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It’s no secret that Elon Musk has plenty of ideas for his innovations that he proudly presents as parts of products for his companies. However, Tesla’s Semi truck’s software exceeded the expectations of all of us. In a Twitter post, he hinted at the Tesla Semi Truck Mad Max Mode.

Even though the truck is initially intended for serious work, Musk pointed out that the prototype electric cargo hauler is equipped with a Mad Max mode, named after a world-wide popular movie that recently got a remake. Although this mode won’t allow some crazy modes that came with the movie, it is rather designed to support Autopilot’s blind spot threshold.

Nevertheless, the visionary Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company CEO didn’t provide any detailed elaboration on what the Tesla Semi Truck Mad Max mode meant.

The Tesla Semi Truck has two more modes aside from the Mad Max mode. It is equipped with Standard and Aggressive mode. The screenshot shows the development build on Autopilot. These modes will help autopilot to perform some tougher moves, like changing lines on the highway, where the Mad Max mode looks even more hardcore compared to the “Aggressive” mode.

Nevertheless, it’s not clear whether this idea will be present on the finished version of the truck. In a chat that followed up, Musk said that the Semi Truck will probably be equipped with manual override that will be handy on tougher lane changes, as a self-driving vehicle is going to “always yield to others.”

Perhaps, the Mad Max option is not a permanent feature but rather helps the company see the performance of Autopilot and its lane-changing capabilities when they are pushed over the limit. Anyhow, it would be quite scary to see a truck change lanes so aggressively just a few feet away from some car.

What do you think about the Tesla Semi Truck Mad Max mode? Are you brave enough to hop in? Let us know in the comments!

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