New MacBook Pro Will Disappoint Apple Consumers Everywhere [REPORT]

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There’s a rumor doing the rounds, which states that Apple will announce a new MacBook Pro at next month’s WWDC. This new personal computer will make its way into the limelight along with a set of other updates to its siblings. However, if the rumors are accurate, it’s not going to be the overwhelming improvement consumers had been hoping for. Which means, Apple fans everywhere, should be prepared for disappointment.

New MacBook Pro Reveal

Now, before you, jump the gun and consider this rumor false. You only have to look at the history of Apple with Tim Cook at the helm. When it comes to product refreshes, it has not been able to keep things as close to its chest as with the iPhone. And as it now appears that almost every man and his dog can get refresh details, we doubt, anything is going to change soon.

What’s New?

As for this new MacBook Pro, it seems as though Apple will at last catch up with its Windows-based rivals. How? That’s by upgrading the processor to the seventh generation Intel chip, known as Kaby Lake. For many, this may be too little too late, because Windows 10 computers have had them since January.

However, what it does show from Apple, is a need to progress, it no longer want’s the MacBook Pro to stagnate. Additionally, the rumor points to improvements in other areas of hardware such as SSD storage performance and capacity. Plus, it looks as though memory speed will increase, along with graphic card performance.

Focussing on RAM, it’s thought that an upgrade from the previous 16GB to 32GB will happen. Although, the reasons why the former was seen as an optimal figure apparently still stand. Which, begs the question why increase it? Maybe it’s to keep certain business consumers happy? The answer isn’t and probably won’t be known until Apple if at all reveals these new MacBook Pro updates.

Why Should You Be Disappointed?

If Apple is to finally take notice of what MacBook Pro owners want and tweak its specs, what’s so disappointing about that? Well, it’s not the actual act of upgrading that is so negative, but the fact that they are underwhelming. And, if you just recently invested in the last “New MacBook Pro”, these tweaks could feel like a gut punch.

After all, Apple’s laptops are considerably more expensive than their Windows counterparts, and with the latest update coming late last year. Some consumers could feel like they’ve been taken for a ride, by the Cupertino-based outfit. In fact, a move which only sees’s the new MacBook Pro receive small improvements would undoubtedly devalue the investment of those who bought it late last year.

The Future

Could this if true, iterative upgrade to the New MacBook Pro mean that Apple intends to upgrade its computer hardware annually? If the answer is yes, it could become an extremely lucrative move by the company. However, undoubtedly, the sky-high price of changing a product each year like a smartphone, would prove to be too much for consumers.

What Apple would have to do to change this is, lower the price or convince consumers they’re not cash cows. Something which it can readily tap into to increase its profit margin. In essence, what that means is, Apple needs to produce something that makes yearly upgrading of value. Can it do that with current new MacBook Pro, and other MacBook prices? We sincerely doubt it, but, we will just have to wait and see what is said at the WWDC.

Do you think, Apple could turn it’s laptop computer lines from multi-year investments, to yearly upgrades?

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