Survey: 94% Of Americans Believe Climate Change Is Happening

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According to a poll by London-based marketing firm Attest, 9 in 10 Americans believe that climate change is real, with 50% of them attributing the phenomenon to a mix of human activity and natural causes.

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The 2,000-people sample reveals key perceptions of global warming in the U.S., while the world’s biggest economies discuss the issue at the UN Climate Change Conference in the U.K.

Climate Change Sentiment

The poll reveals new data on attitudes and beliefs towards climate change among Americans. As only 6% feel global warming is not occurring, half of those who think otherwise assert that the phenomenon is the result of a combination of human and natural factors.

“By contrast, just over a quarter (28%) feel it is being caused solely by humans, while 16% believe the causes are due to nature only,” according to a release.

What is also telling is that 52% of those who acknowledge global warming say their perception of the phenomenon was altered in the last year, amid the string of record-breaking weather events that took place in the U.S. in 2020. Within this group, 10% say their views have “changed completely.”

The perception of when climate change is most likely going to affect them and their families, also depicts a revealing trend. As per the data, 38% feel it will be in their lifetime, 23% in their children’s lifetime, and 20% in their grandchildren’s lifetime.

“Only 16% believe that it will take over 100 years before the effects of climate change impact their families’ daily lives.”

Rising Interest

The poll establishes that 65% of respondents say they are interested in the issue of sustainability. Within this group, overall interest has increased since September 2020 as today 37.5% are “very interest,” up from 28%.

“When quizzed on the ways they think they can positively impact the environment, Americans are most likely to focus their efforts and energy on consciously reducing their use of single-use plastic (71%).”

The marketing firm also measured Americans’ awareness and perception of environmental leaders, with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore the most well-known, followed by climate activist Greta Thunberg (42%), Dr. Sylvia Earle (15%), and Mardy Murie (10%).

As for Thunberg, polled Americans see her in a positive light as 40% believe she has boosted awareness of the issue of climate change. 35% find her inspiring, while 14% say she has taught them about what global warming is.

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