Your Ultimate Airline Cheat Sheet: Get The Most Out Of Your Flight

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Going on holiday with the kids this year? Or maybe you are just escaping for a last-minute weekend away? There are so many variations in airline policies, it can be hard to know whether you are coming or going.

Trying to explain to the kids that they don’t need all their teddies to experience the beach life can be a challenge – and the worry of arriving at the airport over the limit is all too real. We start going over in our heads what we can throw away or do without. What do we have in the case heavy enough to make a difference? Can I put more clothes in my hand luggage? It can be so stressful you end up feeling like it may just be easier to stay at home and pitch a tent in the garden.

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We know how you feel.

Luckily, clothing retailer Monsoon has created an Airline Cheat Sheet to ease the burden. Analysing 16 of the UK’s most popular airlines, they have created a guide that includes tips on how much your extra baggage will cost you and what is included (Did you know that not every airline will allow you to freely take on personal items like handbags and laptop bags. Check the guide to see which airlines charge separately for these too).

The guide looks at the both check-in and cabin luggage policies, as well as airline specific deals on child's fares through different age brackets. Choose certain airlines when flying with the kids and you could save up to 90% of an adult fare for their tickets. The guide even comes with some handy luggage scenarios.

Looking at what we pack on average for a city break and a family holiday, Monsoon’s Airline Cheat Sheet breaks down each individual item and how much, on average, this item weighs.

From choosing which airline you fly with, to figuring out your packing essentials, why not print off this useful guide for your holiday fix this summer:

Monsoon Infographic Airline Cheat Sheet

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