Windows 9: Start Menu To Return, Rumored To Be Free

Windows 9: Start Menu To Return, Rumored To Be Free

The Microsoft Windows operating system is possibly the most successful piece of software in the history of computing. It is certainly the iconic package on which Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has built its reputation and status as the worlds biggest producer of computer software.

Windows 8 slated

That Microsoft has taken a bit of a battering recently, not least because its most recent iteration of the Windows operating system, Windows 8, could be reasonably described as one of the most disastrous software releases of all time. Battered critically and unsuccessful commercially, Windows 8 has proved to be something of a disaster for Microsoft, given that the controversial alterations that Microsoft to the Windows set-up were extremely poorly received.

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Additionally, Microsoft’s entire business model is being challenged by the evolution in computing which is currently unfolding. The rise of the cloud promises future in which hardware is considerably less important. And Microsoft’s attempts to become successful within mobile operating systems has been considerably less successful than their attempts to dominate the desktop market. Windows 8 was clearly an attempt to create a unified platform which served all modern competing systems, but ended up being jack of all trades and master of none.

Windows 9 to be massive overhaul

Thus, at this point in time Microsoft is seeking a panacea for Windows. Although public-relations dictates that the company has not officially ditched Windows 8, Microsoft has recognised that this software is irretrievable. Their solution to the problem would seem to be Windows 9, which is expected to be released at sometime during 2015.

The intention of Microsoft to overhaul its flagship operating system is indicated by the recent decision to cease mainstream software support for Windows 7. Given that this predecessor to Windows 8 is considerably more popular than the reviled update, it is clear that Microsoft needs to deliver something that its consumers actually want as a replacement.

Start menu to return

Naturally, Microsoft is keeping pretty quiet about the development of Windows 9. But a few things are known already, and there have been a few features leaks also coming out into the public domain. The first and most notable of these is that Windows 9 will feature a return of the Start menu. This was a frankly staggering omission from Windows 8, which caused Microsoft no end of opprobrium. It really is a no-brainer for them to reinstall this feature within the new Windows operating system. Microsoft has already showed off an early version of this hybrid Start menu at its Build developer conference in April.

Windows 9

Initially code-named ‘Threshold’, but likely to be released under the simple name of Windows 9, this latest Microsoft operating system will be intended to provide a unified platform for multiple devices while satisfying its core desktop audience. Thus, recent reports indicate that Windows 9 may feature the ability for the software to adapt depending on what device you’re using to operate it. It would appear that if this new version of Windows is running on a tablet or hybrid device, it will support switching between a tiled mode and standard desktop mode.

Windows 9 to be free?

With competing and software economic models constantly evolving, another possible innovative feature of Windows 9 will be the ability for users to purchase extra features as they require them. This subscription based format will be a massive departure from the norm for Microsoft, but wouldn’t draw comparisons with other software such as micro transactions within video games. It is mooted that the base Windows 9 operating system could be free, but that certain features would cost users extra.

In what will be viewed as an obvious response to the incredibly popular Apple App Store, Microsoft is also reportedly to connect all of his platforms considerably more closely and link them to a single App Store. Thus, Windows Phone, Windows 9, and Xbox One may become open to more intimate collaboration. At present, Microsoft has separate app stores for Windows Phone apps and those related to the Windows desktop operating system.

Contrary to previous media reports, Windows 9 probably won’t see the light of day until the second half of 2015. A reportedly leaked document published by tech blog Myce, and picked up on Business Insider, suggests that both Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 will launch between Q2 and Q3 2015. Microsoft will already be aware that this release will be of critical historical and economic importance to them.

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  1. For consumption, you don’t hold your hand up for more than 2 seconds at a time. Hence the ipad popularity. I’ll grant you that doing long term work requires something like a mouse. That’s why there’s an option of all inputs (even pen in some) on Windows. So, you can use handlebars OR steering wheels.

  2. That was a lie pushed by Sinofsky and the reality is the numbers on how many touch enabled monitors sold this year just came out, the result? 0.04%..that’s right, not even half of 1 percent. Laptops? 6%. That’s it, that’s ALL, just 6 out of every 100 laptops sold had touch, and this is despite MSFT and the OEMs pushing touch like mad.

    I want you to break out your stopwatch and set it for 5 minutes, okay? Now hold your arm straight out for 5 minutes…hurts don’t it? The reason why touch is a fail on PCs but not on tablets is because tablets are held LIKE A BOOK while the PC has a VERTICAL screen.. again its like saying because bicycles are the #1 transport in the world we should replace the steering wheel in a car with handlebars, its two different use cases that do NOT overlap.

  3. The design still works and I understand it’s a 50/50 but let’s just hope Windows 9 bring Windows back to fame. Besides I can’t be bothered typing a paragraph about a bloody operating system – there’s more to life than the next bunch of 1’s and 0’s ????:)

  4. Because it works. Metro might have use for phones but it is a total disaster for computers. Fanboys who can afford the latest toys liked it but the rest of us with a budget hate it. 8.1 at least lets one get back to work.

  5. The Gui is as important as what underneath. When all screens are touch then perhaps metro would be for everybody. But it sucks for most people and corporations who have thousands of screens it is cost ineffective. Many who have work to do do not care about the toys or what someone had for dinner. What we do care about is compatibility with the software we are already running. Not some new way to monetize the free items that came with it or any way to try to control what we do.

  6. This doesn’t allow HTML so blame the site for not allowing any styling other than caps or no caps.

    As for options…yes and how many people can find this? Can you name in 3 steps or less to a new user how to get to these options and configure them?

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because all the screencaps of Win 9 show its just Win 7 with some extra bling on the start menu so it looks like metro is going to be like MSBob, a punchline.

  7. They were trying to bring something amazing to their customers, If you ask me they were taking a risk and had no intention to upset their loyal customers. It’s 2014 and everyone wants to stick to a design made back in 1995 ????

  8. There’s no “like” in there, Windows 8 still uses the same functions as the previous Operating systems. It’s not broken, it’s just different. Regard that how you will but I believe in my opinion there’s a general improvement in there.

  9. That’s strange because there’s options within the OS to change the default behaviour of the power button. As for general respect I don’t expect anyone to show such disrespect over a discussion regarded relaxed and civil. Bring on the CAPS LOCK because someone over here is STRESSING over an Operating system. ????

  10. I was talking about what the Windows technet guys would need to do on a desktop… the win key. Then you changed it to consumers. The point is you can press any thing with a windows logo on it. It’s consistent and there are multiple input options.

    When that button/key is pressed the shutdown icon on the start screen gives a choice of either of those states.

    WIndows 8.1 is free to Windows 8 users so they can update.

  11. Then learn the correct terminology already, that is NOT a “Winkey”, the Winkey is a keyboard button introduced in 1986 with windows 2.0. What you are describing is the startkey which was only reintroduced with 8.1 NOT on Windows 8.

    And again you have obviously not spent any time with any OEM installs because that key can be set to do one of 4 things by the OEM depending on how they set the image. Its controlled by HKEY/LOCAL MACHINE and can be set to do shutdown OR sleep OR hybrid sleep OR hibernate.

    The information is on the Windows technet site, feel free to look it up.

  12. There’s a software windows key/logo where the start button used to be. Mobile devices also have a button on the bezel. Pretty sure you haven’t even used the thing now.

  13. LOL thanks I needed that. When a Windows designed for TABLETS can’t be shutdown without a Winkey? LOL massive fail, no wonder Win 8 can’t even beat WinXP LOL. BTW just FYI but nobody uses the Winkey, nobody knows the Winkey commands, you might as well be talking about bash scripts.

  14. I’m sorry but you apparently know very little about OEM Windows installs which use disc images set to how the OEM wants it. Thanks to this the power button can be set to power off, sleep, hybrid sleep, or hibernate and IT IS DIFFERENT depending on the OEM.

    This just makes the fact that finding something as simple as the power off switch in Win 8 that much more of a massive fail. At the end of the day numbers don’t lie and the public has spoken, Metro is a DO NOT WANT. And if MSFT does as is rumored and makes Win 9 online only? It too will be a massive fail and I will be looking for an exist strategy for myself and my customers.

  15. Now you sound like the average user: “Metro or desktop”, pick ONE. Why not embrace Windows 9’s choice of customizability.

  16. Companies are run by their consumers right? So when everyone moans for a change it’s their decision to fulfil their consumers needs? So when they do, the customer is supposed to moan? Must be a company thing.

