Best Free Stock Screeners & Apps for 2023

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Stock screeners are a must-have when searching for companies to invest in. They help investors find suitable stocks based on various metrics, including pricing data, market capitalization, dividend yields, momentum, and technical indicators. 

This guide explores 10 free stock screeners to consider using in 2023. We rank the top screeners based on available filters and metrics, supported stocks, user-friendliness, and other important factors. 

10 Best Free Stock Screeners Listed

Here’s an overview of 10 free stock screeners that can help you make smart investment decisions:

  1. AltIndex: Takes an unconventional approach to screening stocks through alternative data points. AltIndex leverages machine learning and AI to extract data from social media, job postings, website traffic, patent filings, Google trends, and much more. Thousands of companies are supported, alongside stock recommendations, price predictions, and real-time alerts.   
  2. Stocklytics: Popular stock screener supporting over 5,700 stocks from 11 global markets. Dozens of fundamental and technical filters are available, including financial ratios, price performance, dividend yields, and indicator signals. Stocklytics is very user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners. However, non-US markets can only be accessed on the premium plan, which costs $25 per month.  
  3. Finviz: This stock screener is ideal for technical traders, with Finviz covering candlestick patterns, indicators, signals, and pricing gaps. Fundamental metrics are also tracked, such as dividends and market capitalization. Free users have access to thousands of US-listed stocks, but international markets require a premium subscription. 
  4. Yahoo! Finance: Create your own custom stock screener from over 150 filters. Popular metrics include short interest, valuation metrics, pricing changes, and profitability ratios. More than a dozen global exchanges are supported, including stocks in the US, Europe, China, and Australia. 
  5. WallStreetZen: Offers a free stock screener that covers five investing dimensions; valuation, financials, forecast, performance, and dividends. These dimensions are analyzed to generate a ‘Zen’ score from 1 to 100. Other popular filters on WallStreetZen include price-to-earnings, industry, market capitalization, and EBITDA.  
  6. Stock Rover: Extensive stock screener that comes with over 140 pre-built strategies. Stock Rover also offers custom screening filters, with over 500 data points to choose from. The free plan covers more than 10,000 stocks from US and Canadian exchanges. Stock Rover also offers alerts, reports, and market insights. 
  7. TradingView: One of the world’s most popular platforms for technical analysis, TradingView also offers a top-rated stock screener. Not only does TradingView cover technical data points but plenty of fundamental filters too. Almost 18,000 stocks are supported, and the majority of screening features are fee-free. 
  8. Stock Screener: This stock screening app is one of the most popular with iPhone users. It’s free to use and specializes in technical ratings, such as the RSI, Bollinger Bands, and MACD. Users can also find penny stocks priced under $1, plus those trading well below their prior all-time high. Stock Screener only supports US-listed stocks. 
  9. Tickeron: Revolutionary stock screening tool that leverages AI. Tickeron not only screens thousands of stocks but also ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and forex. Users can build their own custom filters and use the AI chat box for specific requirements. Tickeron is available online and as an Android/iOS app. 
  10. Zacks: Offers a basic screening tool that is ideal for finding top-rated dividend stocks. Many filters and data points are covered, including running yields and historical dividend growth. Other screening filters range from financial ratios and cash flow to revenue growth and market capitalization.  

Comparing the Top Stock Screener Apps: Full Reviews

We’ll now compare the 10 stock screeners listed above. Read on to choose the best screener for your preferred trading strategy and financial goals. 

1. AltIndex: Innovative Stock Screener Based on Alternative Data With AI-Backed Recommendations

AltIndex offers a unique stock screener that leverages a trending research method; alternative data. While most stock screeners rely on fundamental and technical data, AltIndex extracts information from unconventional sources. This helps investors make informed decisions before the broader markets.  

For example, AltIndex – through machine learning and natural language processing, analyzes data from social media networks, job postings, employee satisfaction, financial news mentions, website traffic, and app downloads. AltIndex then uses AI to generate a rating score for each stock. This determines whether the overall sentiment on a stock is positive or negative. 

