iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus: Size Comparison

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Apple’s iPhone 8, has become the most highly anticipated smartphone in the history of the industry. So, much so that, no matter where you go online, you will find at least some reference to the upcoming device. And that’s even before Apple has officially announced its existence, which believe it or not, is no surprise. Having said that, today we can bring you some news, which, thanks to iDropNews, and their relationship with Benjamin Geskin. Will help us to paint a picture of what you can expect from Apple’s 10th-anniversarry device.

iPhone 8 Size

Now, wherever, it is that you’ve been getting your iPhone 8 information, you can be sure that Benjamin Geskin, has his ear to the ground. Yes, we’ve seen previous reports about the size of the next handset leak via Ming-Chi Kuo. And we’ve seen images and video of dummy units on YouTube. But, today, this could be the real thing, the exact size information you’ve been waiting a long time to find out.

Finally, we can bring you, newly leaked insider information, which may confirm the size of the iPhone 8. What is that size? It is 143.59 x 70.94 x 7.57 mm, which makes it a decent sized flagship smartphone. One which is designed to take on the current S-Line flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Plus.

One of the most searched for terms on the Google search engine right now is “How big is the iPhone 8”. Fortunately, again, thanks to iDropNews and Benjamin Geskin, we have now been able to answer that question. But, what about those Android users, who have been teetering on the edge of jumping ship. Those who have yet to buy into what the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have to offer? For them, maybe a comparison of handset sizes is what they need for a push, to wait longer for the iPhone 8. Or maybe to purchase one of Samsung’s latest.

Whatever their reasons, here’s how the sizes of each device compare:

iPhone 8 size comparison to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus
Image Source: iDropNews

Size Compared – iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

If you’ve taken a look at the image above, it shows the Galaxy S8 on the left, Galaxy S8 Plus on the right. And what the iPhone 8 will apparently look like, again thanks goes to iDrop News for the use of the images. Will the 10th-anniversary device look like that, we certainly hope so, but that’s a topic for another article. However, when it comes to size, it’s clear to see, that is is smaller than both of the Samsung handsets. But, like them, it manages to cram in a large and nearly edge-to-edge display.

What does this mean for the iPhone 8? It means it will be of a size which will offer a large display. But, will also be easily usable in one hand thanks to it’s narrow but elongated screen.

As for direct dimension comparisons, again the iPhone 8 dimensions are 143.59 x 70.94 x 7.57 mm. And the Galaxy S8 comes in at 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm, which makes the iPhone thinner, wider, but not quite as thick as the Samsung.

Moving onto the much larger of the two S8’s, the Plus, is a different handset altogether. In fact, you could call it a phablet, it’s certainly as large as some of the Galaxy Note’s which came before it. Dimensions wise, the Galaxy S8 Plus comes in at 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm, which make it considerably larger than the iPhone 8 in all aspects, that’s height, width, and depth.

Final Thoughts

Is there any doubt that these figures could be inaccurate? Yes, however, iDropNews conducted thorough research, to get these figures. Additionally, Benjamin Geskin and his ability to also source insider information places considerable weight to the above iPhone 8 dimensions. As such, we wholeheartedly believe these to be correct, of course, until Apple lets us know for sure probably in September. We’re bound to see new rumors, and figures appear between then and now, so as always, we will publish them.

In the meantime, come and share your thoughts on what today’s leak means for you.

Source: iDropNews.com.

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