  17. The OEM’s don’t have control over the power button function, however they have control over other buttons functions. By default, Windows is programmed to “communicate” once the power button is pressed. It’s default behaviour is to put the PC to sleep – this however is dependant upon your active power plan. You can change this function depending on whether your laptop is using a specific power plan. I understand your confusion but I can assure you that a company with the dominance in PC OS they will fix this all in Windows 9 :)

  18. I’m sure windows 9 will be good. Microsoft has a history of ‘changed OS’ then ‘improved OS’. 2.0-> 3.1, 95 ->98, ME/2000->XP, Vista->7, 8->9

  19. So how much do you make at Microsoft? Because if you were an actual USER you’d know that the power button can do one of several things depending on the OEM, it can 1.- power off, 2.- Put the unit to sleep, 3.- Put the unit into hybrid sleep, 4.- Put the unit into hibernate.

    Quick I’m rushing to catch a flight and my laptop does NOT shutdown when I push the button but go to sleep, in 5 words or less can you tell me how to get it shut down? Nope because its a POOR DESIGN. Win 7? Press Start,click Shutdown, I only needed 4 words.

    But don’t take MY word for it, here is what the user experience specialist at Neilson Norman had to say “Windows 8 is designed for content consumption rather than content production or multitasking. Whereas consumption can be easily done on other devices like tablets and phones, production and multitasking is still best suited to PCs. Windows 8 appears to ignore that”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  20. Your whole post shows just how computer illiterate you are… First, Norton ANYTHING is a complete and utter joke like McLaughee. Linux doesn’t have anywhere near the third party support of Win and Mac. And Google doesn’t make real computers. Enough said there. I currently run XP MCE. If I could find an acceptable display driver for x64 Professional, I would never upgrade to anything newer. Vista was a joke, 7 is a resource hog, and 8… Well, let’s just say I own a PC, NOT A TABLET.

  21. Modern devices are supposed to be always connected….ie rarely turned off. And they have a physical button to press. It’s been made easier since.

  22. They don’t want to do that. They want Windows 9 desktop to look like Windows Phone 9 so they’ll have to use Live Tiles. I don’t care. I like Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. The only problem is most consumers don’t prefer the Live Tiles interface. I think Microsoft should design it so people do have a choice by using some menu option. I happen to use Windows 8.1 most in Desktop View because that’s what i prefer but if it only had Live Tiles interface, I’d get used to it in time.

  23. I was wondering how Microsoft could make Windows 9 free, so they say you can order extra features as you need them. Like copying files, deleting files, launching applications are features you have to pay for. Base Windows 9 only allows browsing and opening files.


  24. “We’re going to have to blow the computer” — Airplane II The Sequel
    Seems people are putting Ubuntu on “locked” computers…try a keyword search…

  25. But still, you’re being evasive and disregarding my statement. The operating system still operates as it’s made to, the navigation has changed yet it is still functional. Therefor the operating system is not broken, it’s been enhanced and although some people consider these “enhancements” a bad improvement, they still have slight improvements from the previous OS. I guarantee you that Windows 8 has more pros than cons.

  26. Well it’s not that bad actually if i want to find anything like control panel or anything i can just use the search button on the charm bar which is the same as how i used the search on the start menu and windows 8 has dramatically increased my boot up time.

  27. Actually the reason Apple has little market share in the computer market is due to Apple being a closed system. Just anyone cannot make hardware for it, Apple must be in control…and they have a strict control on Software as well.
    Its all proprietary. And their OS is the same.

  28. Such a crock.
    Go read Microsofts vision, their 10 year plan. Its still on their website. There was nothing experimental about it. This is what they want, period, end of story and it includes making dekstops keyboard/mouseless and Windows 9 is showing they are incapable of actually listening to consumers…the metro UI will still be there, its security flaws and all, Windows Defender will be integrated into the core OS code like Windows 8 despite it causing so many needs for critical updates and being panned as the single worst decision any OS maker has EVER MADE by the biggest security gurus in the world…imbedded advertisements that cannot be blocked or turned off, forced online authentication via the Windows store…the list goes on and on and we only know a LITTLE about it.
    BTW, your ending is an embarrassment and reads like someone that was paid to post. There is nothing boundary breaking about a touchscreen UI being placed on an OS for desktop/laptops.

  29. well, killing, the ‘gotta buy all the parts-thing’ started when apple won that monopolizing suit back whenever that was…and, whozit decided that all the stuff that used to come free in the basic programming would now have to be paid for, like word, excel, etc. so, no, we will never really OWN our ms os..

    kinda like when they forced the breakup of att all those years ago…again, the monopoly-thing. they sure didn’t do the phone-using public any favors, and the same with the ms-thing, either. it took probably 30 years before the ‘new’ phone companies came anything close to being as dependable as att was!! i’ve noticed, this last 10 years, that att is slowly putting itself back together, what with one bell system buying another, then bought by a third, don’t see that happening to ms, tho….too bad.–

  30. stop changing the user interface just leave it as Windows 7 but tweak it a bit in terms of colour and contrast. The big thing that needs to be done is PERFORMANCE. Try to decrease the amount of resources needed and speed up boot time. if OS counts for less than 20% CPU usage for most PC then its great.

  31. Except you meant to say that in a different order since xp came before vista. it would be more correct to say vista features are taken for granted in windows 7.

  32. I plan on keeping my windows seven PC running as long as possible. With the news of Microsoft’s lay offs , I am not sure if I even want to purchase any more of their products. My first PC was a 486 that was running windows 3.1,I have been a microsoft guy for ages now but now I am not happy reading about their layoffs.

  33. I’ve only used Microsoft OS. The first time I looked at an Iphone I thought that it looked similar to Windows 7 with the desktop and taskbar. I thought that Microsoft would use something similar with a start button. I thought that this would be logical since most users are familiar with this setup. But Microsoft again thought that they knew what users would like and came out with the Windows 8 UI. I

  34. Sorry but WRONG. Things that took 1 click? Take 3, things that take 3? Good luck with that. I went to a site DEDICATED to operating systems to complain about how stupid some of the design choices were, like how shutdown was under settings, know what they said? “Oh so THAT is how you shut it down!”

    When nerds that spend their weekends installing OSes for fun can’t figure out basic tasks? Ur doin it wrong!

  35. I own a small business and all of my computers with Windows 8 work poorly – all of them. Only one of my computers still has Windows 7 and it works like a dream. If I can, I will avoid purchasing Microsoft products in the future – if for no other reason, for their complete lack of care for their loyal customers. If I purchased a copy of Windows 8 Pro I would have had the option of reverting back to Windows 7. So in other words, if I spent more money, I could go back to what I had before. This is incredibly insulting given that I already purchased the abysmal Windows 8. This software has cost me so much time and money it is ridiculous – and is still costing me both. I am looking into alternative software options and I sincerely hope that another company seriously steps-up and hits Microsoft while they are still reeling from their horrendous product, publicity nightmare, and insincerity towards their customers. This is how companies die. If they don’t believe it, ask other companies that were not willing to adapt or appreciate their customers, like Blockbuster and the countless other giants that have fallen from grace.

  36. i liked vista ,7 was vista with graphics and different words
    i.e harder to fix
    older gen just got use to the xp and it just looks like
    their bulding os’es to suit kids or to make it one big phone,
    who wants a touch screen os that is on a non touch screen monitor
    and its not a phone win 8 should only be on a tablet, or a xbox 360 update or xbox one
    win 9 should be on a tablet as a tablet edition and win 9 desktop/laptop edition for pc’s
    how hard is that.
    im on a win 8 laptop now and
    every time i move my mouse wrong
    it pulls up the blocks with the wheather.
    and hp said if i install 8.1 it will void my warranty
    P.S ANOTHER $200.00 OFF EBAY

  37. I have come to really like WIN8. I never knew how useless the start menu was until I installed Win8. I hate the metro part and never use it and the apps are totally useless. But I just boot straight to desktop and have everything I use either as a desktop shortcut or as a shortcut on the taskbar. They can just get rid of Metro and the terrible apps and Win8 would be the perfect OS for me.

  38. I did the same thing. I recently had to perform a complete reinstall of Windows 8 then updated to 8.1 and reinstalled Start8. I then realized one of the Windows updates must have made some dramatic improvements to the UI when in a Metro app. If you mouse to the top of the screen a min/max/close button set slides down and, voila, you don’t need ModernMix anymore. I tried the Win 8.1 Start Menu and it sucked. Start 8 is much better. If Windows 9 does indeed put back the Start Menu, I hope it’s more like Win 7 or Start8, not the Metro style shown in the picture above. Or at the very least, let the user decide.