AltIndex review

A simple example is as follows; Suppose AltIndex discovers that consumer sentiment on renewable energy is declining. It makes this assumption through negative social media comments and reduced searches on Google. It also finds that renewable energy companies have very few job postings when compared to the traditional oil and gas sector. 

Therefore, AltIndex will assign a low rating score to renewable energy companies. This means that over the next few months, this sector is likely to underperform the broader market. This is just one example, but AltIndex’s stock screener can be used to find similar insights and investment opportunities. 

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Thousands of stocks are covered by AltIndex, mostly based in the US. To complement its stock screener, AltIndex offers many other useful tools. This includes one of the best stock predictors, with AltIndex achieving a historical win rate of 75%. Its members have made average gains of 22% over a six-month period. AltIndex also offers stock alerts and a daily newsletter. 

Stock Screener Features Specializes in alternative data. The stock screener extracts data from website traffic, social media, consumer sentiment, financial news mentions, job postings, and other alternative sources. Stocks are rated from 1 to 100 via AI technology. 
FeesThe stock screener is free to use but comes with limitations. Premium plans cost $29 or $99 per month and come with increased functionality, including AI stock recommendations.  
Supported Markets Thousands of stocks from the NASDAQ and NYSE. It also covers the best cryptocurrencies to buy, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB.


  • The overall best free stock screener for alternative data insights
  • Discover stock momentum changes before the broader markets
  • Key filters include social media sentiment, patents, website traffic, and job postings
  • Additional tools include stock recommendations, alerts, and financial news 


  • Full functionality requires a premium plan at $29 or $99 per month
  • It doesn’t track stock exchanges outside of the US 
Visit Altindex

2. Stocklytics: Free Stock Screener Covering International Exchanges and a Huge Range of Filters

Stocklytics is also one of the best free stock screeners in the market; specializing in fundamental and technical data points. It covers dozens of filters to help investors find the perfect stocks to buy or sell. What’s more, Stocklytics tracks over 5,700 stocks from multiple global markets. This includes stocks from the US, India, the UK, and Europe.  

Stocklytics’s stock screener is very simple to use. First, users can click on the ‘Filter’ button to choose their desired data points. This includes industries, sectors, exchanges, price momentum, market capitalization, and volume. Fundamental filters also include price-to-earnings, enterprise value, and gross margins. 

The balance sheet can also be utilized when searching for stocks, including cash flow, assets, and liabilities. Stocklytics also offers technical ratings for each stock, generated by AI. This is based on historical price trends and real-time patterns. Most features are available on the free plan, but unlimited access costs $25 per month.   

Stock Screener Features Specializes in fundamental and technical data. Users have dozens of filters to choose from when searching for stocks. This includes financial ratios, pricing, dividends, and the balance sheet. Other tools include technical signals, alerts, and AI ratings.
FeesMost features are available on the free plan. Full functionality costs $25 per month. 
Supported Markets Tracks over 5,700 stocks from 11 markets, including the US, the UK, Europe, and India.


  • Find stocks based on price performance, financial health, dividend policies, and technical ratings
  • User-friendly dashboard requires no prior experience 
  • One of the best investment tools for real-time stock alerts
  • The Freemium plan comes with most features


  • It doesn’t support cryptocurrencies
  • Premium plan is required to access non-US markets 
Visit Stocklytics

3. Finviz: Top-Rated Stock Screener for Technical Traders Focusing on Near-Term Trends 

Finviz offers a free stock screener that will appeal to technical traders. Nearly 9,500 stocks are supported from multiple global exchanges. That said, free users only have access to NYSE and NASDAQ-listed stocks. Nonetheless, technical traders can manipulate the Finviz dashboard to discover useful insights and trends. 

