YouTube Mobile Drops Minimum Subscriber Limit For Live Stream

YouTube Mobile Drops Minimum Subscriber Limit For Live Stream
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YouTube has dropped the 1,000-subscriber minimum to live-stream video, according to AndroidPolice. This means that now anyone can live-stream video even without a single subscriber, given that their channel is verified and has not been banned from live-streaming in the past 90 days. The change is visible, although neither Google nor YouTube has confirmed it officially.

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Making live-streaming open to all

In February, Google allowed channels with over 10,000 subscribers to live-stream. However, just two months later, the company revised the subscriber count needed to just 1,000 subscribers. At that time, though the company lowered the bar, content selection became stricter and also the individual needed to be verified

YouTube first added the live-streaming option in the mobile app for a select few last year, enabling them to broadcast live video from their smartphones with a simple push of a button. Similar to Periscope, the feature also allowed viewers to put comments on the broadcast.

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At that time, the Google-owned service stated that it had an edge over competitors, as streamers and viewers could search live broadcasts like they search recorded videos. It also said that despite competition, it is capable of offering better protection from unauthorized users and live-streams will be “faster and more reliable” than any other service.

What’s new with YouTube?

Also on Wednesday, YouTube said it released a new API for Super Chat which can offer manual instructions and a toolbox for a software program. With the help of the API, programmers can automate various things such as turning off the lights in their performance studio or even flying a drone after they buy Super Chat during a live-stream, notes CNET.

Further, during the Google I/O 2017 developer conference, the company announced that YouTube 360-degree videos, which are available only on smartphones and web browsers for now, will soon arrive on television. YouTube Product Manager Sarah Ali stated that it is not just about the size of the screen but also an experience that traditional TV cannot offer.

Google stated that the feature will be live in the coming months on Android TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and 2017 4K TVs from LG and Samsung. A user with access to the new feature will be able to play 360-degree videos and toggle through the features using a remote or game controller.

The video streaming service is also adding seven new networks: Sundance TV, BBC America, AMC, Universo, Telemundo, IFC and We TV to its basic $35 per month package. These new channels, however, come with limitations, including limited availability.

For now, YouTube TV is available in five metro areas: Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and the Bay Area. The company is, however, looking to expand the service beyond these five areas in the coming months. The service allows users to watch local coverage in their area.

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