  39. P S … I also need all my older software to work. I don’t need to spend more money for no reason but to support Microsoft’s friends.

  40. I just want the goddam OS to work without flash crashing and other stupid stuff and look like Win 7 everything else means nothing to me.

  41. Apple had very little market share for PC’s for two reasons: 1, Macs were always very expensive (I remember around 2005 when my husband bought a “Mac Clone” for “only” $5,000 because the “real” Apple Macs were even more expensive.); and 2, Microsoft’s aggressive marketing was extremely successful, as was their decision to stay out of the hardware business and thus multiple manufacturers would be using the MS operating system. As you know, the MS-DOS system for personal computers was created by Microsoft for IBM, and for some reason IBM released MicroSoft from exclusivity so when MS released their Windows overlay on DOS, they started marketing the OS to other manufacturers, which of course made machines that were cheaper than either Apple or IBM. IBM actually developed their own proprietary OS, called OS/2, and there was general consensus at the time that both the Apple Mac OS and IBM’s OS/2 were superior to MS-Windows. However, the MS marketing blitz (and the availability of the MS Windows system on much cheaper machines) gave MS a big advantage in terms of market penetration. MS famously marketed aggressively to private enterprise and government, and since the actual hardware was so much cheaper and cost was always an issue for both private and public enterprise, the bids went to the Windows-based machines. At that point in time, very few homes had even one PC; people were introduced to the PC’s through the workplace, and of course the machines that they used in the workplace were MS-Windows-based machines. As people began to buy computers for their own home use, they bought what was already familiar to them (surprise surprise), and the Microsoft monopoly was well on its way. MS also managed, by “bundling” the OS with proprietary software, to competitively squeeze out other software companies whose products were acknowledged by most users to be superior at the time:Netscape, WordPerfect, Lotus, etc. Thus, the MS near-monopoly was secure for two decades. The problem that MS finally encountered was getting sandwiched between the disruptive effects of mobile computing, thanks mainly to Apple’s iOS, and the rabidly ambitious & competitive Google.

  42. So have to log into Windows Store to get into my OS and then rent DX12…..yeah that won’t be happening, time to move to Linux.

  43. Kind of like Windows 8.1. You can easily customize it. Most people just dont take the time to figure this stuff out though.

  44. I’ve got a new laptop with Win 8.1 and I like it and don’t miss the Start Menu. The Metro apps can be shrunk to postage stamp size by clicking the arrow at the bottom, then select Apps by most used. All of them appear at the top left side of the page. Or you can use Search and just type in the first one or two letters of any app and its listed instantly to click on. You could also put all the shortcuts to your favorite apps into a folder on your desktop and pin that folder as a toolbar to the taskbar. You could go further and make sub-folders and really organize your shortcuts as well.

  45. Friendly FYI – Windows 7 is still supported until January 2020. It leaves “Mainstream” support in January 2015, just like how XP left it in April 2009.

  46. The “Operating System” is free.
    The codes that unlock your bucket are $189.99 per user! :D

    Years (decade!) ago, I saw a commercial about a “…new operating system called “Mojave…”
    My first thought was: “Well, it can’t be any more horrible than Vista!”.
    “…little do they know it’s actually Vista!”.

    Edit: I noticed an advertising in this article for Windows 7 for $119.99. Earlier I saw another ad for Win8 for $89.99. WTF? I can only wonder if the price reflects the true reliability of the products?

  47. That’s true, but as easy as was for 3rd parties to create any of the Start Menu replacement tools, shows how easy it was for Microsoft to fix it themselves. They could have ended all the complaints with a day’s programming work on a release for an official Start Menu. There’s no reason not to. Swipe from the right and you get the Metro start menu. Hit the start menu and it gives you the traditional one that’s been in use since Windows 95, or was it 3.1? Would have ended all the complaining and still left Metro.

  48. I agree. MS desktop was never optimized for touch. On the other hand, modern interface works fine on my non touch Samsung book 9 using mouse and touch pad. More importantly, I see very little added value on modern apps in general. They are mostly comprised of poorly written apps with reduced features/functions. This is mainly due to the crappy API’s that MS has forced down their dev’s throats. For tablets I much prefer Android UI.

    My comment is more for the user that wants to clear out the annoyances of modern interface, tiles and the not so great charms bar. W8.1 update 1 is a fantastic OS once you disable the damn charms and use classic shell to provide cascading start menu for each modern and regular apps. Once you see the modern and regular apps separated in a clean cascading (2001 XP) style you will see what I mean. XP’s start menu is surprisingly the best way to navigate apps.. even after all these years. And windows 8’s file manager is more like XP’s as well providing a up arrow and better format to navigate files. Windows 7’s start menu was a step backwards as well as its file manager. I really like my windows 8 set up this way. I have little faith that MS will make it as good as I have made it with windows 9. They will have a hybrid version of what they think a start menu should be which will emphasize tiles.. even putting tiles in the start menu which the article shows on the screen shot.

    People also keep asking for windows 7 start menu. Well the code for that is still buried inside windows 8 and the app startisback uses that same code.. bringing the user essentially the exact W7 start menu. So no need to reload windows 7. But like I said, IMO classic shell takes it a step further and brings you the best start menu that MS ever made, the one that shipped 13 years ago. Sometimes changing things just for the sake of making something different does not make it more productive. The charms bar is a failure on the desktop because it always wants to slide out when using mouse/touchpad when you don’t want it to. Non of this makes any sense unless you use the modern interface and that too is crippled with it’s horrid API’s that give us essentially crappy apps that have less functionality then those on desktop or android. MS can’t change the API’s now unless they ditch the whole modern interface. Which might happen being the usage stats are very low and windows phones have bombed.

  49. Rofl! Ohio, the red barrel state, the biggest sh1thole I’ve ever visited. You really are a foreigner to the United States. I’d be embarrassed to say I was from there.

  50. To add a few more pluses on windows 8: You can now do TRIM on your ssd manually. Watch TRIM live in action.

    Windows 8 now occupies a smaller footprint 15GBs (I’m not talking about fresh install) includes updates on my c: as compared to 7 with 35GB

    Not trying to be fanboyism or what just stating the facts. I still love my XP. In terms of technology and security XP probably lose. But it comes to productivity XP pwn all 3 –> Vista, 7 and 8.

  51. Hi, I’m a die hard xp user. Recently I tried Windows 8.1. The overall experience in explorer feels much snappier than 7. Kind of reminds me of windows 95’s reaction speed. I installed classic shell to get back the start menu then enabled quick launch. I also got a registry hack to “disable auto arrange”. But a pity that the hack isn’t perfect (gotta execute “disable auto arrange” individually for each folder what a chore). Probably the biggest plus for 8 is it includes a tool to mount your .iso on right click. That means you’ll no longer need Alcohol 120% to mount your image.

    I’ll certainly recommend 8 over 7 to those wanting to upgrade. After the tweak I felt like I’m using windows 98 :)

    I hope windows 9 brings back my belove “disable auto arrange” Please microsoft will ya listen?

  52. Windows 7 is losing its support on ‘January 13th, 2015’… That’s only in about six months time… After that, you’ll be on your own like Windows XP users. You might at least want to consider a good anti-virus software, like ‘Norton Security Suite’, if you do not already have one… I am still using XP and was going to buy a computer with Windows 7 until I read that 7 support was going to also end… I am glad that I didn’t waste any more money on Microsoft’s scam. My next computer will be a Chromebook… or maybe a ChromeBox PC. IF I get one and set up an exterior hard drive that is compatible with LINUX, I might have all that I, myself, really need.

  53. make it $30 for people on 7 and free for people on 8 and 8.1. Allow it to be used on any machine regardless of hardware changes. All you should have to do is deactivate it and reactivate it on the new hardware if you change. Then charge $30 per license on your account. Either that, or make it $9 a month for up to 5 computers just like Office 365

  54. Going to stop selling most if not all versions of 7 in Oct of this year, drop mainstream support in January of next year. Win 9 not due out until 2nd quarter of 2015, so I either have to stock up on all versions of 7 or after October start moving everyone to some version of Linux. Just because they get paid big money doesn’t mean that they are smart enough to take care of the customers.

