Samsung Gear S4 Rumor: Specs, Price And Release Date

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The Gear S smartwatch is incredibly popular, and serves as a viable alternative to devices like the Apple Watch that don’t interface well with Android devices. The smartwatch market continues to be dominated by Apple, but a recent Samsung Gear S4 rumor suggests that we could see something spectacular from the upcoming device.

We’ll preface the article by suggesting that you don’t get prepared for a dramatic departure from what we’ve already seen from the company. Samsung has proven with their devices that if they arrive at a formula that works that they’ll continue to do what has given them success in the past. While this is a good thing for fans of the devices, it can also backfire – as evidenced by the lukewarm sales of the recent Galaxy S9. With that said, the Samsung Gear S4 rumor points to the device being quite similar to its predecessors – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an improvement.

As far as design goes, we expect that the watch will continue to use the premium materials we’ve come to expect from the manufacturer. The Samsung Gear S4 rumor points to stainless steel, aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5 making up the physical construction of the phone itself. The screen should also use OLED technology, just as we saw with the previous options. All signs support a relatively standard experience, but many are hoping that the company takes steps to offer a more premium model to match Apple’s Watch Edition. Whether we see something similar from the company remains to be seen, but the existing Samsung Gear S4 rumor suggests only that we’ll see a similar metal design. We also expect that the signature rotating bezel will be prominently featured on the device, as Samsung has made that a staple of the Gear line.

Additionally, the Samsung Gear S4 rumor suggests we might see a pretty unique decision from the company in a sub-display placed under the translucent bezel that will allow their users to access different menus on each rotation. This is all according to a recent patent filed by the company, of course. There’s always a possibility that these features won’t make it to the upcoming device, so take this Samsung Gear S4 rumor with a grain of salt.

Just like with the previous device, we should see water resistance that is IP68-rated and it should function in up to a meter of water for as long as 30 minutes. This isn’t complete waterproofing and may rule out a long swim, but it’s certainly a start and will save the device from any accidental drops in a puddle or the sink.

As far as the technology powering the phone, we should see a new chipset, which is to be expected. With advancements in research, we should see something that is a significant upgrade over the already-impressive Exynos 7270 we saw on the Gear S3. Once the watch is announced, we should see more information to confirm whether or not this Samsung Gear S4 rumor is true.

It’s anticipated that the Samsung Gear S4 will be announced in August, and will retail for under $400 – possibly around the $350 price point, which would make it a direct competitor to the latest generation of Apple Watch.

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