Some of the most utilized filters include the 20-day simple moving average, volatility ratios, RSI readings, volume, and pricing gaps. Stocks can also be found through candlestick metrics, such as the doji, spinning top black, long upper shadow, and inverted hammer. In addition to technical readings, Finviz also supports fundamental data points. 

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This includes financial ratios like price-to-earnings, debt-to-equity, and price-to-book. Users can also filter stocks by their preferred industry or sector, not to mention minimum dividend yields and market capitalization. To remove ads, pricing delays, and global restrictions, a premium plan is needed. This costs $39.50 per month. 

Stock Screener Features Technical-driven stock screener covering dozens of indicators and readings. Find stocks based on historical trends and current price movements. Fundamental filters are also available, including dividends, market capitalization, and price-to-earnings. 
FeesMost features are available on the free plan. However, free users can only track US-listed stocks. Full functionality costs $39.50 per month. 
Supported Markets Tracks almost 9,500 stocks from multiple global markets.


  • One of the best free stock screeners for technical traders
  • Discover stocks that meet indicator readings, such as the RSI and SMA20
  • Nearly 9,500 global stocks are supported
  • Also tracks insider transactions 


  • Non-US stocks require a premium plan 
  • Not the most user-friendly dashboard 
Visit Finviz

4. Yahoo! Finance: Create a Custom Stock Screener From Over 150 Filters 

Yahoo! Finance offers a wealth of free investment tools, including a fully-fledged stock screener. Users can build their own screening rules from over 150 filters. By default, Yahoo! Finance asks for the region, sector, and industry. Users can also choose from small, medium, and large-cap stocks. After that, users can add additional features to their screener. 

Popular filters include price changes, market capitalization, 52-week highs and lows, trading volume, and the percentage of shares held by insiders. The short interest filter is also useful, allowing users to see which stocks are heavily shorted by Wall Street. Investors who like to focus on valuation metrics are also catered for. 

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Filters include the price-to-book, price-to-earnings, and total enterprise value. You’ll also find filters from the income statement, balance sheet, and ESG scores. Yahoo! Finance supports more than a dozen global markets, including the US, China, Australia, the UK, and many European exchanges. 

Stock Screener Features User-friendly tool allowing users to create custom screening rules from over 150 filters. Mainly focused on fundamental data but popular technical readings are also covered. 
FeesFree without any restrictions 
Supported Markets Tracks stocks from over a dozen international exchanges, including the US, Canada, the UK, France, Australia, and China. 


  • User-friendly stock screening tool that’s completely free to use
  • Easily build your screening conditions from over 150 filters
  • More than a dozen international exchanges are supported
  • Also offers financial news and investment insights  


  • Limited technical filters are supported
  • An account is required to save previous screening filters 
Visit Yahoo! Finance

5. WallStreetZen: AI-Backed Zen Score Rankings Based on 5 Key Investing Dimensions 

WallStreetZen offers a free stock screener covering traditional metrics like market capitalization, price changes, industry, and price-to-earnings. However, its most innovative tool is its ‘Zen’ score rankings, which range from 1 to 100. This rates stocks based on five key investing dimensions; valuation, financials, forecast, performance, and dividends. 

These dimensions are analyzed daily, allowing investors to find stocks that cover the most important fundamentals. Right now, stocks with the highest Zen score include Arcturus Therapeutics, Medifast, and MasterCraft Boat Holdings. Technical traders will also find a range of useful metrics, including the MACD, RSI, Beta, and simple moving averages.

We also found that WallStreetZen offers a penny stock screener. This covers the NYSE American and NASDAQ. Some penny stocks are valued at under $1 million and also come with Zen scores. Like many free stock screeners, WallStreetZen offers limited functionality. To get the most out of its features, premium plans cost $59 per month. 

Stock Screener Features Offers an AI-generated Zen score on thousands of stocks. Scores are based on five investing dimensions, covering valuation, financials, forecast, performance, and dividends. Stocks with a high Zen score have a solid chance of outperforming the market. 
FeesThe free plan comes with limited functionality. To access all features without limitations, premium plans cost $59 per month.  
Supported Markets US-listed stocks from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and NYSE American.