  55. We still have the steering wheel,the accelerator and brake are in the same position, so the basics are there. Windows 8 was like using a joy stick to for steering, a paddle for braking and a twist throttle instead of accelerator.
    Under the hood can change, but the actual operation does not need to. If the end user cannot find the tasks then it is a fail. GUI is to sallow the end used convenience and speed.
    So the technology moves on. A while ago the French had a nice little fighter but the designer decided he would change the controls from standard to custom. Crashes resulted. Windows 8 does that.

  56. At the moment the only Win9 features that interest me are a real Start Button, the Start Menu, and the ability to completely opt out of all touch-screen functionality and the Metro UI. Offer touch-screen functionality and the Metro UI as add-ons through the app store and I’ll reconsider whether or not to upgrade from Win7. Also, I suggest for a company struggling to regain public confidence a nickel-and-dime-your-customer-base strategy has a high probability of being self-defeating.

  57. The problem with microsoft is they do not listen, every time they come up with a new operating system they put it out for testing to various users around the world, In the case of windows 8 like windows Vista, they were told it was not ready and not going to play well with others, they chose to ignore the honest advice given by the very people needed to support them and they failed. No matter what MS says, Windows 8 was a very poor attempt at fixing Vista which in itself was a very poor attempt at fixing ME. on the other hand XP was probably the most successful operating system to date, Windows 7 was based on XP and is a reasonable replacement for same, if windows 9 is nothing more than an upgraded windows 7, is it worth the hassle of the change? I recently bought my very first full size computer with the Android operating system. while a little difficult for this old dog to learn new tricks, I have to say that Android will be the winner in time unless MS gets its head out of a dark place and starts giving us the speed and accessibility we need in today’s world, they will go under. Last point for Android, hold the mouse over browser icon on desktop, hold tennis ball 30 inches above floor, drop and click at the same time and Android will be on line before the ball hits the floor. Windows will barely be started to go to the first start page. No comparison needed. All things have their day, while MS broke new ground and had an oportunity to create a new world their way, they got greedy and the competition has passed them. For the record, personnaly, I have never considered Apple to be a threat to any other system, they just do not count.

  58. Not clueless. It is that metro sucked. I am not interested in what someone else thinks is cool. I want to get to my programs. I do not want to waste time and I want to be able to use older programs so I do not need 3 computers just for programs that worked well but are not compatible with the new gee whiz bang OS.

  59. Same thinking. I have windows 7 & windows 8.1. I hate the cloud. I do not like using email address to log in to the computer,nor the fact that the games are missing on 8.1. Like with XBOX I am not happy with a system that is designed to nickle and dime me out of money.
    Businesses do not like having to rebuy programs because they are not backward compatible. With the bigger and better and faster computers backwards compatibility is not that big of an issue.

  60. Sorry,you’re an epic fail,lol. I live in Ohio and your reply to my original comment consists of more mindless babble in contrast to the intelligent truth I posted,Oh well!Have a great day,sir!

  61. Desktop doesn’t work very well on my touchscreen tablet… it’s not so amazing. Each interface has it’s place, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t all be in the one device.

  62. A free basic OS, then you get to buy a subscription to use a printer, the internet, or any other thing you actually have a computer for.

  63. Why would you touch your screen if it’s not a touchscreen? Just stick to the desktop. Metro is there for convertible tablets. Most of the things you mention are optional or can be changed with a little research. The cloud is convenient, but you don’t have to use it….I’d avoid ChromeOS if you don’t like it.

  64. It’s different. But after learning a few minor gestures, everything is clear. MS should have had more instruction videos on launch.

  65. I want apps on my Surface tablet! And then I want to use the desktop when I plug it in to my dock with keyboard/mouse/monitor attached. Microsoft have recently taken on 30,000 new employees when they bought Nokia. They’re just consolidating with those job losses. But they’ll still employ more people than they did a year ago.

  66. Apple is going the way of making iOS enterprise friendly. It will need a mouse/keyboard and probably some sort of desktop for that. Windows 8 has opened the door for convertible PCs… both desktop and tablet….which no matter what the sales are right now are the future of the industry IMO.

  67. The metro interface was brought in because people (and OEMs) complained that Windows wasn’t touch screen friendly…..and couldn’t be used on tablets and convertibles. The desktop is still there (steering wheel) and bar a few feature changes 8 can be made to look just like 7. With a small amount of money, it can be made to behave exactly like it. But that will be the default in 9.

  68. I think they were going for consistency….ie no matter what device you use Windows would work the same way. It was an experiment that backfired but they knew Windows 7 was there if it did. Now they’ll get it right with Windows 9. Personally I applaud them pushing the boundary and unfortunately many influential people swayed the masses from embracing new ways.

  69. Meanwhile, Linux users around the world enjoy secure, stable, and free software. With versions capable of running on hardware ranging from 386/486s to the newest 64-bit systems, plus olds and new Macs, and large free software libraries for many versions, everyday users do everything Windows users do…except worry about viruses and how to pay for a new computer every time Microsoft brings out another bloated and buggy operating system.

  70. It all started with 2000. Everyone knows the pattern.

    Windows 2000: Good
    Windows ME: Bad
    Windows XP: Good
    Windows Vista: Bad
    Windows 7: Good
    Windows 8: Bad

    8.1/RT are not counted as they are upgrades/counterparts. 9 should fix it, hopefully, or else I am either sticking to 7 or moving to Linux.

  71. Windows 8 is an awful OS and anyone who is sane would agree. Sadly, I am stuck with it as my Asus laptop is LOCKED with it, meaning there is a boot lock that prevents me from installing anything else, and its hard coded like that. So 8/8.1 is required. Ugh…

  72. I tried an experiment using 3rd party software tools available, could I duplicate the Windows XP / 7 feel and look in Windows 8? So between RocketDock and ClassicShell and some other programs that span multiple operating systems I came pretty close.

    I found these drawbacks using Windows 8
    1) Cannot set detailed desktop colors like previous versions
    2) Does not have traditional backup and restore as in previous versions
    3) Icons have box around them, I have yet to eliminate without going to extreme measures
    4) Renamed “My Computer” to “This-PC”. What was MS thinking when they did this?
    5) Windows 8 changed system icon files. Did they get bored with the old ones?

  73. When this desktop I am using right now crashes, I will not buy another Microsoft product. I have windows 7, my granddaughter’s laptop has windows 8 and I absolutely hate it. My son has vista on his desktop, is okay with it. My nephew has xp so now no updates. I read somewhere that Microsoft is thinking about actually making Microsoft office/student so you have to renew it every year. Many students have to use laptops for different school programs and now they want us to renew every year. May as well suck it up and buy apple and just be done with it. My son and nephew both have bought laptops in the last couple of months. My son looked until he found one with windows 7. My nephew got one with windows 8.1. Neither one of them would have bought a computer if they had to get it with windows 8.

  74. Screw MS, getting sick of their BS.

    The desktop market is not the same as the mobile market. Those that owned PCs just for internet use are no longer buying them, they are buying tablets or using their smart phones for it.

    The desktop market is now back to those that actually fully use them and OSs design with touchscreens and mobile devices in mind have no place being on them…not even Apple does this crap.

  75. Tiles are for mobile devices, not desktop/laptop PCs.
    It was a stupid move by MS motivated by their “vision” that everyone wants everything the same. Where my “profile” is on the cloud, and once I sign into a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone (through MS servers of course) it will show all my stuff all while wanting to remove the need to ever have to type or click again…that’s right, they expect everyone to get a touchscreen and a mic and stop using the keyboard and mouse.
    Well, their vision does not suit my PC owning needs. I do everything on my PC, I am not just some internet surfing, social network using mouth breather.
    Talking and touching a screen will never be as productive as typing/mouse. I can type 2 1/2 faster than I can talk and I sure as hell would NEVER ever want to talk so damn much to do all the things that I need to do even IF I could talk that fast…

    OSs are supposed to be non-intrusive. They are there to just display and allow you to DO. When they start adding more to do basic things, they are not doing their job anymore.

  76. Funny because the % of people that own and like Windows 8 are around the same amount of people that watch the Kardashians…

    The fact you had to ridicule people that don’t agree with you proves that you are the lowest common denominator in the equation.

  77. Actually what you are doing is whining. What consumers are doing is voicing their opinion about how this horrible piece of software is effecting the products they are paying for.
    And no, change for the sake of change is not a good thing. The change must make sense or should be stopped.

    Windows 8 should have been a mobile only OS. Not even Apple makes the same OS for the mac and the iphone/ipad. They are two different markets with two different consumers that have two different needs.

