Best 5 Online Quiz Makers in 2019: ProProfs, Lead Quizzes & More

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Quizzes are the bastion of promotion, surveying, and feedback gathering. They have proven to be one of the most powerful marketing tools, and their potential keeps growing by the day. While you can use an online quiz maker for just about anything, different quizzes that are designed with specific intentions in mind.

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To make sure you use this powerful tool to its fullest potential, it's key to understand its capabilities.

Quizzes can help you market your business, engage with your audience, collect and analyze feedback, or even survey your students. The potential is out there, and it's yours to seize.

There are a lot of online quiz makers, yet only a couple of them are both truly intuitive and highly effective.

Here, we're going to list five of the best online quiz makers that will help you take your surveying and quizzing needs to the next level.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs is a compelling online quiz maker that has earned a solid reputation in the administrative community. The program itself is aimed at educators who want to train, question and survey their subjects.

While this quiz maker was created for professors, corporations can also benefit from its use. It's a potent tool that will allow you to monitor your employees if you create an online quiz.

It has great analytical capabilities, so you can survey the results of the quizzes closely. Due to its simplistic approach and GUI, it's the ideal tool for more "serious" matters.

This online quiz maker is free to use and comes with over 1,00,000+ different predetermined factors you can fully customize to make it more specific.

Overall, a powerful tool, ideal for employee surveying and educators. It can also be used to build quizzes for business and social media marketing purposes.

Lead Quizzes

If you're looking for a good, stable, and overall versatile online Quiz maker, you've found it. A lead quiz is a powerful tool. It has been used for quite some time now and has received great praise.

Everyone can learn to use this program. The simplicity and elegant GUI of Lead Quizzes make the tool itself not only fun to use but surprisingly powerful.

Getting the combination of quality service with a beautiful workflow usually costs a pretty penny, but that’s not the case with Lead Quizzes.

Lead Quizzes offers its services free of charge, which includes quiz creation, and the use of a powerful real-time monitoring tool and analytics services.

The service is suitable for everyone who wants to create a quiz, business owners and educators alike.

Thrive Quiz Builder

While this is not the most popular option on this list, it’s among the most powerful ones. The Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create advanced quizzes without any prior knowledge of coding.

Removing the coding process and giving the quiz creation tool an easy-to-use GUI interface takes the complexity out of the creation process, yet still keeps the product advanced.

This combination is useful, especially when you're trying to promote your business. When it comes to quizzes, creating something exceptional, interactive, and attractive is the top priority.

All of these, and so much more, can be achieved with the Thrive Quiz Builder. Like all good things in life, though, this service is not free. It has a licensing fee, which you can purchase in bundles and which allows you to embed the quiz on your website.

It's the ideal tool for business promotion quizzes, but might be a little bit too elaborate for social media advertising or simple surveying.

Quiz Maker


Quiz Maker is a simplistic, straight-to-the-point online quiz maker. It’s by far the most accessible tool on this list, but don't let its simplicity fool you.

While it might be easy to use, it's a powerful tool that lets you create quizzes in mere minutes, without demanding any specialized knowledge.

It's the best tool if you're creating a fun, quick, and engaging quiz. There are numerous benefits from these types of quizzes, the main one being improved promotion and marketing.

While this might not be the ideal tool if you're looking to accumulate, refine, and examine data from your participants – it's the perfect tool to create a little bit of hype.

This simple tool makes the whole process pretty enjoyable. If you're looking to play around and test your quiz before perfecting it within a more complex tool, Quiz Maker won’t disappoint.

It's ideal for people who want a quick, good looking, and simple quiz. Additionally, the tool is free of charge, so you can create an endless number of quizzes.



Typeform is one of the most balanced tools on the market. It's effortless to use, yet provides some more advanced options if you're looking to create something more powerful.

While its streamlined look might seem a tad too basic at times, it's powerful coding makes it a relevant contender to any other online quiz maker. It's very detailed when it comes to options while retaining its creative simplicity.

It's the ideal tool for quiz creation if you want to create a balanced quiz that will engage your consumers, generate leads, and provide marketing options.


These are the best online quiz making tools we’ve come across so far. Since quizzes can be a versatile tool, we looked at platforms that allowed for the greatest amount of variety.

If you want to perform an employee survey, get ser feedback about your products, or just engage your audience on social media, these tools will do the trick.

They are all fairly intuitive while allowing you to be as precise and detailed as you like. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options.

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