  • Discover undervalued stocks based on a proprietary Zen score
  • Stocks are rated based on 38 due diligence checks 
  • Covers penny stocks with micro-cap valuations 
  • Also allows users to track Wall Street portfolios 


  • Does not support non-US exchanges 
  • Full functionality is expensive at $59 per month  
Visit WallStreetZen

6. Stock Rover: 140+ Pre-Built Screeners and 500+ Custom Data Points  

Stock Rover is a popular research and analysis platform that also offers a comprehensive stock screener. This provider is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders alike. Novice investors will like the 140+ pre-built stock screeners that have already been developed. This enables users to find stocks based on pre-defined strategies.

For instance, stocks that have increased their dividend yield for at least 10 consecutive years or those trading at least 50% below their 52-week high. Experienced traders have access to over 500 data points, meaning they can build their own custom screener. Stock Rover tracks over 10,000 companies from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSE.

It also supports over 43,000 ETFs and mutual funds. However, these markets are only available to premium users. In addition to screening, Stock Recover offers many other useful investment tools. This includes real-time pricing charts, portfolio tracking, research reports, market insights, and alerts. Premium plans range from $7.99 to $27.99 per month.

Stock Screener Features Comes with over 140 pre-built screeners, allowing beginners to find stocks based on their financial goals. Also supports more than 500 custom metrics, which will appeal to experienced traders.  
FeesThe free plan comes with restrictions, such as fewer supported markets and limited filters. Premium plans range from $7.99 to $27.99 per month. 
Supported Markets Over 10,000 stocks from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSE. Premium members can also track over 43,000 ETFs and mutual funds.


  • Comes with 140+ pre-built screening strategies
  • Supports 500+ custom data points
  • Tracks 10,000+ stocks from the US and Canadian markets
  • Also offers alerts, research reports, insights, and other investment tools


  • Free users cannot track ETFs or mutual funds
  • Full functionality costs $27.99 per month   
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7. TradingView: Screen Almost 18,000 Stocks From Hundreds of Technical and Fundamental Filters 

TradingView is best known for its technical analysis tools, such as customized charts, indicators, and trend lines. That said, TradingView also offers one of the best free stock screeners. In fact, this option is great for building diversified portfolios, as almost 18,000 stocks are supported. This includes the OTC markets, allowing users to find the next penny stock to explode. 

TradingView’s stock screener supports hundreds of filters. split into three core categories. First, there are descriptive filters, such as the exchange, industry, sector, market capitalization, and average trading volume. Second, you’ll find financial filters, such as return-on-equity, quick ratios, and price-to-earnings. 

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Finally, TradingView also covers dozens of technical filters. This includes the Ichimoku conversion line, pre-market gap, and plenty of moving averages. Although TradingView is popular with experienced technical traders, its stock screener is very user-friendly. Plus, the majority of features are free, so you won’t need to sign up for a paid plan. 

Stock Screener Features Free screener with hundreds of filters across three core categories; descriptive, financial, and technical. Niche down into specific areas, such as income statements, operating margins, and extended-hours trading.  
FeesThe vast majority of screening features are free, but it’s best to register an account to avoid constant pop-ups.  
Supported Markets Nearly 18,000 stocks from many major and minor exchanges, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


  • Hugely popular platform with over 50 million users
  • Free stock screening tool supports almost 18,000 companies
  • Hundreds of descriptive, financial, and technical filters to choose from
  • Also offers price predictions, analyst ratings, charts, indicators, and much more


  • Its screener doesn’t support other asset classes  
Visit Trading View

8. Stock Screener: Popular Stock Screening App for iOS Users Specializing in Technical Ratings 

Stock Screener is one of the most popular options for iOS users. Across 516 reviews, Stock Screener is rated 4.6/5 on the App Store. The app specializes in technical readings, so won’t be suitable for those focusing on fundamental research. 