  78. Yes MS had a reason for the change, mobile devices.
    Apple’s PCs had little market share for a reason, their OS. So MS making a change towards Apple’s OS was double moronic because Apple’s OS is Unix based which makes it open-ended while Windows is a fully locked down OS.
    Made no sense either way. MS should have made an entirely different OS for mobile devices.

  79. I’ve been building desk tops since Windows 95, Windows 98? had to happen. Widows 2000 Pro? I ran it on my office system for 6 years. Millennium? disaster. XP? yes. Vista?????? it ran slower then XP on a dual boot system. Windows 7? they finally got it right. Windows 8? I played with it on a desktop for 6 months, back to 7.
    Dropping support for Windows 7 is insane. Windows 9? Since over the last couple of releases of new operating systems that actually work has been every other one, If the put the desk-top back where it should be, it should work.

  80. You never understood because you are not a power user, just another mouth breather that used his PC for the internet and email.
    An OS is supposed to be about usability and be as LITTLE obtrusive as possible. And what are your driveling about with Metro being the start menu, the start menu was around 10 years before the Metro interface even came about.

  81. So? If it works, why change it? Microsoft must have had a reason fir the radical change. The Apple OSX “works” — so it gets little tweaks to make it work better. So?

  82. But see, flip phones still exist as an option to him. Windows 8.1 is terrible and there isn’t really any options within it to un-terrible-ize it. (I’m not getting into that debate, I’ve been using Windows for 20+ years)… Point being, is that your point actually is exactly correct, except, your dad would be Furious if all of a sudden “regular flip pones” were all upgraded and did not exist anymore. You might want to re-think your comment…

  83. Obviously, you’re not an American as you don’t know what you’re talking about, whatever backwater country you come from. It is because of us “American whiners” that windows is a good system to begin with, no matter how backwards you people are.
    1. We forced them to bring back the start button. A much needed and missed control.
    2. It now boots to desktop. This is what we liked, don’t change it again.
    3. More start screen and start options.
    4. Better search. A universal search instead of apps search
    5. Snap Views
    6. More changes than I can name in a post.
    And this is not normal, it was a result of customer complaints that everyone has made on many products, whether Microsoft or not. Calling people whiners and crybabies shows what a fool you are for following a flawed product. I’ve been with MS since 3.1. Windows 98, Millenium, XP, 7 were all great products. Vista, Win8 sucked. Because of us “American whiners” people like you in your lesser countries can enjoy better products and not have to settle for any of our scraps like spoon fed babies.

  84. It’d be nice if they would make how it looks OPTIONAL. Then people could just pick how they want it. It’s not like it would cost the company a lot and it would make them far more POPULAR. That would make it far easier for them to SELL and make money.

  85. While I do advocate and use Windows 8, I do have to point out that the feature you described (clicking on the folder icon, and then instantly searching your files) was already part of Windows 7.
    The only real change (contrary to phillyroll’s statements) in Windows 8 was the inclusion of the Metro UI, which can be easily and quickly replaced with a classic Start menu using programs such as Classic Shell.
    In my experience, I have found Windows 8 to be far faster than Windows 7, and I even found the Metro UI bearable. However, having said that, I am currently running Classic Shell because I found it a touch jarring to have the Start screen filling the entirety of the monitor.
    If phillyroll actually took the time to use the OS, I’m sure that he would find that Windows 8 is very similar to 7 (with the exception of the aforementioned performance upgrades).

  86. except since OS X 10.0 the UI has changed very little, and only enhancements have been added. The basic experience and how to use OS X has not changed in the slightest. Dock, global menu bar, apps in applications folder, home for your stuff, etc… Only additions, never a complete overhaul.

  87. As much as many tech-minded people would really, really wish it weren’t so, most users are tragically mouse-driven. They just refuse to learn to use the keyboard. It’s retarded, but when it’s the majority of your customers, you have to accommodate them, at least to some degree.

  88. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” The person that said that was one that had no vision for a better future, and no understanding of the concept of incremental progress. Or progress in general. It’s a ridiculous saying that only serves to protect those too afraid to change.

  89. For those of you that think changing everything for the sake of change is great, and you think Windows 8 is so awesome you are welcome to stay with it. For me I still use a screwdriver to install a screw into something and not a hammer to drive it in! Generally what Windows 8 has become is a Rube Goldberg machine….you have to get the dog to walk to turn the wheel to saw the log to kick the shoe to lift the candle to burn the string to drop the axe to lower the bread into the toaster. It is way to over complicated to the point of being stupid!! There is no reason to hid the shut down icon, other then to make familiar users frustrated and frankly the of the idea of tiles and scrolling is to say everybody as some sort of attention deficit disorder. The reason why people like a start menu it puts everything in one very small area…so why is that so hard to figure out?? Frankly any of you fans of Windows 8 apparently have been missing your dose of Ritalin because many of us don’t really need some pointless huge tile icon to know what we want to click on….it is called paying attention! Frankly I think most of you kids that claim to have ADHD or ADD just fail to apply yourself to learning that reading and paying attention to what is in front of you is your bigger shortcoming! You want what you want so fast that you fail to see how bloated and sloppy the world becomes when you ignore the details! My grandfather always said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and apparently the engineers at Microsoft look at something and say to themselves “How do we break this then cover it up?” Of course there is a lot to be said by the saying “Keep it simple…..stupid” as well….and generally speaking Microsoft has never understood that logic either! On my old XP machine (like the Windows 95 and ME systems I have owned) I took the start menu and streamlined the snot out of it! I put all my “communications” in a start menu folders labeled “Communications” (in example: Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, AOL (when I was a member), ICQ (again when I was a member), Yahoo Messenger, and so on) and deleted all other shortcuts. Frankly I see no good reason to have six shortcuts to Internet Explorer when two (or maybe three) are plenty. I would do the same thing to all my other start menu items…so tell me about how I “lack vision” for technology! In fact most folks got on my computer and at first they were blown away because my start menu was incredibly small…and most folks couldn’t grasp the idea of deleting icons that were redundant! I had one friend that was freaked out at first while using my computer because the start menu on mine was so much smaller then his stock unaltered menu. But after I told him “Just go where it says” he got the idea very quickly of how to use my system! All my AV (Audio Video) stuff was in one folder which included: Winamp, Real Player, Media Player, and a few other editing programs. I have never understood why Microsoft seems to think we need more then two icons per program EVER!! Keep it freakin simple…..STUPID!

  90. For me I am tired of handing over my hard earned cash to Microsoft! Face it $200 to $400 for a new OS, that is at best a crap shoot if it works with my hardware or not is a kick in the teeth to say the least! Then you figure an office program like MS Office is anywhere between $200 to $600 as a small business owner I have much better things to do with my time then relearn how to run my computer then have to spend more time to retrain myself with a costly office program to boot! Frankly I can’t sit at my computer 24/7 as I have both things to do for my business working for my customers, and then I have a personal life as well! The last thing that should be on my mind should be “Where do I find the shut down button?” and scrolling through a bunch of silly “tiles”! Sorry folks but I can read…and it is far easier for me to see the “E” icon and read “Internet Explorer” next to it and know I am clicking on the right program or not. Frankly too I don’t want to spend hours pinning and unpinning things to my “desktop” then top that with the fact I have a keyboard and a mouse for a reason! I really don’t want to touch my screen and run the risk of getting it filthy or even scratching it! I use my computers to buy and sell things, I use my computers to create databases, and customer invoices and contracts, but my use of computers don’t end there either. I use my computers to watch movies, listen to music, play games, edit photos, music and videos. I draw at times and it is fun to use my computer to paint the drawing and then maybe print it off or turn it into a video slide show. In general I don’t really have the time to sit there and scroll, scroll, scroll, on and on…I just want to point click and move on! After all it is hard enough to scroll through roughly 10,000 music files to find a song I am looking for without having to scroll through the find my Windows explorer UI! Ok so I am not a huge fan of paying money to get cloud service either! I have other things to do with my cash and paying somebody to store my stuff isn’t top on my “to do” list. And with that Microsoft can keep their Cloud Drive crap too! Besides you can’t trust them to build software that isn’t first full of annoying bugs and secondly is seemingly hacked by some 10 year old in India! So how can you really trust that Microsoft is going to keep your data safe on their cloud service? Sorry folks I am not a fan of having my stuff stored God knows where and who is likely to end up with my personal information on some computer that may or may not be in China! If you are dumb enough to store your stuff on a cloud drive…then know that somebody somewhere is already probably figuring out a way to hack it which is the only logical conclusion you can come up with when you think about it. After all Bill Gates himself got hacked by a 15 year old in the UK and as funny as that may be it shows how serious the Microsoft “Security” is lacking! So just a little heads up and some common sense here tells me already anything that says “CLOUD” is probably going to be one large problem in the end, and for me I plan to avoid it like the plague just like Windows 8!

