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Oil and equity correlation: Shift in supply side sentiment [link]

Don’t worry, self-driving cars are at least a decade away [link] via@Scobleizer

What I learned from losing $200 million [link] via @NautilusMag

Pitch: Long Nintendo [link]

Meet the guy behind Amazon’s brick-and-mortar retail plans [link] @DelRey

Investing by design [link] via @ChrisPavese

January edition of Value Investor Insight [link]

Graham & Doddsville — Winter edition 2016 [link]

Top 20 hedge fund manager list [link] via @JuliaLaRoche

Invest like a legend: Steve Eisman [link] via @NiallCMcGee

Why we’ll never see a Warren Buffett or George Soros again [link] via@NickVardy

Wal-Mart came, it saw, it conquered and low it;s packing up and going home [link] via @spettypi

Would you pay $36 a month for ESPN [link] via @pkafka

What’s going on with Bill Ackman’s Platform Specialty Products [link] via@blmsvalue

The crazy story of what really happened to Target in Canada [link] via@Joe_Castaldo

A simple way to think about a moat [link] via @Greenbackd (kind of)

Morningstar moats, key considerations [link] via @ChesapeakeCap

Meet the lower quality, lower margin Chipotle [link] via @BarbarianCap

Startup pays cash for homes, then flips them [link] via @RolfeWinkler

American Express — My thoughts [link] via @noyesclt

C’mon, bounce [link] via @MebFaber

Overview: LiLAC Group [link] via @Find_Me_Value

Woolworths [link] via @Fritz_100

Caution, teamwork trumped bravado for some hedge funds in 2015 [link] via @ldelevingne

Eric Jackson and SpringOwl’s 99-page report on Viacom [link]

Nelson Peltz’s Trian Partners already down 10% this year [link]

Greenlight Capital 4Q 2015 investor letter [link] via @valuewalk

7 of Wall Street’s top athletes share their rigorous workout plans [link] via @SallyPancakes

Deutsche Bank — A guide to the oil and gas industry [link]

Seth Klarman had its third down year in 2016 [link] via @JuliaLaRoche

Is Sum of The Parts worthless [link] via @oddballstocks

How stories drive the stock market [link] via @RobertJShiller

Bronte Capital Dec. 2015 letter [link] via @John_Hempton

Howard Hughes: Houston concerns creates an opportunity [link]

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