Nonetheless, some of the technical indicators supported include the RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and various candlestick patterns. Filters also include trading volume, price momentum, and previous all-time highs. Thousands of US-listed companies are supported, including plenty of penny stocks priced under $1. 

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That said, there is a 15-minute delay in pricing data, so technical traders should bear this in mind. The main drawback of Stock Screener is that other investment tools are lacking. For instance, it doesn’t offer price alerts, research reports, or stock recommendations. That said, there are no premium upgrades – everything offered by Stock Screener is free to use. 

Stock Screener Features Top-rated stock screening app for iOS users. Specializes exclusively in technical readings, meaning fundamental data isn’t supported. Find stocks based on the MACD, RSI, and much more. There’s a 15-minute delay on real-time pricing.   
FeesCompletely free – no premium plans are available   
Supported Markets Thousands of US-listed companies, including micro-cap penny stocks valued at under $1


  • Free stock screener app for iOS users
  • Rated 4.6/5 on the App Store
  • Specializes in technical readings like the MACD and RSI
  • Supports micro-cap penny stocks 


  • Doesn’t track fundamental data
  • 15-minute delay on real-time pricing    
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9. Tickeron: Revolutionary AI-Backed Stock Screener Also Supporting Forex, Mutual Funds, and Cryptocurrencies

Tickeron leverages AI to offer one of the most advanced stock screeners in the market. Beginners can begin the process by choosing their preferred filters. Tickeron offers plenty of options, ranging from quarterly earnings and market capitalization to pricing fluctuations and dividend yields. 

Lots of time frames are supported too, from one week up to five years. That said, the most seamless way to find stocks is via the AI chat box. Users simply need to enter a text prompt based on their preferred parameters. For instance, penny stocks between $1 and $5 with a market capitalization of at least $100 million. 

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Tickeron also offers watchlists, research tools, and AI bots. Multiple asset classes are supported, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, forex, and cryptocurrencies. In terms of pricing, Tickeron offers a free plan with limited functionality. There are several premium plans supporting different features and limits. Prices range from $10 to $250 per month. 

Stock Screener Features Advanced stock screener with custom filters and AI commands. Users can enter text prompts to find their preferred stocks. Fundamental and technical data points are covered. Available online and as an Android/iOS app.   
FeesOffers a free plan with very limited functionality. Premium plans range from $10 to $250 per month. 
Supported Markets Thousands of stocks, plus ETFs, mutual funds, forex, and cryptocurrencies. 


  • Leverage AI text prompts to find the perfect stocks
  • Also supports other asset classes – including cryptocurrencies and forex
  • Fundamental and technical data points are covered 
  • Available online or as an Android/iOS app 


  • Freemium users have very limited functionality 
  • Its iOS app is rated just 2.1/5    
Visit Tickeron

10. Zacks: Leading Screener for Dividend Stock Investors  

Zacks offers one of the best stock screeners for dividend investors. It offers many different filters that can help you build a portfolio of solid dividend companies. For instance, you can specify the minimum running dividend yield based on current prices. In addition, you can screen stocks based on the historical dividend growths. 

For instance, stocks that have increased their dividend by at least 10% for five consecutive years. Zacks also supports other important data, such as broker ratings, market capitalization, and earnings-per-share growth. You can also filter dividend stocks by balance sheet metrics, such as cash flow and debt. 

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Do note that Zacks’ free stock screener only covers US-listed companies. On top of the NASDAQ and NYSE, OTC markets are also supported. Zacks also offers pre-defined screening strategies that cover various stock types. However, this is only available to premium users. Nonetheless, its basic screening tool is free to use and no account is required. 

Stock Screener Features Basic stock screener that’s popular with investors who want to build a dividend-income portfolio. Various filters are available, including running dividend yields and historical dividend growth.    
FeesIts basic screening tool is free to use. Also offers pre-defined screening strategies within its premium plans. Prices vary depending on the service required.  
Supported Markets Most US-listed stocks from the NASDAQ and NYSE. Also supports OTC markets.  


