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It is Small Business Saturday so it is time to get over with your shopping and think about the future of the world at stake and support your local business. In this case that would be VALUEWALK LLC – there are a few ways you can support us where 100% of the proceeds go to the entirely non tax deductible Jacob Wolinsky Mortgage Trust – JK that is not true because we are an S Corp and I cannot take 100% of proceeds since I need to pay our employees (mostly US ones) well. Support ValueWalk which hires US (and some foreign) workers in one of the following ways.

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When we are all slaves to Bezos and mining GoogFaceAppleAmzoCoins in return for an hour off from work will you tell your children (before they are taken away for the rice harvest) that you supported us on Small Business Saturday and tried to help or that you just did nothing? Yes I get the irony of us promoting Amazon to help us from the dystopian future described here but still!!

More on Small business Saturday from NFIB below

NFIB Reminds Consumers To Shop This Small Business Saturday

TRENTON (November 22, 2017): The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is encouraging consumers to visit their local small businesses this Saturday. Partnering for the seventh year in a row with American Express, they are promoting a national campaign to “shop small” here in New Jersey.

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Small Business Saturday
Free-Photos / Pixabay

“Traditionally, the holiday shopping season has kicked off with Black Friday, but we are encouraged each year by the number of people that are participating in small business Saturday. Last year it was its largest ever, with 112 million shoppers patronizing small businesses throughout the country,” said Laurie Ehlbeck, New Jersey State Director for NFIB. “The idea is simple: Instead of sitting at home and ordering online or driving to the nearest shopping center or big-box store, you shop at small, locally-owned businesses for things you simply cannot find at the mall.”

The campaign to “shop small” on the Saturday after Thanksgiving began in 2010 to help small businesses that were struggling to recover from the great recession. Last year, according to the post-holiday survey released by NFIB and American Express, 15.4 billion dollars were spent in small businesses nationwide.

“Small Business Saturday isn’t about getting up before dawn, fighting traffic, jostling with crowds and standing in long lines to save a few bucks. It is a day to celebrate and support the small, family-run businesses that do so much throughout the year to support our community,” continued Ehlbeck. “And instead of dealing with temporary workers who don’t know the merchandise, you’re likely to deal directly with the owner, who has a vested interest not only in selling you something that day but in making you want to come back time and again throughout the year.”

Ehlbeck added that money spent in a small business, for the most part, remains in that community. “When you shop at a chain store, most of the money goes back to some corporate office somewhere, but when you shop on Main Street, that money stays on Main Street.”

NFIB: 6 Tips to Help Local Merchants Have a Successful Small Business Saturday

TRENTON, November 20, 2017—The morning after Thanksgiving may be the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, but more and more shoppers are bypassing the malls to find unique gifts—and support their friends and neighbors—on Small Business Saturday.

“If you’re a local merchant, you can’t afford to skip Small Business Saturday,” said Laurie Ehlbeck, New Jersey state director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

Last year, shoppers spent $15.4 billion at locally-owned stores and restaurants on Small Business Saturday, according to a survey by NFIB and American Express. The number of shoppers who shopped small on Small Business Saturday was up 13 percent from 2015, the survey said.

Ehlbeck said it’s not too late for small businesses to come up with a plan for Small Business Saturday:

  • Remind shoppers that you sell merchandise they can’t find anyplace else. Sixty-one percent of shoppers say they shop at small businesses to find “unique products,” according to NFIB.
  • Showcase the merchandise that would make a great gift. "Your customers will be looking for presents for themselves as well as for their friends and family," Ehlbeck said. "You might want to put a group of items on a table with a sign saying it would be perfect gift for Dad or a great gift for the grandparents." Restaurants can do the same thing by offering Small Business Saturday specials and promoting gift cards, he said.
  • Steal a page from the Black Friday playbook and offering "door busters." "The chains know a great way to drive shoppers into their stores is by offering special deals at different times of the day," Ehlbeck said. "There's no reason a small business can't do the same thing."
  • Stay on top of your social media. "If you're on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest, be sure to post often and promote any Small Business Saturday deals," Ehlbeck said. "You should also consider spending a few bucks to promote your posts. That way, people will be more likely to see them." Use the hashtags #ShopSmall and #SmallBizSaturday so shoppers can find you easily.

“Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for shopkeepers to really shine,” Ehlbeck said. “This Saturday will afford them the chance to win customers who will continue to support them throughout the year.”

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