3 Leadership Lessons From Road Trips For Emerging Leaders

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We’ve all been inspired by some of the greatest leaders our world has seen. Some names that may ring a bell include Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many historians spend years studying these leaders and identify leadership lessons and skills that we can implement to our organization or home settings.

Not everyone can be an expert on leadership theory.  However, there are leadership lessons to be explored from everyday life activities such as road trips. Read on for three lessons from the road.


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Lesson 1: Set Goals

Goal setting is about as textbook as it gets.

One of the first decisions people make during the road trip planning process is selecting a destination. This sets the tone for a trip and impacts other decisions such as where to stop for gas and meal breaks. From a leadership perspective, it can be hard for followers to support a leader’s mission blindly. Generally, people back leaders who share similar viewpoints or values.

Setting goals with a team allows people to feel included, which can keep a team motivated and focused on accomplishing weekly tasks. Ultimately, creating a shared team goal can be the most effective way of keeping teams productive.

Lesson 2: Value Diversity

Many people argue that the best way to travel is through cultural immersion. Learning about typical cuisine, dance and behaviors of unfamiliar areas can encourage people to expand their viewpoints. This often leads to internal change and personal growth. Many leaders recognize the power of diversity and inclusion, and what it can do for a business.

Not only does embracing cultural differences strengths intercultural communications, but diversity can boost a team’s creativity and productivity. As a result, some companies notice a decrease in turnover and higher profit margins.

Lesson 3: Mistakes Happen

Although road trips strive to reach their destination problem-free, internal factors like making a wrong turn can stall travel time. This applies to organizations because humans aren’t always perfect. Understanding what caused an error and learning from it is an excellent practice to reduce similar risks.

Employees who share the mistakes they made offer significant wisdom to their co-workers. While this may take significant amounts of pride to share, this can increase a team’s productivity in reaching an overarching goal.

Explore more leadership lessons from the road in the infographic from CarRentals below. Learn something new and how to transform a company’s productivity.

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Infographic source: Car Rentals

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