iPhone 6 Concept: ‘The Sign Of Design. With You In Mind’

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We’ve seen all kinds of iPhone 6 concepts, a few of which have showcased some real innovation, although they’re probably way out in left field. This newest concept doesn’t have many things we haven’t heard before, although it does feature an 18-megapixel camera.

iPhone 6

The concept is from designer Antonio De Rosa, and it was published by Redmond Pie’s Ben Reid and Phones Review’s Mark Chubb.

iPhone 6 Display And Control Features

The iPhone 6 in this concept has a 4.3 inch Retina2 display, and of course it comes preloaded with iOS 7. The basic essence of the concept is that this is an iPhone specifically made to run on the overhauled iOS 7. It also has an edge-to-edge display, which we’ve seen before on other concepts.

It hints at possible improvements to the touchscreen and also the use of gesture control on the iPhone 6. “The feeling of a touchpad on your iPhone, with gestures and total control,” it reads. “Left and right buttons to extend the possibility to live more your Apps and Games.” The home button also looks a little less like a physical home button, as other concepts have shown us, except this one is shaped like the iconic Apple logo.

iPhone 6 Camera And Security

As already mentioned briefly, this iPhone 6 concept has an 18-megapixel camera and a double power LED flash. It also has noise reduction with a stabilizer.

In terms of security, it features a fingerprint reader, another thing we’ve seen before on other concepts. It also integrates Passbook in an expanded version which acts more like a digital wallet. There’s a quad core processor and an updated graphic interface “to make the new iPhone 6 revolutionary. Again.”

Pure Speculation About The iPhone 6

So we could sit and continue to speculate about the iPhone 6, but by the time it does come out, we have to wonder if these concepts will end up being much greater than the real thing. If Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is really going to wow consumers and investors, the actual iPhone 6 may need to go beyond what anyone has already imagined for it. That’s saying a lot because the iPhone 6 concepts which now exist are just all over the place.

iPhone 6 Concept: 'The Sign Of Design. With You In Mind'

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