Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Everything You Want To Know

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The Galaxy Note 5 will be a major mobile release from Samsung later this year, and although the Korean Corporation has not revealed too much about this forthcoming phablet, we do have enough information from sources close to Samsung to piece together a fairly clear picture of what this device will look like. So here is a summary of all the information and presumed specifications related to the Galaxy Note 5.

USB Type-C

One piece of breaking news on the Galaxy Note 5 is that Samsung will include USB Type-C functionality in the device. USB Type-C ports are a highly-rated technology which is considerably more flexible than existing USB ports. The new MacBook’s USB 3.1 port delivers the device’s power, USB data transfer, HDMI and VGA capabilities, making it a real all-rounder compared to previous technology. This new generation of USB ports can also be fully reversed, ensuring that it is never necessary to worry about plugging USB cables in incorrectly.

Release Date

The Galaxy Note 5 is traditionally launched at the IFA press conference in Berlin, held in September as always this year. Although Samsung has given no indication of whether this will be the case for the Galaxy Note 5, most analysts agree that this is a likely venue for a son failing.


One of the key aspects of the Galaxy Note 5, in common with all mobile releases, will be its display. However, with Samsung having placed a particular emphasis on producing outstanding screen quality in recent device releases, this will be even more central to the success of the device than it is for other manufacturers.

The big debate with regard to the Galaxy Note 5 is whether it will be a 4K resolution device, or whether Samsung will stick to the quad HD resolution that was introduced in the Galaxy Note 4. PhoneArena and SamMobile have both suggested that there will be a 4K display included with the Galaxy Note 5, but other publications are sceptical about this notion.

What is certain is that if Samsung does intend to upgrade the Galaxy Note series to 4K resolution that this will place a huge amount of processing pressure on the device. For this reason alone, Samsung may decide to opt for a quad HD resolution device, or possibly upgrade the pixel count in the phablet by a smaller amount than would be necessitated 4K resolution.

However, reports continue to flood in regarding the non-standard pixel matrix known as ‘diamond pixel’ witch Samsung has been working on internally, which delivers pixel densities that have hitherto not been witnessed. It remains to be seen whether these ideas come to fruition, but the Galaxy Note 4 featured such an outstanding screen that even if Samsung froze the quality of its display it would still be an excellent performer.


With the Galaxy S6 range, Samsung made a conscious decision to move away from Qualcomm and manufacture its own Exynos SoC. This 64-bid CPU is a superb performer, and there will thus be pressure on Samsung to include a similar unit in the Galaxy Note 5. The Korean corporation has recently indicated that it might be willing to work with Qualcomm again in the foreseeable future, but most analysts agree that Samsung will utilize its proprietary technology for this Galaxy Note 5 release.

Current rumors suggest that this phablet will use Samsung’s Exynos 7422 chip, which is the first solution in a Samsung device to include the unique all-in-one embedded package on package (ePoP). This sophisticated ePoP system includes CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem on a single chip, ensuring that less physical space is taken up within the smartphone, leaving room for improved features such as a larger battery. This could prove vital should Samsung decide to take the plunge for 4K resolution.

Elsewhere, the Galaxy Note 5 has been linked with a 21-megapixel camera, and could even include a whopping 6 GB of RAM. This figure is at the higher end of estimates associated with the phablet, and could be a little on the high side, but we should see at least 4 GB of RAM being included in this phablet.

S-Pen features should be updated, and Samsung will also probably migrate the wireless charging feature that it introduced in the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Everything You Want To Know

Galaxy Note 5 Edge

Samsung will almost certainly place a higher priority on curved screen devices in this generation of the Galaxy Note series. This would mean that there was a higher quotient of Galaxy Edge devices available when the Galaxy Note range hits the stores, and a dual-curved variant of the mobile is almost a certainty.

However, rumors have also flooded in regarding the prototype Project Zero which suggests that Samsung will instead release a phablet-sized version of the Galaxy S6 later this year. This, it is presumed, would be a replacement for the Galaxy Note Edge which launched last year, and would ensure that there is no phablet produced by Samsung which features the Galaxy Note monicker.


Pricing is rather difficult to deduce at this point in time, as it is dependent on the specifications that Samsung ultimately opts for. It is difficult to see how the corporation could freeze the price if it decides to produce a 4K resolution Galaxy Note 5, but it will certainly wanted to keep the device as competitive as possible considering that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 Plus at around the same time. So this is good news for consumers, as drastic price rises are certainly not to be expected.

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