Value Investing Podcast: Christopher Pavese on His Value Investment Philosophy

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A couple years ago, I did an interview with The Manual of Ideas prior to Berkshire’s Annual Meeting in Omaha. After watching the video of myself, I swore I’d never do another. Nothing has changed since then, but apparently the interview was making the rounds last week by way of podcast. Since it received a good bit of (positive) feedback, as well as its share of sly remarks from friends, I figured it might be worth highlighting. You can access the interview here.

I’m not exactly sure when podcasts made their comeback, but Oliver and John at The Manual of Ideas have put together a terrific collection of interviews with investors including Tom Russo, James Montier, Chuck Akre and Howard Marks (not to mention a good contingent of friends from ValueX). Great material for the morning commute.

And if you are wondering why we spent so much time talking about a fictional character from the 1800s, check out our post, A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes, which was published a few weeks before the interview. Apparently, Oliver thought talking about an eccentric detective might make for more interesting conversation than our investment process. He was probably right. Let us know what you think.

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