendo Switch will automatically download the new updates when you turn it on. If not, there is a manual option as well. In addition to the updates, what might interest some users is Amelia N, a blue-haired lady who walks users through all the latest updates using cartoony posts.

It has been only three months since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and already more than 3 million units of the console have been sold. The popularity of the Switch is so high that manufacturers are finding it difficult to meet demand.

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