Lenovo Teases Unique Flexible Laptop With Bendable Screen

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Lenovo displayed an ultimate flexible laptop concept at an event held in New York on Tuesday. The idea, which seems somewhat crazy, is that the screen is bendable, and the laptop can be closed just like any other. The concept device comes with the conjoined keyboard, no hinge and a stylus.

Lenovo’s flexible laptop is a unique concept

Lenovo’s event, called Lenovo Transform, was all about flexing its muscle when it comes to unveiling some of the most futuristic devices. Lenovo called the laptop the “future of personalized computing.”

During the event, Christian Teismann, senior vice president of Lenovo’s Commercial business, talked about the history of the company’s product lines and then unveiled the flexible laptop, which does not have a trackpad. All primary functions that are usually performed using a mouse are done through voice command in the new bendable laptop.

During the event, Lenovo stated that the laptop would mostly be controlled by voice command. Further, the bendable laptop will be designed and manufactured using advanced materials and new screen technologies. Taking the whole PC experience a notch higher, the company stated that the bendable laptop will be based on the concept of “always connected always on,” and the user can operate it through multiple input methods. Lenovo did hint at artificial Intelligence integrated somehow in the laptop.

Lenovo’s flexible laptop is a concept for now, so it could be years before it actually becomes a reality, provided that Lenovo actually does decide to take the concept forward. There was no working prototype, and only an image of the prototype was shown at the event. The concept, however, deserves attention simply because it does not rest on a hinge like all other foldable laptops. The extreme to which Lenovo’s new concept folds has not been seen before. Even though the concept has no mouse, it does have space for a keyboard.

Flexible devices are not a new concept

Lenovo has not been very successful in the phone market even after the Motorola acquisition, but personal computers are definitely its strong suit. Over the years, the company has experimented with several products like the YOGA and its Halo Keyboard, which did not quite meet expectations.

This is not the first time Lenovo has experimented with flexible devices like this. In 2016, the Chinese company showcased a smartphone concept which could bend around the wrist like a bracelet. The company also showcased a tablet which folds in two to look like a book.

It is also not the first time that concepts like this have been presented. A few days ago, Samsung displayed a screen that stretches like a trampoline. The Korean firm showed a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED display which can be bent in two directions instead of just one, notes Pocket-lint.

Samsung is also reportedly working on a flexible phone known as the Galaxy X, which might be launched sometime in 2019. Apart from Samsung and Lenovo, LG is also working on flexible OLED displays that can be used in various products.

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