iPhone 6 Plus Catches Bed On Fire While Charging

Another iPhone 6 Plus has apparently caught fire while it was charging. This time the person reporting the fire is David Grimsley, who said the smartphone was lying on his bed while it was charging and started shooting flames and sparks. Apple said it will send a replacement phone, but the man says he’s disappointed with how little concern the company showed regarding the incident.

iPhone 6 Plus Catches Bed On Fire While Charging

Image courtesy: Redmond Pie

iPhone 6 Plus catches fire while charging

According to Redmond Pie, the iPhone 6 Plus also ignited his bed, and Grimsley reportedly said he burned his fingers because of the fire. He said that he hoped Apple would have been more concerned about the incident beyond just replacing the phone. More specifically, he hoped that the company would have asked if he was burned by the fire or whether any of his other property was damaged as a result of it.

He added that he’s now rather nervous about plugging in the replacement iPhone 6 Plus and leaving it on a bed or any other surface that might catch fire because he’s worried that it will happen again.

Not the first iPhone to catch fire

However, it seems pretty unlikely that it will happen to the same person again. It’s sort of like how people say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. While we have heard multiple reports of various iPhone models catching fire, these reports are few compared to the size of the iPhone installed user base. Millions of people have iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, but probably not even a hundred of those have been reported to catch fire.

The other incidents have involved iPhones catching fire while in someone’s pocket or also while charging, just like Grimsley’s iPhone 6 Plus did. In one incident, an iPhone 6 bent inside a man’s pocket and burned his leg last year. In another, an iPhone 5c caught fire while in a teenager’s pants pocket. Still other incidents involved electrocutions, in some cases when using an iPhone while it was being charged.

Typically, Apple blames the fires on using chargers that are not Apple chargers or non-MFi charging solutions when an iPhone catches fire while charging. The tech giant claims that those non-Apple charging accessories don’t regulate power at the same levels its own chargers do.