  91. That’s because each even release is a complete overhaul to introduce new stuff. Each odd release actually gets that new stuff right :>. There was a ton of stuff that was introduced in Vista that people just kind of take for granted in XP. It’ll be the same way with 8. The stuff will be there in 9, but will finally be integrated properly such that it won’t spit in your face every time you use it.

    But the Apple-head who wrote the article seems to think all signs point to a complete overhaul lol. Particularly given they’re probably like less than a year out from launch. Even if they wanted to do a complete overhaul.. they neither have the time or the resources. Right now all hands are on deck making everything with the UI work as smooth as it does in 7, particularly on desktops, while retaining all the stuff 8 added.

    The idea being… upgrading from 7 or 8, to 9 will be as easy as pushing a button and give you that Windows 7 feel, while possibly being free. I would not be surprised if the marketing was centered around that.

  92. “The intention of Microsoft to overhaul its flagship operating system is indicated by the recent decision to cease mainstream software support for Windows 7.”

    How do you even have a job when you make asinine statements like that?

    How do you not know that all Windows releases have their ‘end of mainstream support’ set in stone from the time they are released? Nobody sat around recently and made some decision to suddenly end mainstream support for Windows 7. Its been that date since the day Windows 7 was released. As such, your entire logic that Windows 9 is going to be a complete overhaul is hideously flawed.

    If history has shown us anything, its that Windows 9 *will not* be a complete overhaul. That comes in the even number releases. The odd releases take everything they fucked up in the Even Releases, fixes it.. and stabilizes everything, even if that means taking a slight step back. So they can come out and go… ‘this is the one that works guys!’. They *do not ever* completely overhaul the odd releases.

    Whats Windows 9 going to be? Its going to be Windows 8, with the complete ability to work as if it were Windows 7, while providing the ability for the customers to use the mobility *as needed*. Their endgame here is they need to convince the corporations and people that have sat out 8 that upgrading to 9 will be Super Duper easy(and maybe free) and everything that worked in 7 will work exactly the same, but with the better security. Meanwhile, if you want the new apps and stuff.. the functionality is there and ready to be used.

    Or ya.. they can follow this guy who believes they’re going to perform a complete overhaul for windows 9.. somebody fire him already, he has no business ‘reporting’ on Windows.

  93. @ Christopher Morris. If you’re going to write about IT then know what your writing about, Stop conning readers, with all this M$ windows crap.

    Quote:- The Microsoft Windows operating system is possibly the most successful piece of software in the history of computing.

    Reply:- It’s NOT even close to being a successful piece of software Period. The most successful piece of software in the world don’t go to Bill Gates and Microsoft, far from it, The only success Microsoft has made is making every windows users life miserable with the countless viruses, malware, spyware, not to mention windows systems crashes,

    The most successful piece of software the world will ever know goes to Linus Benedict Torvalds for his creation of Linux Open Source Operating System
    Software Every persons life in the modern world depends on Linux a 100% daily. Including Bill Gates, Microsoft and Apple Period……

    Linux is everywhere, if you look for it. Write about the Free Linux operating system that runs 486 of the top 500 worlds fastest computer Write about how NASA is exploring Mars and the outer reaches of the universe using Linux,

    Linux is used In america here.
    U.S. Department of
    U.S. Navy Submarine
    U.S. Federal
    Aviation Administration
    U.S. Postal Service
    U.S. Federal Courts
    New York Stock Exchange
    Garden Grove, California
    Largo, Florida
    Novell (M$)
    Virgin America
    Burlington Coat Factory
    Raymour and Flannigan
    IBM iDataPlex.

  94. And think about this. Gnome 3 and Unity (Which was a huge shock to the Linux community) looks better than Windows 8.

    Microsoft lost a lot of users of their OS’s. they will also have to ditch metro, and go back to the windows 7 look and drop the price of the full version to $100 and the upgrades to $25 to win back the users.

    They really screwed up with W8

  95. From this screen shot I do not like MS’s hybrid start menu with different tile sizes. I have found a more productive way by just installing classic shell. With that there is an option to use XP style start menu which was even better then the one used in windows 7 with its sub menus. Classic shell divides the modern and regular apps in a simple cascading style with small icons.. Bam, I can find things so much quicker this way without leaving the desktop. I also put the settings icon on the taskbar. Once you do that there is no need to have the charms bar pushing out unexpectedly like it wants to do.. damn annoying. Classic shell has a option to turn off the charms.. oh thank god. You set up W8.1 update 1 like this and I can guarantee it will be more functional and productive for desktop users then W 9 will be. Obviously one needs to take the time to re associate all the modern tile defaults to desktop ones as well like pdf, picture viewers, movie viewers etc.. Almost bought the startisback app but now realize that classic shells XP feature for cascading apps menu is superior. Its the best of all the stuff under the hood for W8 and having the productivity of XP. Just do what I did and W8 will give you zero problems.. You won’t be using modern unless you want it. And the charms won’t bug anymore as well.

  96. Your statements are false.There has been only one update that has changed anything with Windows 8 and that was the update that changed it from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and that was released only because of the American whiners and crybabies.Windows 8 was not changed in any other way except by that one update.Other updates that have been released were to enhance it’s security and functionality,but without changing the os.This is normal for any Windows operating system to recieve these type of updates.

  97. the problem forom microsofyt all its software are easy to get infested with malware and virus.that way lawless Obama can stop or spy its political critics.i thinf will look if Linux is safer.i only use blackberry in smartphones for safety

  98. Microsoft softwate 8 7 and 9 are bad software.too easy for walware and virus to invade computer I think will like to know if Linux is safer than microsoft

  99. I’m afraid you are misinformed as you have never used “Longhorn”, most likely have never even seen Longhorn unless you went to the BUILD conference in 2004, because longhorn was the FIRST replacement for XP, based on XP, that was CANCELED in 2005 because they tried to bolt too much new tech like WinFS to it and it was waaay behind schedule.

    What became known as Windows Vista was the SECOND attempt and was NOT based on Longhorn or XP but instead based on Windows Server 2003 (which gave us the excellent XP X64) that they bolted a ton of DRM and bling bling and “are you REALLY sure?” dialog boxes to that tied a boat anchor to performance and THAT became what is known as Windows Vista.

  100. A magnifying glass at the right side of the screen, which, when you click on it, gives you a search space into which you can type whatever you’re looking for, and it comes up instantly? Wow. What a brilliant idea. Apple calls it “Spotlight” and I agree, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. Another way in which Windows 8 resembles OSX. Amazing.

  101. Steve — let me guess — you’ve got a MacBook. Either a MacBook Air, or a newer MacBook Pro with solid state drive. Am I right?

  102. Windows 8 reminds me of Apple’s OSX, which also does NOT have a “start” menu. Instead, it has an icon-based menu bar (called the “Dock”) across one edge of the screen (either at the bottom or at the side), plus a screen called “Launchpad” that you can pull up by clicking on the Launchpad icon on the dock. Launchpad has icons for all the major programs and some minor ones. Then there’s something called “Finder,” which is sort of like the old Windows Explorer except different; you also access Finder from the Dock. You can put anything you want from Launchpad onto the Dock, just by dragging-and-dropping (it stays in the Launchpad screen also). So basically the “start” menu is equivalent to the Dock plus Launchpad plus Finder, and much of it is icon-based. And there are little “search” fields all over the place if you need to find something in a different way (and a super search field called “spotlight” at the top menu bar that lets you easily find what you need no matter how disorganized your files and folders might be). As I said, Windows 8 is reminiscent of OSX, except it uses tiles instead of icons, and the home screen is sort of equivalent to the Launchpad screen. Once I saw the ads for Windows 8, I knew it would be a flop. Most people don’t like change. They get comfortable with what they have and what they know, and they just don’t want to change. Microsoft was trying to achieve integration of the PC and mobile operating systems, which is also a goal of Apple. Even Google’s goal is to achieve integration of Android with Chrome. The need for this kind of integration is obvious (to me), but for most people, change is hard.

