Kodi Releases 18 Leia Alpha 1 For Windows, Android, Mac And More

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Great news for Kodi users! A newer and much-improved version, Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1, is now out. 

Today the Kodi team released the first alpha version of Leia V18, which they started to develop in late 2016. V18 Alpha 1 is the successor of V17, which previously ran on a 64-bit Windows platform.

What’s new in the latest version of Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1?

On Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1, you will witness good graphics and smoother work. There are significant changes in the television and live music library, as well as some changes in the Windows and UWP versions.

Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1 activates DRM support for the first time. The president of the Nathan Betz Foundation hopes that legitimate content providers will feel invited to offer their videos “in a safe environment” and to maintain a low level of DRM. It is important to note that compatibility with Digital Rights Management (DRM) does not eliminate existing content presentation functions, but it does provide an additional feature.

  • More than 6140 parts of the code are changed
  • More than 1911 production requests made
  • More than 7776 modified files
  • Removed more than 350,000 lines of code
  • Addition of more than 397,000 lines of code
  • More than 35 open source developers
  • Testing and developing the changes

How does Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1 work?

Kodi was developed for iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, and Windows. It means that you can access it from all your smart devices anytime, anywhere. You can also run it on streaming devices, televisions and consoles, including the Xbox One. It is free and undoubtedly provides outstanding entertainment for all types of users.

How to download

The software can be downloaded from Kodi’s website, Google Play Store or Apple App Store for a variety of smart devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, Android TV, and many more.

For Android devices and TV:  APK file

For iOS and TV OS: IPA / DEB

For Mac and Windows: Executable File

Remember: This version is not the final product, so users are warned to download at their own risk, as it may contain bugs.

When should we expect the release of the stable version?

It is not confirmed when we will see the stable and final version of Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1.

According to the Kodi Team:

“You might also wonder; when we will release this as a final version? Currently, we don’t have a set time however it should at least be somewhere this year so. There’s still enough room left for improvements however we could change our minds at any point in time and just call it ready enough to start the release cycle. In short, we can’t say or promise anything. For now, we will start doing the Alpha release on a regular base to bring further balance to the force.”

Only time will tell if Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1 will be a success or a failure.

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