  • Free screening tool to find top-rated dividend stocks
  • Lots of fundamental-driven filters to choose from
  • Supports penny stocks from the OTC markets
  • No account registration is needed  


  • Only supports US-listed stocks 
  • A premium plan is needed to access pre-defined screening strategies  
Visit Zacks

What are Stock Screeners?

Stock screeners help investors find companies to invest in. They come with various filters, often covering descriptive, fundamental, and technical data points. For example, investors can find stocks based on the exchange, industry, sector, market capitalization, and current share price. After that, they can niche down into specific filters. 

For instance, financial ratios like the price-to-book and price-to-earnings, not to mention dividend yields, daily trading volume, and cash flow levels. Technical data points often include indicator readings, like the MACD, RSI, and moving averages. There are also free stock screeners that cover alternative data. 

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This includes AltIndex, which tracks consumer sentiment on Facebook, X, TikTok, Reddit, and other social networks. Ultimately, there are thousands of stocks in the US alone, and even more when including international exchanges. Therefore, stock screeners streamline the research process, as you can filter companies based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.  

Example: Suppose you’re looking to invest in dividend stocks. By using a screener, you might decide to focus on companies with a minimum dividend yield of 6% and at least five years’ worth of increased payments. You might also decide to focus on dividend stocks from the energy sector and a market capitalization of $5 billion or more.    

How to Choose the Best Stock Screener

There are many stock screeners in the market, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your financial goals and preferred markets. It should also offer adequate filters, allowing you to streamline the research process. 

Here’s what to consider when choosing a free stock screener that meets your requirements:

  • Data Type: Some stock screeners focus on fundamental research, such as quarterly performance, balance sheets, and income statements. Others specialize in technical readings, like moving averages and the MACD. Alternative data and social sentiment are another area to consider. Check what data points are covered before proceeding. 
  • Number of Filters: Ideally, you’ll want a stock screener that offers a wide range of filters. This will give you the best chance of finding suitable stocks for your portfolio. Some of the most popular filters include exchanges, industries, sectors, pricing, financial ratios, technical indicators, and trading volume. 
  • Supported Markets: We prefer free stock screeners that track a large number of global markets. This will give you access to a wild selection of potential investments. For instance, if you’re looking for penny stocks, use a screener that tracks the OTC markets. If you’re interested in foreign stocks, ensure the screener covers lots of international exchanges. Some screeners also support other asset classes, such as forex and cryptocurrencies.  
  • Pricing: All of the stock screeners listed on this page offer a free plan. However, most come with limitations, meaning you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for full functionality. It’s important to check what’s included with the free plan before proceeding. If you’re happy to purchase a premium subscription, make sure it comes with a free trial or money-back guarantee. 
  • Other Investment Tools: Stock screeners are best used with other investing tools, so check what’s available. For instance, AltIndex offers one of the best stock portfolio trackers, plus alerts, recommendations, and price predictions. Similarly, Stocklytics offers analyst ratings and price forecasts.  

Don’t forget, free stock screeners usually come with pricing delays. This is often 15 minutes behind real-time data feeds. This likely won’t hinder long-term investors, but it can be detrimental to day traders and scalpers. 


In summary, stock screeners are an important investment tool for beginners and experienced traders alike. They help you navigate through thousands of companies to find investments that align with your goals. 

Our research shows that AltIndex offers one of the best free stock screeners. It specializes in alternative data and broader consumer sentiment. Therefore, AltIndex’s screener is popular with investors who want to secure a first-mover advantage. 

Visit Altindex



Are there any good free stock screeners?

Yes, there are many free stock screeners but most come with limited functionality. One of the best is offered by AltIndex, which screens stocks based on alternative data and consumer sentiment. 

Are there any free real-time stock scanners?

Free stock screeners rarely offer real-time pricing, as this comes at a premium. There is usually a delay of just 15 minutes, which should be sufficient for most investors. 

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