Samsung Galaxy S7: Everything We Know So Far

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After some relatively sub-par Galaxy S range releases, the Galaxy S7 is expected to receive increasing emphasis from Samsung next year. The galaxy S series has traditionally been the flagship smartphone for Samsung, and the electronics giant is expected to attempt to restore the reputation of the handset, beginning with the Galaxy S7 next year.

This year’s galaxy S6 was a step in the right direction for the corporation, and Samsung will be attempting to build on the positive feedback that it received from both consumers and the critical community. The Galaxy Note 4 phablet had really been the highlight of 2014 for Samsung, and indicated an increasing emphasis from the corporation on its phablet range.

But with Samsung having rebranded the Galaxy Note Edge device as the Galaxy S7 Edge+, it is clear that the company is looking to resurrect the reputation of its most recognizable brand. So what can we expect from the Galaxy S7 when it is released? Here ValueWalk runs down some of the expected, anticipated and predicted features and specifications of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

The first thing to note about the Galaxy S7 is that we can expect a similar release scheduled to the Galaxy S6 from this year. This would result in the Galaxy S7 revealed that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ahead of a likely release in April 2016. There has certainly been no official communication from Samsung on this matter at the time of writing, and this project schedule could be affected by Apple’s strategy in the coming months.

It is still not known when Apple will release its smaller iPhone 6c device, or even how it will brand its next generation iPhone series, which is expected to be announced in the next couple of weeks. With Samsung and Apple such keen rivals, the strategy of the Korean company in particular can often be influenced by the behaviour of Apple.


In line with recent Samsung releases, it is predicted that the Galaxy S7 could feature 4 GB of RAM when it is released. This is very much a preliminary projection, and certainly should not be taken as gospel. But if this figure does turn out to be accurate, it suggests that the Galaxy S7 will be an extremely powerful performer, and could also cram some other exciting features into its portfolio.

4K display

Central to these suggestions is the idea that Samsung will include 4K resolution technology in this smartphone. This has been repeatedly predicted for numerous Samsung devices, but it could be that the Galaxy S7 is finally the smartphone that introduces this visual technology as standard.

Including 4K resolution in the Galaxy S7 would necessitate the sort of memory mentioned previously, and Samsung would also have to ensure that there was an absolutely top-notch processor fitted in the handset.


So it is widely anticipated that the Galaxy S7 will be the first Android smartphone-sized device to feature a 64-bit Exynos processor. Samsung could clock this device at anything up to 3.5 GHz, ensuring that the Galaxy S7 is truly a state-of-the-art device. Although there will be smartphone releases between now and the expected unveiling of the Galaxy S7, such a powerful processor would almost certainly ensure the fastest speeds in the mobile marketplace.


Samsung has been slightly criticized in this department with regard to recent releases, as its reluctance to release a 128 GB version of its handsets has not found favor with some critics and consumers. It seems certain then that Samsung will respond to this demand with the Galaxy S7, particularly if it is to include 4K resolution in the device. Music will also play an increasingly important role in smartphones going forward, following Apple’s Beats acquisition, and storage space is likely to be at a premium necessitating a larger model of the Galaxy S7 handset.


Some sources are already suggesting that Samsung could include an absolutely incredible camera in the Galaxy S7. The jaw-dropping suggestion in some quarters is that Samsung will include a 30-megapixel camera in the Galaxy S7 when the device is released. In order to back up this incredible spec, Samsung is also expected to consider a 10-megapixel front-facing camera in order to provide unequalled selfie-capturing capability.

Another interesting new function that has been mooted is a GigaPixel feature that will help users capture images with more accuracy and clarity.

5G Technology

It has also been suggested that Samsung could include 5G technology in the Galaxy S7 when it is released. Many companies are still attempting to get to grips with 4G networks, so this would be a major achievement for Samsung if indeed this comes to fruition. Samsung is also likely to upgrade the Wi-Fi connectivity in the Galaxy S7 to enable superfast Internet connections. This will be essential for users intending to stream 4K resolution video.

Other Specs

There have been a few outrageous suggestions related to the Galaxy S7 as well. One of the more unlikely features that could be included in this device is an infrared sensor, which would measure users’ body temperatures, providing an accurate and efficient measure in real-time. This is naturally a response to health-tracking functionality included in devices such as the recently released Apple Watch.

In addition, some sources have suggested that the Galaxy S7 could be the first smartphone to include a holographic display. This does seem a rather outlandish suggestion, but it would be an impressive innovation should Samsung manage to achieve it. More likely is some sort of tie-in with virtual reality technology, as this is set to become a mainstream niche in the coming years.


Considering the high specifications linked with this device, Samsung will certainly do well to freeze the price of the Galaxy S7 when it is released. But even if this is ultimately a fairly expensive device, some of the features and specs that are being mooted for it suggest that the Galaxy S7 will make a massive impression in the smartphone market when it is released.

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