  103. If I replaced the steering wheel in your car with bike handlebars, adding NOTHING positive to your car driving experience but a LOT of downsides, just so the car company could push bikes, would you be happy? Should i tell you to just “embrace the innovation” which was designed NOT for you but for the enrichment of the company?

    Well that is EXACTLY what you sound like when you spw that insanity. People don’t want winPhone, people don’t buy wintablets, trying to force us to use WinPhone because they let Apple spank them in mobile is a MASSIVE FAIL.

  104. What’s with all the periods? Learn to write coherent sentences with a subject and a predicate. Windows 9 will better because win8 sucked ass.

  105. “Whiner”. These are the labels blind followers use if you disagree or don’t like something. Resisance to change is blindly following junk put out and accepting it even if the whole world knows it sucks. We made MS change this stupid ui, you didn’t. You would suck on anything MS put to your mouth. Another easily led tool of win8.

  106. I strongly suggest installing classic shell. It has a setting that uses XP style start menu. One for apps and another for modern programs that cascade out in small icon format like XP. Which was the best start menu. Windows 7’s uses sub folders which was a step backwards. So with classic shell you can open any app from start menu. And with update 1 on W8 you can close that app hitting the X on top.. and effectively never see the side to side tiles. The only bad think is you still have to use the charms bar for settings. In fact, the whole idea of the charms bar is really annoying. MS fixed everything but that bad boy. For now, I just pin the settings icon to task bar and turned off the charms bar in the classic shell settings.. Oh yeah, that charming bar was not so charming.. I killed it.. :)

  107. yup!!…..8 is a neat perturbation….it is much faster than 7….and locations and access are different…..but its fun to learn different and new stuff..

  108. agree….8 is way fast…. i really like it…..people are so unable to change and then whine way too much …for no reason….all windows features are there..just not where you are used to looking…so LEARN something new..and much faster..

  109. What are you talking about? Longhorn was an OS they were working on before Vista and they basically dropped out of it completely after many years of development. Vista was a 18 month rush job to get something out and yes, it was not ready but MS had to get something out being they were way behind.

    The features in Longhorn never saw the light of day. That entire project was axed. Windows 8 had the same issues as Vista being it was not ready. Now with 8.1 update 1 its far better and is what should have shipped day one. This is MS’s biggest mistake. Vista also got better but the perception of it being bad was set in stone. MS will also have to move ahead to windows 9 because of users perceptions.

    Personally, I really like how classic shell works for W8.1 It has an option to roll out apps in XP style format. One for apps and one for modern programs. In small icon format very easy to pick out. So much better then the full page layout with tiles that update. Some might like the updating tiles but I can’t stand those API’s. Classic shell is amazing to say the least and makes it so easy to navigate. That with the last few updates from MS make it a decent OS. But out of the shoot it sucked.

  110. Yes social laws. Apple products are “cool” so people line up to buy them so they look good even hough they are underpowered and overpriced. Looks like i’m talking to a dolt so stick with your flawed mentality.

  111. I’m not going along with what other people are saying, it’s just that the majority of people and I know that w8 sucked. Only fools follow junk. If it wasn’t junk, they wouldn’t be fixing it over and over again. The majority agrees, it sucked and you’re the robot fool for following this junk. “Social laws”, what a fool, rofl.

  112. Maybe the robot follower is you, going with what other people are saying. Doesnt matter how many people dislike something, it doesnt make them right. It doesnt make the minority wrong for liking it. Maybe because we are not robot followers, we appreciate things without considering social laws. If social laws were not present, we wouldnt see people lining up for Apple products, for example.

  113. I don’t get left behind, only robot followers follow junk. If you’re led by the nose and accept all the junk that a corporation sells to you, you’re a blind tool being spoon fed faulty products that in the end will need constant fixing. If people like me didn’t reject these faulty products, people like you would follow the whatever products right off the cliff.

  114. They changed things, doesnt mean it makes it harder. It means you have to learn what changed and change how you use the software. If you cant keep up with change, you’ll get left behind.

  115. They did hide everything. The moved everything. They made everything harder to find and control. Every update has been to correct this. If you like to get to every part of you os and pc, this was a horrible set up to work with. The first windows 8 did this. If it was so good they would have sold billions and not many people would have complained. This is the reason it was such a failure. If it’s broke, fix it. And Windows 8 was broken from the beginning.

  116. Oh and you can just change the settings on your PC to turn it off by pressing the power button. The power button on my laptop also turns it off. My laptop boots up in like 10 seconds. Closing the lid on my laptop makes it go to sleep, takes 5 seconds to wake up.

  117. They didnt hide anything, there is a folder icon on the taskbar, you click on it and it shows everything on your computer, even the control panel, the HDD, history, libraries, network, everything. You can move your mouse to the right side of the screen, hit the magnifying glass and type what you are searching for, it comes up instantly. It requires less clicks than on previous Windows.

  118. You hit it right on the nail head. You have look around and search. And search, and search, search. Making people hunt around and search for everything the real step backwards and so is w8.

  119. i agree with this 100%. I love Windows 8, it is much easier to find things for me, i dont even need a Start button, it has become obsolete for me. The Windows view with the tiles is made to be used with a touch screen i think, but the Desktop is for non-touch screens. I have a Samsung Chronos laptop with a mouse 2x the size of a regular laptop mouse so i have touchscreen gestures on the mouse itself. I think people working at tech support would agree with me and with other Windows 8 adopters, because they know how little people know about computers in general. You wouldnt believe the stories i hear. The hate coming from a lot of users are inexperienced computer users who do not or can not evolve with technological changes.

  120. Windows 8 sucked and everyone was right. They changed and hid everything just for sake of changing it. Windows 8 was like rearranging the furniture in a blind person’s home and not telling him about it. Windows 8 was a failure and a stupid ui and only idiots liked it. Making people hunt and click on a thousand icons to turn the pc off, clicking around trying to find control panel, accessories, run icon, is the stupidest, most moronic system ever designed. It ran great but the stupid interface by MS designers and engineers cooked up was just a lame attempt to give Windows a new look. Big epic fail. And the consumer isn’t slow nor limited to “grasp” technology, MS and defenders of this stupid ui are just too slow and dimwitted to understand this system sucked.

  121. I do wish web articles would be read/edited by people who know English before they are site-posted. Is this asking for too much?

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  123. Hmm that’s funny because you’re implying that Windows 8 is broken yet it performs functions an Operating system is expected to perform and more. Maybe you need to navigate to Bing and search “define broken” and then come back to me if you find a result that’s worthy enough to pass all your negative hysterics – in face maybe Google in this case because you seem obliged to deter away from Microsoft products :/ Good luck with the technological evolution and all… Maybe if Microsoft had just placed an apple on the start screen then everyone would have been much happier ay?

  124. Some people are dumber than a box of rocks. I’ve never seen a Kardashian (except for their attorney father during the O.J. trial).

  125. TRL… When my newest Gateway desktop arrived with Windows 8 pre-installed, I messed around with it for about a week and then threw Windows 8 in the can and did a fresh install if Windows 7 Ultimate. It IS supported through 2020 so that should be the end of that.

    Like it or not, this Windows 9 thing is still aimed ar “cloud computing” with your OS and everything else on the cloud. Under this system what you will have is “rental property” where you will pay a fee to access anything that is on the cloud. That is a no-go in my book.

  126. It’s called “technological evolution”. Devices are ever-changing and so is the platform. It’s the process of natural re-occurrence. The old saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, this implies that Windows 7 was broken and so the fix was Windows 8, however; Windows 7 is a downgrade of Windows 8 as Windows 8 and newer Operating Systems feature newer technologies. Technology will never be stationary – for example, that thing people call a “car” has changed as humans have evolved. Cars used to be powered by cogs, now they’re electronic – and guess what? people are still moaning that cars should run on petrol. If everyone stuck to a simple idea the world wouldn’t consist of anything new. Unfortunately you’re going to have the bite the bullet and find an operating system that you like because moaning about it wont get you anywhere – it’s not going to get you a new Laptop with a custom made operating system now is it? Oh and here’s another point to consider, Windows 8 was not broken – define Broken and then comment and tell me that Windows 8 doesn’t maintain the general OS functions. An OS is to run tasks given by the end-term user, Windows 8 does that; Windows 9 will do this and so will any other OS, so in terms of “Broken” I think more research is needed.

  127. Well your statement is true guess what…Kardashians win! You give your consumers what they want or you go out of business…its that simple.

