5 Ways A Business Owner Can Get Criminal Charges Dropped

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If you own a small business, criminal charges could ruin your life. It’s even worse if you’re accused of doing something to an employee. At the moment, I’m sure you’re not worried about what people are saying behind your back.

It’s more likely you’re worried about prison, but everything will get better if the charges are dropped. Your employees and customers won’t abandon you forever. Let’s look at a few ways you could get lucky.

Finding Evidence To Clear You

A disgruntled employee could accuse you of sexual assault, which might happen if you annoy the wrong person. Maybe they’ll want to destroy your business? Top sexual assault lawyers could find evidence to clear you.

It could be something the police don’t know about, like mobile footage that proves you were somewhere else. Once they present the evidence, you’ll be cleared. Nobody is allowed to prosecute someone they know is innocent.

Getting A Good Plea Agreement

When looking for a lawyer, the hourly rates range from $165 for lawyers with less than one year of experience to $350 for those with more than 20 years of experience. Why do experienced lawyers cost more money?

One reason is the fact they’ll be able to negotiate a better plea agreement, which you might need to take even if you’re innocent. If your business is successful, pay whatever is necessary for a law firm like Mass Tsang.

A Violation Of Your Rights

There are lots of ways your rights can be violated. Maybe the police didn’t let you contact a lawyer during interrogations even though you asked for one. Someone might withhold evidence that could clear your name.

If you’re going to get the charges against you dropped, it’s usually because of a mistake. For example, if someone finds evidence during an illegal search of your business. Will they still have a case against you?

Trying To Help The Police

Sometimes the police want to catch a bigger fish than you. If you’re involved in a financial crime through your business, they might want someone from another company that’s committed more serious offenses than you.

You could work with the police to help them bring someone else to justice, which means charges against you being dropped. Sometimes you’re only given a lesser sentence, but it’s worth looking into in some cases.

Agreeing To A Treatment Plan

Prosecutors don’t always want to send you to prison. If you’ve committed a crime where nobody got hurt, they might decide you should get treatment. It’s common if you sexually harass someone at work without realizing you’ve gone too far.

Once you’ve worked hard at a course/treatment facility, the charges against you will be dropped. You just need to do everything the court expects of you. When you walk away at the end, you won’t have anything on your record.

It’s Possible To Get Charges Dropped

You don’t need to worry about losing your business forever. I hope your lawyer will be able to get your charges dropped soon.