New Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumor Indicates Major RAM Upgrade

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S11 rumor indicates that the flagship phone may very well be on the receiving end of a major speed boost. We have seen a flood of rumors regarding the new smartphone, but this latest one is definitely interesting.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumor

According to TechRadar, the most up to date information says that the Galaxy S11 may be getting upgraded to 12Gb LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM. This RAM is extremely fast and is only used in premium smartphones. This latest Samsung Galaxy S11 rumor stems from a recent announcement by the Korean tech giant that there are plans to mass produce the lightning fast RAM so it can be included in their new flagship devices. While the Galaxy Note 10 has not yet launched, it will be coming in just less than a month. This is likely too soon to include the RAM upgrade in this generation of the Note tablets. However, the Galaxy S11 will not be coming until sometime in 2020, which could mean it will have the newest RAM.

How Good Is It?

According to Samsung, the LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM is up to 1.3 times faster than the current RAM used in premium devices. This means it will speed up tasks like photo editing, switching between apps and loading screens in games. If the latest Samsung Galaxy S11 rumor does turn out to be true, it will be the fastest mobile device Samsung has ever built. The RAM is also optimized for 5G and AI technology, so that indicates that Samsung will continue to offer 5G compatibility on its new devices in the future. The mass production of the Mobile DRAM is set to begin at the end of July, which is why we believe it will not be a feature on the Galaxy Note 10.


Samsung has announced its plans to mass produce 12GB of RAM for its future devices. Apple is perhaps its biggest competitor in the market, and no such plans have been announced by the Cupertino company. If this Samsung Galaxy S11 rumor is in fact true, then it will have a lot more RAM than the current iPhone’s have. The iPhone X houses only 3GB of RAM, which is just 1/4 of the power the new Samsung models may have. This could give Samsung a huge push in the market, unless Apple surprises us with announcements of more RAM for the next gen iPhone. Apple currently offers 5GB of RAM in the iPhone XS and XS Max, but that still can’t compare with Samsung packing three times as much punch into their new device.

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