  128. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well. Windows XP wasn’t necessarily broken, and after that came Longhorn. Longhorn was especially broken, but it put them on the right track to Windows 7. Longhorn wasn’t well received and neither was 8. The past shows us that right after M$ screws up, they have come out with an acclaimed product using the features of the previously ill received version. Stop complaining. I use 8.1 on my non touchscreen laptop, and I think it handles really well. It has a flow that makes a lot of things I do more efficient. It isn’t as different from W7 as everyone makes it out to be. The main difference is that the start menu has been turned into the start screen, which gives a lot more wiggle room and allows you to personalize like never before. One thing M$ has gotten props for has been their customization availability. If you are so afraid of change, go to OSX or Ubuntu. Those don’t fluctuate so much, and they are made for a keyboard and mouse.

  129. What’s the old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?” Well, Windows 7 was far from broken. Microsoft had their little experiment and it failed. Win8 was really not that hard to figure out. Took me about 5 minutes to learn the whole OS. But I’ve been using computers for the last twenty years (from Win3.1 to Win8) , so it may be easier for me than others. But when you have a product that works, you don’t go and completely revamp it – not as drastically as MS did with Win8. That’s suicide. That would be like me getting plastic surgery, coming out looking like Derek Zoolander, and expecting everybody to instantly love me. Most people probably wouldn’t. There’s good things about Win8 (the performance upgrades) and there’s bad things (charms, tiles, no start menu). Instead of trying to unify their OS, they need to make two different ones – desktop and mobile. Because that’s logical.

  130. People dont want the apps on Windows!!!! If I want apps, I will use my tablet. People want back the traditional Windows layout with keyboard and a mouse. What was wrong with Windows 7? It has been the best and most stable operating system ever.
    Microsoft, your ignorance to listen to your consumers is costing 18,000 people their jobs, and pretty soon it will push you out of existence.

  131. Many “consumers” also enjoy watching the Kardishians on tv religiously. Doesn’t make them right about it. lol.. Many people are idiots in this ever evolving idiocracy. Windows 8 was really not that bad at all and many people are clueless about technology and haven’t evolved past windows xp. This doesn’t mean the tech is bad.. simply that the majority of consumers are slow and limited in their grasp of technology in general.

    “press any key”
    consumer: “where is the anykey?!”

  132. I don’t understand the uproar about the missing start menu. Since Windows 7, I haven’t really needed it. Hit the windows key, type in the first few letters of whatever I’m looking for, and hit enter. Most of the time, I get what I wanted. Same result in Windows 7, 8, 8.1. It just works, and I don’t really have any complaints.

  133. I only went to Win8 for the performance enhancements. I put Start8 and ModernMix on there, so it operates more like Win7, but I think I’d give up the performance to have my beautiful, perfect Win7 back.

  134. Yeah, I noticed that. I am going to upgrade my system to 8.1 since it works well on my laptop, but I am procrastinating since I will have to reload all my programs. Of course having to reload programs is not an upgrade. I will wipe my system and start with a complete install from the get go so there is no having to go back to windows 8. I hated windows 8 and would not even consider having it on my computer. 8.1 is good on my laptop and will be good on my desktop when I get around to installing it unless I wait for version 9 to come out. A clean install of win 8.1 is the only way to go. Forget the upgrade option.

  135. I just never understood what all the turmoil was concerning Windows 8. Right from the start I considered it quite innovative, easy-to-use, and a step in the right direction, especially since they were also trying to make the operating system smaller, with smaller apps, to run on less robust systems like tablets and netbooks. The bawling and moaning over the start menu was some of the most childish caterwauling I’ve ever heard. The entire Metro interface was the start menu! It was the freaking start menu on steroids! And no one seemed to understand that. :-(

  136. If you have any problem (I had both software and hardware), they will tell you to go back to Win8 to recover. Then you have to update Win8 (I had 92 updates to process), to then go to back to Win8.1. You lose all non-Microsoft programs and have to reload all peripherals. Then, if any other problem, the cure is go back to Win8. and do that process over once again. I went through two Dell “all-in-ones” over this and after that I went to the tried and true Win7!

  137. Having to be locked into their “marketplace” and buy parts of your OS piecemeal sounds terrible. I think I’ve had enough of Microsoft’s license restrictions. I want to feel like I own the OS I’m using and then be able to do with it as I please and have the ability to transfer it to another build later if desired. Since Microsoft is so dead set on controlling users with a walled garden approach, it looks like I’ll be making the jump to Linux Mint with my next build.

  138. What is the big deal about Windows 8 not having a start menu? After market Windows XP, Windows 7 other classic Windows Start Menu are available to the public free of charge. I have been using such a software since the early days of Windows 8.0 i.e. “Classic Start Menu”

  139. I am 79 years old. I don’t really like Windows 8 but I have my computer set up with everything on the desktop that I use, just like I did on 7. The only thing I have to do extra is when I boot my computer up I have to hit the desktop tile and then it is like I am using 7. I like that my computer has the windows icon on one of the keys and if I want to go to the tiles all I have to do is hit that key. I can get to all the programs I use but also things like the control panel.

  140. As the old saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Windows 8 was an attempt to do just that; fix something that wasn’t broken. It’s not that desktop users don’t want to move forward, we just don’t want shit features forced on us. A desktop computer isn’t a tablet, and its operating system shouldn’t make it look like one. You might like the “Metro” look, and that’s fine, but the vast majority of us don’t. That doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past, it just means we prefer an operating system that’s designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard instead of a touch screen.

  141. I liked Windows 8. Still use it, and never went back to 7.
    And by the looks of it, I’ll probably like Windows 9 as well.
    So many negative people around here, though.
    You wanted the start menu back? You got it, now stop whining!

  142. Microsoft seems to get every other Windows update correct. XP done right. VistA a screw-up.. Windows 7 done right. Windows 8 a screw-up. If the pattern follows, Windows 9 will fix what Windows 8 broke. I’ve been using Windows 2012 server at work, remoting into servers. It’s just a hassle to position my mouse exactly correct to get back to the start screen, to find stuff, etc. A piece of junk. Whoever thought of this ought to be looking for work. Problem is, it was office buildings full of Microsoft employees that created this. They all can’t be shown the door.

  143. I quit reading after the 4th typo. The first two paragraphs seemed promising but, if you don’t care enough to proof, why should I care enough to read?

  144. I have tried windows 8.1 and it has a button to return to the traditional desktop and do everything you can do in windows 7 plus it has the windows 8 screen where you can launch programs if you desire. I suspect windows 9 will be no more than windows 8.1 for ordinary users.I don’t like operating systems that require you to be connected to the internet in order to do anything. I want my data where if law enforcement wants to see it, they have to get a search warrant and come to my house to see it.

  145. I disagree with everyone here. I like windows 8. I like the tiles . I like that there is no start menu. Besides we do have a start menu in windows 8. scroll to top right corner and search and you can find everything there. But I guess desktop users would rather take two steps back to the way things were in the Windows XP days than go forward. As a Desktop computer owner since 2002( dell dimension 8250 until January 2013 and an Dell XPS 8600 desktop computer since January 2013) I embrace change . and besides, we’re in the era of Google glasses, Ipads, Phablets, and possibly soon a TV that you can roll up like a newspaper( read on Flipboard) , It’s time to move forward not backward.

  146. There are several free Shell Programs that do a really good job of making Windows 8 look and feel like Windows 7 (some differences, but not enough to thwart a competent user). The one I use is Classic Shell. It’s efficient and configurable. Anyone struggling with the Windows 8 Metro Interface should give it a try

  147. I would like to help you-all
    write #9 for seniors and others who just might not have all the smarts that may be hidden in your place.

  148. Not a fan of the tiles and what killed Windows 8 for me was the scrolling side to side instead of up and down. It’s obvious Microsoft knows that all mice available on the market has a up and down scroll key, not a side to side. I love how efficient and fast it booted and operated to Windows 7 though. 8 definitely didn’t hit the spot for me, I’ll stick with Windows 7 until a better OS shows up or I might just go Linux.

  149. When you turn out junk like Windows 8, and you have a CEO with his head up his @#$, you are bound to lose! Apple is looking better to me everyday.

  150. even with the start menu, they cant seem to get rid of the metro look. Metro is so big, most people want the OS to be small and compact, not in your face. Whether microsoft like it or not people like the windows xp/seven look. Just make windows 9 look like seven and leave it that, maybe change the wallpaper to make it look different.

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