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Wilbur Ross: Bottom in Miami Housing Market, Greece Should Leave Euro

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Wilbur Ross: Bottom in Miami Housing Market, Greece Should Leave Euro


Wilbur Ross, the billionaire chairman of private-equity firm WL Ross & Co., talks about his new private equity fund, which raised $2 billion (lots of investments in Europe including Ireland) the U.S. economy and presidential race, and investment strategy. Ross, speaking with Scarlet Fu and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers,” also discusses Europe’s debt crisis. (Source: Bloomberg)

Ross says that private equity raising has been harder recently, Most pension funds are shying away from the sector, due to the recent political attacks on Mitt Romney’s PE start up, Bain Capital.

He discusses distressed investing in Europe, and what is not distressed, which includes Chinese bonds.

Ross thinks housing has reached a bottom, and specifically Miami, due to Brazilian buyers.

He likes some public natural gas equities, but his allocation has not changed much.

Europe has some healthy markets. Dublin is healthy but not Ireland. Southern Italy has more problems than Northern Italy.

Italian economy is better than it seems, because black market makes up a large percentage of the economy.

Greece should leave the Europe, and Europe should just accept this fact and speed it up. Greece might privatize toll roads and other properties, there could be some bargains in the sector.

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