IRS offering free in-person help for child tax credit, coronavirus stimulus check

IRS offering free in-person help for child tax credit, coronavirus stimulus check
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Congress approved the first stimulus checks in March last year. At the time, people had many questions about the stimulus payments, and the IRS did everything possible to answer those (considering it had limited resources then due to the coronavirus pandemic). Now, the agency is all set to send the expanded child tax credit starting next month. Similar to stimulus checks, people have a lot of queries regarding the CTC. This time, however, along with providing help online, the IRS is providing in-person guidance to individuals and families in claiming their child tax credit (and any missing coronavirus stimulus checks) in select cities across the U.S.

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In-person help on CTC and coronavirus stimulus check

The IRS is scheduled to send the first monthly payment of the expanded child tax credit on July 15. Similar to the stimulus checks, these payments are automatic. It means that those eligible don’t need to do anything to receive the payment.

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However, those who don’t normally file taxes, or their financial or family status has changed after filing taxes, need to provide their accurate information to the IRS. Moreover, there are a few eligibility requirements to get the child tax credit as well. Over the past couple of weeks, the IRS has also launched three online portals to help people claim the CTC.

All this could be confusing, and it is very likely that people have some questions or confusion over their eligibility for the CTC. Moreover, they may also have questions over how to provide information to the IRS and/or how to use the online portals that the IRS launched specifically for the child tax credit.

To help people, the IRS has made available all the information (including FAQs) related to the CTC on the Advance Child Tax Credit 2021 page at As per the IRS, this page has “the most up-to-date information about the credit and the advance payments.”

The IRS did something similar with the stimulus checks as well by providing all the latest information online. This time, however, the agency isn’t stopping there, but rather is going the extra mile by offering free, in-person help to assist people to resolve their queries related to the CTC (and stimulus checks).

More details on events

Last week, the IRS announced that it has partnered with nonprofit organizations, churches and community organizations. These organizations are helping the agency to offer assistance in 12 cities over two weekends – June 25-26 and July 9-10.

Yes, one weekend has already passed, but those who still have unresolved questions can make use of the next available weekend. These events will be held in the following cities: Philadelphia, Phoenix, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston and New York.

Such events are primarily for those who do not normally file taxes, but need to provide their information to the IRS so as to claim their monthly advance child tax credit. Additionally, those who want to sign up for the missing stimulus checks can also get help at the event.

For more details on the events, including location and timing, visit this link.

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