Galaxy Note 5, Project Zero 2 Details Leaked

Galaxy Note 5, Project Zero 2 Details Leaked
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Fans of Samsung and phablets alike will be eagerly awaiting the release of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5. And a recent report released by SamMobile has provided further intriguing details about this flagship device. The publication has spilled some new information about this handset which provides us with a better idea of the specifications of the device, and what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 5 once it is released.

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As ValueWalk has reported previously, rumors that the Galaxy Note 5 was set for a July release have turned out to be wide of the mark. In many ways, this proposal would seem to make sense for Samsung in commercial terms, providing its flagship phablet with a clearer window of opportunity before the latest Apple iPhone range is released. However, the hierarchy of Samsung has already moved to deny this murmuring, and thus we can reasonably expect Samsung to unveil the Note 5 at IFA 2015 in Berlin, as indeed it has in previous years.

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Galaxy Note 5 display details

SamMobile firstly suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature either a 2K or a 4K Super AMOLED flat display. There had been suggestions in some quarters that Samsung would switch to an OLED display in this iteration of the phablet series, but this now appears to be wide of the mark. This suggestion was probably never particularly likely to come to fruition anyway, as the Super AMOLED technology in the Galaxy Note series has been hugely praised previously.

Whether Samsung opts for a 4K resolution device, or pushes the boat out and arms the Galaxy Note 5 with a 4K resolution display, will probably be largely dependent on logistics. It would be natural for Samsung to include a 4K resolution display, as the company has become particularly associated with high-quality screen technology in its recent smartphone releases. It has also strongly pushed the 4K resolution technology in its high-end range of television sets.

So there is little doubt that Samsung would love to provide a 4K resolution screen with the Galaxy Note 5, but this could turn out to be technologically implausible at this point in time. There may also be cost implications which Samsung are unwilling or unable to cope with. Samsung is likely to want to freeze the price of the Galaxy Note series when the Galaxy Note 5 is released, and this could prove impossible should 4K resolution be included.

Galaxy S6 – Project Zero 2

It is also suggested by SamMobile that Samsung is also working on a top secret project which has been codenamed “Project Zero 2?. According to the publication, this particular project is aimed at producing a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, although this will be somewhat smaller than the phablet-sized device which the galaxy Note 5 is regarded as.

With Samsung placing a greater emphasis on curved screens in future generations of its mobile devices, this would seem to be a report with significant credibility. Increasingly, major mobile manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung will be looking to diversify their handset ranges, introducing new devices in an attempt to meet as many demographics as possible. Plus, Samsung will be looking at the Project Zero 2 handset as an entirely new revenue stream.

It has been reported elsewhere that this particular device will not feature S Pen functionality when it is released, which will mark it out as distinct from Samsung’s Galaxy Note range of tablets. Branding is essential in the mobile sphere, and Samsung is clearly intending to distinguish this device from the Galaxy Note series.

S View Case

It has also been reported that Samsung will release the Clear View case as well as the S View case for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Project Zero 2. We don’t know at this stage whether the Project Zero 2 will actually be the final title of this new Samsung device, but it seems likely that it will be given a new name of some sort.

Another interesting aspect of the Galaxy Note 5 is that an accessory called Keyboard Cover exists for both this handset and the Project Zero 2 as well. This suggests that we might see an accessory such as a detachable keyboard case appear on general release with both devices.

Other expected / rumored specs

There have been a raft of other rumors related to the Galaxy Note 5, as Samsung steps up the production process of this mobile device. Firstly, Samsung is expected to place a much greater emphasis on curved screens when this device releases. Reports from Korea have indicated that the Galaxy S7 Edge will be much more of a mainstream device than its predecessor, and the production development related to this will reportedly begin with the Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

Wireless charging is also expected to be included after it made his debut in the Galaxy S6, despite the technological challenges that this will pose. In accordance with this, Samsung is also expected to improve the battery in the Galaxy Note 5, with some sources suggesting that this may encompass a 4,1000 mAh cell; a significant increase from the 3220 mAh unit included in the Galaxy Note 4.

It is also expected that Samsung will release an upgraded to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the same time as the Galaxy Note 5, possibly marketing the two as companion devices. This hasn’t been confirmed by the Korean corporation as of yet, but will be a rumor to look out for once the device is unveiled in Berlin.

Finally, as virtual reality now appears to be on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology, it is suggested that there will be strong VR compatibility included in the Galaxy Note 5. Naturally this is particularly expected to centre around Samsung’s own Gear VR project, but Oculus Rift functionality has also been mooted.

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  1. Receive OTA lollipop ipdate and press yes to install. Now i have to eat my words. Lollipop is running smooth. No problems so far. Hope it stays that way.

  2. Look who is talking ..and you must be about 16 years old they way your talking to me!!! as for my comment on the S6 being a iphone clone…lets see here, the iphone has no removable battery and no sd card slot…it has always been that way…

    The samsung series has always “till the s6 Any way” had the above!

    They changed the case to look more like the iphone as well..

    I of course know that the cpu’s in each is unique and the displays are different as well.

    I was referring to the changes for the worse that Samsung has made to the s6 that make it more apple like..

