Elon Musk’s Insane Tesla Conference Call [TRANSCRIPT]

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No introduction is needed about this episode regarding Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, and his conference call heard around the world – below is an informal transcript of the unforgettable moments. Note, the transcript is not exact it was hard to make out some of the comments but the audio of Elon Musk is also below.


So where specifically will you be in terms of your  capital requirements next…

Elon Musk – Boring questions are not cool. Next

Read every data point drop that we look at and to suggest that you know this truth nice but we don’t know whether to go to class yet the best or better class of one. You should focus on long-term things. We have no interest in satisfying the desires of day traders. I couldn’t care less. Please sell our stock and don’t buy it. And I think that if people are concerned about volatility they should definitely not buy our stock. I’m not here to convince you to buy our stock.

Do not buy it if volatility is scary because of the reservations that actually opened made available for a year.

Can you let us know? Like what. What percentage have actually stopped to configure.

We’re going to go to youtube these questions are so dry they’re killing me

I’m not an expert in a battery pack technology, but it seems that a lot of people are speculating that the specs for the semi truck even I believe that  Daimler claims that it breaks the law of physics.


So I’m wondering is this just a little you know much about physics. I know you have  to engage in the public discussion. I actually took physics in college. Awesome. Great stuff. So I’m also wondering are you guys going to let course be a market with a 350-kilowatt-hour supercharger. I know you mentioned at E3 press questions and I’ve already gone. So yeah. Yeah.

So there’s a way of saying hello. Thank you. GREG Yeah. Okay guys with quick questions and are are while. Well yeah I have and I have a couple more.

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