Professionals Want “Career Growth” Mentorship Most

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Mentorship can give professionals an accessible roadmap for their careers that can help take some of the guess-work out of deciding their future.

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Professionals Questioned About Which Mentorship Do They Want The Most

On Blind, the largest anonymous professional network, a professional at McKinsey asked the platform, "What do you wish you had a mentor for?"

 According to data gathered by Blind, Career growth (e.g., career pivots, interview prep) is what most professionals want a mentor for (27%). This is followed by:

  • Leadership development (17%)
  • Interpersonal skills (e.g., influencing, managing up) (16%)
  • Mindset (motivation, confidence, resilience) (9%)
  • Productivity and time management (7%)
  • Professional fulfillment and happiness (7%)
  • Workload (overload, work-life balance) (6%)

Professionals working in the finance industry value mentorship for interpersonal skills more, while professionals in tech value mentorship in leadership development more.

A Microsoft professional on Blind shared they'd like mentorship on "How to prepare for technical design discussions. Bringing the clarity of thoughts."

A Google professional told the Blind platform they needed a mentor to "teach me actual technical skills."

1/3 of Capital One professionals want mentorship regarding their career growth. 1 in 4 Microsoft professionals wants the same.

1 in 4 Adobe professionals and 36% of Netflix professionals want leadership development mentorship.

29% of Lyft and 24% of IBM professionals want mentorship to develop their interpersonal skills.

As we all continue working at a physical distance from each other, professionals might start to feel disconnected from personal and professional relationships. Having a mentor can help keep professionals afloat until we are back in the office.