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How Video Explanations Help Reduce Complexity In Finance

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Albert Einstein used to say, ‘If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” while finances aren’t exactly a six year old’s cup of tea but it is universally acknowledged as boring and complex even by adults. With all the technicalities and dry numbers, it is time to add some fun to finance. One of the fun ways to make finance more interesting would be to add video explanations to make it more interactive and comprehensible. While some people might consider it a frivolous addition, there are several ways these can enrich the field of finance.

Audiovisual stimulation is interesting

Everyone loves a fun and interactive show and even if the most boring topics are presented in such form, it is easier to have people’s attention. Videos engage both the eyes and the ears, and thereby, engaging its audience better. Financial topics are often seen as complex and drab, and thus, people are often seen to lose interest. Video explanations of such topic, on the other hand, would be interesting to watch, and therefore, will help you communicate your ideas better without people signing it off as boring off the bat.

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It simplifies complex ideas

Human beings are visual creatures and thus, they respond the best to audiovisual stimulation. When it comes to a complex problem, pages of data can be easily conveyed via just a few pictures and all of that, and even more, can be collated into a few minutes of video. Not only is video interesting, it also helps break down the complexities of the problem into smaller frames which are more easily comprehensible by people. This works well especially in fields such as finance, which most people find difficult and complicated.

Video is more engaging

Without the use of video explanations, a financial presentation can be extremely long and often people get bored and lose interest in the topic. This can be quite harmful especially in a company setting where employees end up not understanding the entire topic or in a client pitch where the client gets distracted in the middle of an important presentation. In order to prevent people from losing their interest, it is a smart idea to use video explanations wherever possible. As videos are more interesting and simplify the complex issues, they will hold people’s interest longer.

Encourages problem solving

If you want a whole room of people to actively participate in a financial presentation and even solve any problems or shortcomings, video explanations are your best bet. They are interesting, make a difficult topic easier to understand and engage attention of the audience, which makes it a perfect tool to encourage more solutions and participation out of a crowd. The best part of videos is that they are easy to customise as per the choices, needs and qualities of the target audience, which makes them excellent for various groups. It enhances the versatility of the particular data or topic, irrespective of the variety of audience it is aimed at.

Making use of explainer videos is a sure shot way to get better response out of a financial topic. Videos are simple, interesting, easy to understand and do the job far quicker than long pages of data or hours of speech.

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