City Council Considers Giving COVID Relief Check From Denver Of Up To $1500

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Some Denver families may soon have cash assistance coming their way. The city is considering giving a one-time COVID relief check from Denver to immigrant and refugee families greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If the program is approved, more than 2,000 families could get a one-time COVID relief check from Denver of up to $1500.

Why Are They Considering This Program?

Denver’s City Council is considering a $3 million program to help immigrant families impacted by the pandemic, according to a report from CBS News. The city hopes that the money would help families pay for basic needs, such as housing, food, utilities, childcare or other bills.

Jamie Torres, Denver City Councilwoman, believes the aftermath of the pandemic is still visible, especially in immigrant families. If the program is approved, it could prove an important step in helping thousands of undocumented immigrants who were on the front lines at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When you think about COVID, it was also where we saw the most disproportionate COVID impact, so it’s no surprise these are the families that are still struggling,” Torres said.

Torres noted that the program to give a one-time COVID relief check from Denver is similar to the Left Behind Workers Fund. The fund, supported by the City of Denver and philanthropic partners, distributed about $38 million to people who weren’t legally eligible for federal aid.

“There are certainly families who work, who pay into that system, who don’t get to benefit from it and that’s who it was set up for. We know it made an impact, so being able to come back with ARPA dollars helps,” Torres said, according to CBS News.

Further, she noted that the new program won’t just help immigrants and refugee families, but struggling families with children as well.

One-Time COVID Relief Check From Denver: Who Will Get It?

If the new program is approved, families who didn’t get federal benefits such as stimulus checks and have at least one child under 17 years could get a one-time COVID relief check from Denver of up to $1,500.

Specifically, most eligible families would get a payment of $1,000, while some could get $500 extra depending on factors, including an inability to meet basic household needs.

Council will vote on the program on Monday, July 10. Once the program is approved, a group will be created to set up an eligibility site for those interested. The estimated timeline for the program is mid-August.

The program will use trusted community partners to screen eligible residents for the relief check. These community partners could use bilingual staff and/or interpreters and translators to reach the eligible residents.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs plans to use the services of Impact Charitable, a nonprofit organization, to distribute the one-time COVID relief check from Denver to eligible families.