Samsung Galaxy S9 Price: How Much Will It Cost?

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With the release of Samsung’s latest flagship coming sooner rather than later, many people are wondering what we’ll see in terms of the Samsung Galaxy S9 price.

With the majority of flagships featuring more advanced technology than ever before, the price of these high-end phones is increasing at a steady rate. While the iPhone X was one of the first smartphones to break the $1000 mark, it will definitely not be the last. All indications point to the Samsung Galaxy S9 price being one of the most expensive to date, costing between $100 and $200 more than the Galaxy S8 and putting it around $1130 for the S9 and $1250 for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 price definitely makes it a luxury item, and in areas where leasing phones isn’t as common, it may be quite inaccessible. While Samsung never has much trouble selling their flagships as the most popular Android manufacturer worldwide, the steady creep of prices may eventually reach a point where purchasing a new high-end phone is a decision that many won’t take lightly.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 price is also rather exorbitant given the lack of new features we’re seeing from the upcoming phone. While the pricing of the phone is not yet confirmed, a Samsung Galaxy S9 price of well over $1000 should bring with it a phone that has a lot to offer the market. While the iPhone X was incredibly expensive, it gave consumers something they hadn’t seen before with the release of FaceID. The Galaxy S9, on the other hand, is more of the same from a company that has failed to innovate in this most recent generation of phone.

Overall, while the Galaxy S9 has not yet been announced, we already have a good sense of what we can expect from the upcoming phone due to leaks and other reliable releases of information. What we’ve seen hasn’t left customers very impressed, with a phone that offers few notable improvements outside of a power upgrade as well as improvements to the camera. Camera improvements are a safe bet for Samsung considering how many people rely on their phone for photography, but playing it safe may not give Samsung the results they desire moving forward.

A Samsung Galaxy S9 price of over $1000 is best suited for a phone that takes risks, rather than one that plays it safe. With the upcoming release of the foldable Galaxy X, a similar price point would be understandable given the unique features such a phone offers. A simple power upgrade and camera refinements may not be enough to convince people to stomach that high Samsung Galaxy S9 price, all things considered.

With the launch of the Galaxy X anticipated for late 2018 or early 2019, it’s especially concerning that the Samsung Galaxy S9 price doesn’t reflect the lack of features coming from the company’s latest flagship. Samsung has proven with what we’ve seen of this new technology so far that they’re capable of innovation. While we’ve seen foldable screens in a number of applications thus far, and Samsung themselves has provided curved displays in their S Edge line, this will be the first time we see a truly foldable flagship device. With the Galaxy X anticipated to be a third product released as another option alongside their S and Note lines, it may be more difficult to convince consumers that this upcoming flagship is a good buy – especially considering the Samsung Galaxy S9 price.

With the Galaxy Note 9 coming near the end of this year, many are hoping that the phone features more advancements that make it worthy of the price bump, as it will probably be similar to – or even exceed – the Samsung Galaxy S9 price. With extra time in the development process, Samsung has a chance to provide something novel that will impress the market as Apple has managed to with the iPhone X. While initial leaks and rumors suggest that we won’t see a massive departure from the company’s tried and true formula, any sort of new advancement or feature would be a welcome change. That’s not to say that the Galaxy S9’s camera tweaks aren’t significant, but for the majority of users looking for more out of their phones than a better camera, it may not be enough.

We’ll have a concrete answer on what we’ll truly see for the Galaxy S9 price in the next few days, but until then all we have is rumors and speculation. A price bump seems likely in any case, however, considering how expensive producing a high-end flagship has become. Whether or not the phone is worth an increased Samsung Galaxy S9 price remains to be seen. Regardless of whether you think the phone warrants the increased price, our wallets are sure to be in for a beating when it comes time to upgrade to the latest Samsung flagship.

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