Are Silicon Valley Tech Employees Behind Andrew Yang? Not Really

Are Silicon Valley Tech Employees Behind Andrew Yang? Not Really

The popular perception tends to be that silicon valley tech employees are big supporters of Andrew Yang, but the survey says otherwise.

  • Andrew Yang consistently states that his “friends in Silicon Valley” support UBI. Our data shows this is not true for the majority of tech workers.
  • Only 44% are worried that tech automation will cause an employment crisis
  • 43% of Silicon Valley tech employees are worried that AI technology will be a threat to employment – surprisingly same as the overall result.
  • 35% of Silicon Valley tech employees agreed that UBI could be the solution to job loss due to tech automation.
  • Out of the professionals who believe AI is not a threat, 75.9% said that UBI won’t save the country and 24.1% said UBI would save the country from job loss.
  • But even professionals who believe AI is a threat, 54% said that UBI won’t save the country while 46% said it would save the country.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook employees had the highest support for UBI, with 47.3% and 46.7% answering ‘Yes’ respectively.
  • Oracle and Apple are the least supportive of UBI with 16.2% and 24.39% answering ‘Yes’ respectively.


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Survey Questions:

Q1. Will tech automation and AI cause an employment crisis?

Q2. Can Universal Basic Income save the country from job loss due to tech automation and AI?

  • The survey ran from 6/24/2019 – 6/27/2019

Overall Results

Silicon Valley 

Andrew Yang

silicon valley tech employees

Andrew Yang

Company Breakdown:

Andrew Yang

*Companies with over 30 responses

silicon valley tech employees

Conversations on Blind about Andrew Yang: Politics: 1000 Yangbucks Per Month


“He’s the only candidate who provides actual solutions and not the “same ole BS.” He won’t win, but I hope the other Dems adopt some of his policies.” – LinkedIn employee



“He needs to close the border first if he wants BI to work” – E-trade employee

“His venture for America was a complete failure and his policies are literally the most simple thing you can do to destroy and bankrupt the economy.” – Twitter employee

“He is smart enough to cause tremendous damage to the tech industry of United States. Other countries like China and India wouldn’t wait for us on the road to the 4th industrial revolution. God bless America!” – Microsoft employee

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