PlayStation 5 News: Everything You Need To Know About PS5

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New PlayStation 5 news hints at a potential release date for Sony’s upcoming console alongside some new information about the technology behind their software management.

With the E3 gaming exhibition coming up sooner rather than later, gamers are looking to see some major announcements from a number of gaming companies. Recent rumors suggest that Sony will be trying to manage fan expectations at E3 – focusing on some key upcoming games for the console rather than announcing a new system. But new information ahead of the conference gives us PlayStation 5 news in terms of a release date.

This new PlayStation 5 news comes courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera in a discussion with industry analysts.

The comments, translated by Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, suggested that the PS4 was starting to wind down.

“PS4 is entering final phase of its life cycle, which would have negative impact to the unit, but recurring revenue via membership services etc should cushion some of that.”

He also seemed to drop some massive PlayStation 5 news that further confirms a release date in the next couple of years.

Takashi Mochizuki tweeted: “SIE head Kodera told analysts and investors that the period until March 2021 would be when PlayStation to “crouch down once” to grow further in the future.”

So it’s looking as if we have at least a couple of years left to wait unti we see the launch of Sony’s next console. This PlayStation 5 news may be discouraging to some, but the PS4 still has a good amount of life in it despite the fact that this console generation is starting to wind down.We should be able to tide ourselves over with new titles like Death Stranding that are coming later this year or early 2019.

It’s important to note, however, that Sony is in direct competition with Microsoft. While Nintendo fills its own niche and doesn’t poach many sales from the company, Microsoft offers an analogous product with similar games and features. If Microsoft is to suddenly announce a 2019 release date for their console, we can be pretty sure that a Sony launch will happen shortly thereafter in order to make sure they’re on top of the game with this next generation.

However, industry analysts believe – based on this news and other rumors – that the PlayStation 5 news about a potential release date is pretty accurate, meaning that we won’t see a console release until 2020 or 2021.

Other recent PlayStation 5 news comes as part of a new DRM technology. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a method of security for games that helps manufacturers ensure that their content is not being pirated.

The current method of DRM is rather unreliable, and this new proposed DRM system would use the increasingly-popular blockchain technology in order to protect their interests

“Many current digital rights management solutions typically require a rights locker or other common storage, which rely on one unique point of failure,” the patent reads.

“For example, if the rights locker provider or system goes out of business or otherwise fails, the user loses all the acquired content.

“Conventional solutions store the usage rights of a piece of content into a license dedicated to one user and one specific platform.”

A blockchain solution would essentially mean that the purchase is tied to the original buyer forever rather than them being able to upload the information and share with strangers or friends.

While DRM related information isn’t necessarily the most exciting PlayStation 5 news, it does give us some insight into the direction Sony is taking with their new console. With the release of the system still at least a couple of years away, it’s clear that reliable leaks of information are going to be few and far between.

Given that the information mentioned above came from the Sony head himself, however, it’s likely that the release date of 2020 is pretty reliable.

Hopefully, as time goes on, we receive more information about features. At this point, however, our information is largely limited to potential release windows and some new DRM technology PlayStation 5 news.

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