UniX Gaming CEO, Mirko Basil Showcases The Frugality Of Play-To-Earn Gaming With Metaverse Platforms

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Play-to-earn gaming has silently revolutionized the entire gaming industry, allowing gamers and users an opportunity to put their skills to the test to receive real-life winnings. While traditional gaming has for decades been mostly considered a part-time leisure activity, the advent of digital assets has created a market of player freedom and fortune.

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In the wake of the growing popularity around blockchain-based gaming, video games that make use of NFTs or crypto-based software, play-to-earn (P2E) has become part of the momentum - giving players of all expertise a fighting chance to gain virtual popularity and financial earnings.

A recent turn of events has led CEO and founder of UniX Gaming, Mirko Basil, a former Fleet Operations Manager to grow UniX Gaming to become among one of the first P2E gaming platforms that incorporate the importance of community and industry-based partnership.

Basil’s history in operations management, where he led a team of more than 400+ employees through multi-million dollar openings has garnered him the convenience to establish a  platform that seeks to build industry leaders through the use of advanced virtual software and digital assets.

As a supporter of cryptocurrency, and being involved in gaming his whole life, we were able to share a few words with Basil to understand how UniX Gaming is transforming the P2E market to become more integrated with everyday gaming experiences.

How will UniX -  best known as a crypto gaming guild - be able to assist users with the expansion and development of metaverse platforms such as Sandbox?

UniX Gaming aims to onboard as many people into the GameFi Metaverse. As we have built the largest gaming community, we also understand that there is a lack of education for newcomers in crypto. We started a game development studio that is focused on being an ecosystem builder for open worlds such as The Sandbox. Through these metaverses, we will build an educational platform that will allow new users to understand the nuances of crypto and how to navigate this new NFT and GameFi industry.

What opportunities do you see UniX develop for its more than 5,000 and counting scholars through partnerships such as that with Sandbox and future metaverse platforms?

As new projects and titles enter the space, we must create deep and long-lasting relationships with new partners for the benefit of our community. As the GameFi space is very new and the landscape of gaming is still developing, we need to ensure the success of our scholars by giving them as much opportunity to provide for themselves through Play and Earn. Strong collaborations with market leaders will not only grow the UniX Gaming brand but ensure that GameFi is here to stay.

What’s a strategy that UniX is looking to leverage to increase its visibility and influence in the Sandbox, which will help see more users from developing nations become part of decentralized metaverse platforms?

UniX Gaming will be increasing its visibility through its  YouTube channel where the team will constantly review existing games and new titles. In addition to these reviews, we will be holding Esports tournaments incorporating several games into the circuit from The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, DeVerse, and many more.

Moreover, the UniX community will be able to enter the education platform in The Sandbox and will be required to actively educate themselves as part of their UniX scholarship, furthering their knowledge within crypto, Defi, NFTs, and so forth.

How will you ensure a more inclusive demographic on the UniX launchpad for Triple-A Games?

At UniX Gaming, we conduct our due diligence on each game from gameplay to the gamefi ecosystem that is present within each title. Once we decide that the game is a great fit for our community we will market it on our Launchpad. The ‘Final Round’ Launchpad itself has a tier-based system for members to be actively involved in the early stages of the project and only UNIX Token holders will be able to participate.

Are you positive about the growth UniX can experience with the new launchpad?

I am very confident that the launchpad will add more utility to the UNIX Token. Our in-house R&D team of nine members all have extensive experience in finding hidden gems within GameFi. The aim of the ‘Final Round’ Launchpad is to act as an accelerator for new projects where UniX Gaming will take the lead on bringing them to market through marketing strategies (Using our UniX Streamers with a following of over 23.5M), PR connections, Tokenomics Structuring, Blockchain and Game development (Through our ‘1Mhz’ Studios), access to a panel of experienced advisors, and more.

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