Windows 9 Start Menu Will Look Like This [Screenshots]

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There has been a lot of chatter that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will bring back the Start menu with Windows 9. The software giant showed us a preview of the new OS during its Build developer conference in April. The newly leaked screenshots obtained by Myce show what the Start menu would look like when it arrives with Windows 9 next year.

The Windows 9 screenshots were taken on July 14

The development version of Windows 9 is still called Windows 8.1 Pro internally. The leaked screenshots show a two-column Start menu. It has Modern apps on the right, along with a blank white column on the left. The left-side column will display the recently opened apps. The new Start menu is clearly a merger between Metro and desktop apps.

Windows 9

The second screenshot has Windows Store running in windowed mode. Currently, the Store has a full-screen layout for Modern Windows apps. The software giant added minimize and close buttons to these apps with Windows 8.1 update. But it lacked the ability to run these apps in windowed mode. According to the calendar on the images, the screenshots were taken on July 14. That’s just a day after Microsoft released the Windows 9 ‘9795’ developer build.

Windows 9 faces a tough task

Previously, Microsoft had plans to bring the full-fledged Start menu with the second major update to Windows 8. But the company later decided to roll it into the new OS. Microsoft removed the Start menu with Windows 8 in favor of the Metro style apps. But desktop and laptop users still prefer it. So, the company is likely to approach a middle ground.

Windows 9 faces a really tough talk. The new OS has to right all the wrongs and create a friendlier environment for desktop and laptop users. Windows 8 severely damaged the reputation of Windows platform. If the next iteration fails to entice users, people are unlikely to give Windows a chance going forward.

On Monday, the Redmond-based company announced that it will consolidate most of its IT pro-focused events into a single mega-event, which is scheduled for May, 2015.

Microsoft shares gained 0.35% to $35 at 10:44 AM EDT on Tuesday.

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