    I own a samsung S5 , I want the features I have now to be kept , sure level 4 gorilla glass is nice as is the octa core cpu ..and i would still probably pay extra for the 128gb model…but i want my sd card slot and removable battery.

    I never said you or other could not buy a S6,

  3. AMOLED, OLED, Samsung has always used OLED screens in Galaxy phones.

    It seems everyone is happy with their old Samsung phones, so they don’t need to upgrade. Samsung’s mistake, they should have held back on technology like Apple. Then everyone needs to upgrade every year.

  4. It doesn’t make sense to insult anyone, because we’re just having a discussion. We know that it’s an Android phone, but we’re used to having a removable battery, and an SD card slot to expand the storage capacity. Not having those things, is making what we love in our phones more like what an iPhone is. Curved screen, and all that is nice, but more than the frills, we want the basic things that make our galaxies what we love them to be. Let Apple keep building their phones like that, but keep our phones coming like we like them. We don’t want an all in one phone. That’s an “Apple” thing.

  5. I for one cannot live without my SD card. It contains all my photos and music. So if they remove the SD card slot I won’t be upgrading. I’m not so concerned about the removable battery because my Note 4 gets through a full day with 5 hours of youtube

  6. If they kill the SDcard slot im OK with it. A lot of the ‘lag’ android gets associated with is really due to low quality SD cards, theire not all the same and people dont realize the difference between that 25$ 32 GB Sandisk or kingston card compared to the 15$ 32gb Westinghouse. If they can provide at least 100gb of internal storage and keep the price point of the note4 I’m OK with it. I could do without the removable battery as well, I always carried one but every note I have owned has always gotten me through a full day of heavy use so for me its not a nesscasity. What I dont like is that glass back of the galaxy s6 Samsung phones have always been fairly durable, the thought of carrying around a large chunk of glass makes me cringe

  7. S5 has it all(removable battery, sd card, water resistance, ideal size, more durable than most top tier phones)….You get more for your money and there is nothing more practical on the market!

  8. Explain more?. I have been using s view case on my note 3 and have never had any problems with mine . S view works great on my phone.

  9. It’s almost like they say “let’s find or what all our customers love about our products, and do the opposite”. No spen, no removable battery, no SD card? Are you kidding?

  10. That’s what is killing the S6 sales no removable battery with poor battery life. No SD slot also hurts but not as much as battery.

  11. Note 4 user here. I love my Note 4, and definitely wouldn’t upgrade to a phone without a removable battery, and SD. I’ll just stay where I am. I don’t need to be stuck on a charger when my battery gets low. I like to swap and go. I’m hoping Samsung is listening, because I’ve continued to buy every Samsung high-end device that they’ve put out, since they started making Android phones. I will stop, however, if they start making iPhone clones. (I haven’t bought an S6, and don’t plan to).

  12. SAMSUNG listen up ….we want SD card slots and removeable battery ….I still have my s5 as the s6 is a iPhone 6 clone…if I wanted a iPhone I would buy one…you let us down ….if the note 5 does not have SD card slot and removeable battery , and of course the s pen …it’s not a note with out that…then I will wait till the s7 comes out if you still let us down …then I will be jumping the Samsung ship…..

  13. I love my Note4. But the Lollipop update ruined most of the SPen features. Action Note still works, but the other functions are borked.

    I’d also strongly caution anyone from getting the Sview case. I opened mine the other day, and there was king if a ripping noise, followed by my Note4 crashing onto the floor. With the Sview case still in my hand.

    Turns out it has happened to others too. So skip the feature awesome Sview and go with an Otterbox or something similar. ??

    It’s a shame, b/c with a few tweaks, the Note4/5 could be the go to phone for any serious business person. It’s the closest thing to the promises and potential of the Palm Pilots that I’ve ever seen.

  14. If note 5 comes out without removable battery and no SD then i would rather stay with my note 3. I like to carry an extra battery and i really depend on my sd card. And i can see samsung losing customers. Im still on kikat . My note 3 is running smooth. Im very disappointed with samsung by doing this to its customers.

  15. On Note 3 here too, I am actually considering to upgrade as I believe it will be a greatly improved handset compared to the last year’s Note 4. KitKat is really getting on my nerves but Samsung doesn’t seem to be bothered to release Lollipop here in the UK although it was promised for March

  16. I am believing in a few years we would have a Note with 6 inch display that folds out to a 12 inch tablet and really crush the market! I have a Note Edge and love it I probably will update to the Note 5 Edge but do not want a new watch I have a Gear S and really like it besides the poorly made charger.

  17. I am sure there will be nothing new for me to upgrade from my Note 3. It is perfect as it is, even on KitKat. The only 2 reasons I will upgrade. 1. My phone is shattered in pieces. 2. Samsung finally releases phone with foldable screen.

  18. Enough with the rumors about the Note 5, as there’s nothing new here. When you get some Note 5 HARD FACTS, such as SCREEN SHAPE & SIZE (not resolution, as we already know it will be insanely high-res), and whether it will have a USER-REMOVABLE battery and SD card, THEN let us know. Otherwise, don’t say anything.

    Note 3 owner.

  19. Love my Note 3 and now that Vz has pushed out Lollipop I’m pretty happy for now, If for some reason the 5 didn’t have the S pen I’d be reluctant to renew…we’ll see, time will tell.

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